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Stockholm - Driving Directions

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From Stockholm take route E-4 north to Arlanda and follow the airport pointers. The route from the airport to Stockholm is clearly indicated via the E4 south.

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Stockholm - Public Transport

To and from Stockholm-Arlanda Airport:

There are many alternatives if you are travelling to or from Arlanda, no matter where you are going and where you live. The airport has underground stations for both long-distance trains and high-speed shuttle trains, as well as airport coach and local bus services. There are ample parking facilities, both in front of the terminals and some distance away. You can also choose from among numerous taxi or car hire (rental) companies that serve Arlanda.



Trains are an efficient, environmentally friendly way of getting to and from Arlanda. They include the Arlanda Express high-speed trains, local trains and the SJ railway company’s long-distance trains.

Trains to and from Stockholm-Arlanda Airport: Trains are often the fastest, most comfortable way of getting to and from Arlanda. They are also the most environmentally friendly way.

Arlanda Express (" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"> )

Arlanda Express is the name of a high-speed train that goes straight between Stockholm and Arlanda in 20 minutes. There are four escalators/lifts connecting the underground Arlanda Express train stations to the airport terminals: one in Terminals 2 and 3, one in Terminal 4 and two in Terminal 5. Outside the Arlanda Express terminal at Stockholm Central Station is a taxi rank. At the airport, you can buy tickets for the train at the information counter or from the machines located next to the escalators/lifts leading down to each station.

Long-distance trains (" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"> ;l=en)

Long-distance trains depart from the underground Arlanda Central station, located directly below SkyCity. You can enter the station from the plaza at the centre of Sky City or from the Terminal 5 departure hall. Every day about 70 long-distance trains depart for cities in the Lake Mälaren Valley region around Stockholm and to Sweden’s Dalarna and Norrland regions to the north. In the plaza at SkyCity, the SJ railway company has a travel office where you can buy long-distance train tickets and get information about train times. Examples of destinations in Sweden directly accessible by train from Arlanda C: Uppsala, Södertälje, Gävle, Hudiksvall, Sundsvall, Östersund, Are, Borlänge, Falun, Leksand, Mora, Nyköping, Norrköping, Linköping.


Airport coaches:

On weekdays there are about 300 departures on the airport coaches (Flygbussarna) between central Stockholm and Arlanda. During peak traffic, the buses depart at least every ten minutes. They serve Terminals 2, 4 and 5. Upplands Lokaltrafik (UL) offers special airport coaches from Uppsala to Arlanda, routenumber 801. During peak traffic, buses depart every 20 minutes. The private company Swebus in collaboration with the public transport company Västmanslands lokaltrafik provide airport coach service from Västeras and Enköping under the name Flygturen.

Bus combined with taxi:

A fixed price for a combined airport coach and taxi trip, with a personal taxi that meets you at the bus or coach stop closest to your destination, or drives you there.

- Booking to Arlanda: telephone 08-686 10 10

- Booking from Arlanda: Ask the bus driver.

- UL airport coach/taxi: telephone 018-15 15 15

Bus combined with commuter train:

Bus number 583 connects with the commuter train at Märsta station. SL buses and commuter trains charge local traffic fares.



Taxis are available directly outside the airport terminals. They are divided into different price categories. Taxis in the lowest price category are in the taxi ranks closest to the terminals. Speak with the taxi rank officer if you want a particular taxi company or if you are simply uncertain about anything.


Taxis that are registered as environmentally “clean cars” have a separate queue. At the airline terminals, these “ecotaxis” are always at the front of the queue of taxis. This system is used outside all the terminals. If you want to travel in an environmentally friendly way, ask the taxi rank officer for an ecotaxi.

Flygtaxi service

The Flygtaxi (Fly and Ride) service is booked at the same time as your flight tickets, but it can also be bought at the Flygtaxi counter in Terminal 4, telephone 08-593 604 70. For further information, please go to ( ;jsessionid=9295F60672A4B62FBD25E6E2F1122D9A)

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Stockholm - Car Parking

Parking at Arlanda: There are numerous parking alternatives at Stockholm-Arlanda Airport. There is parking directly outside the terminals, indoors and outdoors within walking distance of the terminals or further away with free bus connections to the terminals. The buses depart often, but during the night their frequency is adapted to aviation traffic. The price of parking is lower the further away from the terminals a parking facility is located. In the heated garage under SkyCity, a car wash and simple car servicing are also available.

Long-term parking areas Alpha & Beta:

Long-term parking with a space guarantee, no booking required! You will find the Alpha & Beta long-term parking areas a short distance from the terminal area. In addition to our regular service and security, we provide a free bus service. A transfer bus runs at frequent intervals between the parking areas and the terminals. Between midnight and 5 a.m. the frequency of service is adjusted to aviation services. You can pay at a parking slip machine or at the exit. Other parking alternatives include: The Benstocken Long-Term Parking Area, Airport Parking in Märsta, Lindskrog Long-Term Parking and Maby Long-Term Parking.

Short-term parking:

You will find short-term outdoor parking near all terminals as well as outside SkyCity. Maximum of 1 hour applies. You can pay at ordinary parking slip payment machines or via the telephone parking companies Tele-P and Mint. Street parking surveillance and issuance of disabled parking permits are handled by the Municipality of Sigtuna**. For other questions, please contact us.

Outdoor parking:

You will find outdoor ground parking within short walking distance of all terminals. Parking slip payment machines are located inside the terminal.

Nearby parking:

The outdoor parking spaces situated closest to the terminals. Parking slip payment machines are located inside the terminal or in immediate connection to the parking.

Multi-storey parking garages:

You will find multi-storey parking garages near all terminals. These garages feature a guidance system that enables you to find an empty space more easily and quickly. At all garages we have expanded service for anyone with a disabled parking permit. You will find parking slip payment machines inside or directly adjacent to all parking garages.


In the climate-controlled SkyCity garage, you park close to the terminals. At SkyCity you will find shops, restaurants, conference facilities and a hotel, as well as a pharmacy, bank, car servicing, hairdresser, physician and telecommunications service. You can pay either at a parking slip machine in the garage or at the reception desk at the Prime Point conference facility.


Parking for disabled people

The system of parking permits for disabled drivers is intended to make it easier for people with pronounced difficulty in walking to park closer to their destination. Permits are issued to disabled people who do not drive only if there are special reasons.

Applications for such permits are submitted to the municipality where the applicant is registered as a resident.

Multi-storey parking garages:

In every multi-storey parking garage, there are specially designated parking spaces for disabled drivers. Drivers must contact Customer Service when entering and paying to confirm their permit. The price is the same as for the long-term parking areas. This does not apply to the SkyCity garage, however.

Do as follows when you park:

Drive up to the barrier. Contact Customer Service using the intercom. Follow the instruction provided, and take a ticket. Park your car in a designated space. Take your ticket with you. Pay in the parking cashier’s office (before picking up your car).

Short-term parking:

Short-term parking facilities at street level also have parking spaces for the disabled. There the maximum parking period


Contact Information:


Parking information (recording in Swedish): 08-797 62 30

For companies, leased spaces: 08-797 62 29

Customer Service, Arlanda Parkering: 08-797 62 77

Quality Manager: 08-797 62 26

E-mail: arlanda.parkering @



Arlanda Parkering

190 45 Stockholm-Arlanda

Customer Service

Visit the Arlanda Parking Customer Service in Terminal 5. It is open 24 hours a day.

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Stockholm - Intra Terminal Transfer

Bus number 10, terminal bus, connecting service between Terminals 2, 4, 5 and SkyCity. Stop 10.

Bus number 14, LFV long-term parking and Hotel Radisson SAS Arlandia Hotel. Stop 14.

Bus number 17, LFV long-term parking area Beta.

Stop 17.

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Stockholm - Car Hire

Car hire

The Avis, Europcar and Hertz car hire offices are located in Arlanda’s car hire area.

During peak traffic hours, service buses operate in shuttle traffic between the airport terminals and the car hire companies. Inside the terminals, there are direct telephones to the car hire companies so you can request a service bus during non-peak hours. The service buses use stop 19 outside Terminals 2, 4 and 5.

Cars must be picked up and returned to the car hire company’s Arlanda office, unless otherwise agreed.

Avis, telephone 08-797 99 70

Europcar, telephone 08-593 609 40

Hertz, telephone 08-797 99 00

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Stockholm - Info And Helpdesks

Lost & Found

Lost property found at the airport/on the aircraft:

Bagport, terminal 5, level 1

Opening hours: All days 06:00-22:00

Telephone: +46 8-797 60 80

Telephone times: Monday-Friday 12.00-16.00

Enquiries can also be made by fax, +46 8-797 62 47 or

e-mail @

Note! bagport handles lost property found on aircrafts belonging to SAS or companies that uses SAS handling services. If in doubt, please contact bagport or the company you were using when losing your property.

At you can search for missing items.

Lost property found at the high-speed train Arlanda Express:


Telephone: +46 8-08-588 890 00

Telephone times: Monday-Friday 10.00-14.00 (closed weekends and those days when a holidy occurs mid week)

Lost property found on Flygbussarna, Airport coaches

Contact the bus company.

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Stockholm - Airport Facilities

Eating & Drinking: In the public areas in the airport there are numerous eateries. In Sky City Alfredo's serve Italian cuisine. East & West is a sushi bar and there's New Orleans Bistro & Bar and Roberts Coffee. In T2 there's the Aviatic cafeteria and Stop Gap. In t3 you will find Hava Java cafeteria. In T4 there's the Heineken Bar and Cafe Select and in T5 you will find Cafe Ritazza and the Ria Bar. For passengers only there's the Grenoli Sports Bar, and Arlanda Bryggeri, a Scandinavian Pub serving home cooking and in T2 there's the Around the Corner Bar.

Shopping: There are shops in all the terminals but the hub is in Sky City and Terminal 5. Fashion and accessories can be bought from Bruuns Bazaar, Turnover, J Lindeberg and Dyrberg & Kern. Visit Legowear for children's goodies. 7-Eleven supply newspapers and groceries. Go to Airstop for souvenirs and Euroshop sells perfumes, cosmetics and photographic goods. At Press Stop you can browse their range of CDs and periodicals. Check out the fabulous crystal at Prisma and visit Teliabutiken for mobile phones.


VAT Refunds

Terminal 2 and 5

Control check of items takes place in the departure hall

Telephone Terminal 2: +46 8-593 622 74, Telephone Terminal 5: +46 8-797 62 43

Terminal 2 and 5

Refund of VAT takes place in the transit arera

Telephone Terminal 2: +46 8-593 622 71, Telephone Terminal 5: +46 8-797 62 43, Telephone Terminal 5: +46 8-797 62 44


Currency exchange

Terminal 2

- Forex, tel: +46 8-593 622 71

Terminal 5

- X-Change, tel: +46 8-797 85 57

- SEB Exchange, tel: +46 8-593 788 80

- Global Refund, pier A, tel: +46 8-797 62 43; pier B, tel: +46 8-797 62 44


- Handelsbanken, tel: +46 8-797 7380

Banks Handelsbanken SkyCity

Open: Monday-Friday 10.00-15.00, other times on request

Tel: +46 8-797 73 80

SEB SkyCity

Open: Monday-Friday 09.30-15.00

Tel: +46 8-593 618 50

Cash dispensers Automats are to be found in Terminal 2, 4, 5 and SkyCity.

Chapel: The chapell offers a few quiet moments before a journey. During the week a priest from the Swedish Church is available if you wish to talk or would like to share a few moments with someone. The chapell is open for visitors every day between 05.00-22.00. All visitors are welcome regardless of their religion.

Chemist Located in SkyCity

Open hours: Monday-Friday 07.00-19.30, Saturday 08.00-17.00, Sunday 08.00-19.30


Baby changing facilities is available in both ladies and mens toilets in all terminals. There is also a nursing room in SkyCity.

Junibacken playground area at Arlanda is located in the domestic aviation Terminal 4 at Gate 31.

Dog day care center:

Sigtuna hunddagis, tel 070-777 81 25, is situated near long term parking Beta. The day care center hosts around ten dogs and is open weekdays between 07:00 and 18:00.

Dry cleaners:

SkyCity-tvätten, telephone +46 8-593 616 90 is located in SkyCity. Opening times: Monday-Friday 10.00-18.00

Hair dresser

Flygfrisören, for ladies and gentlemen located in SkyCity. To make an appointment, telephone +46 8-593 617 00 or just drop in.

Health Club

SATS is located on the 5th floor of Radisson SAS SkyCity. The facility offers use of a gym, showers, saunas, sunbeds and bubble pool. The cost is 150 SEK for a single visit and includes access to all the facilities. To arrange for a visit please call +46 8-506 740 53 or +46 8 709-16 07 85.

Left luggage:

A manned left luggage facility is located in Terminal 5, level 1 at bagport. Baggage, clothes, prams, bicycles etc. can be left here.

Prices: Clothes hanging on a coat hanger (one article per coat hanger), 1 week: 70 SEK, Golf Bag, 1 week: 420 SEK, Suitcase, 1 week: 280 SEK

Telephone: 08-797 62 28, Bagport All days 06:00-22:00

Safety deposit boxes: Safety deposit boxes and lockers in different sizes are available in all terminals as well as Sky City. The cost is 30 to 50 SEK per 24 hour period depending on the size of the locker. There are also lockers for golf carts and skis. The lockers can be paid in cash or with credit card, in Swedish kronor or Euro.

Tele & IT:

Pay telephones are available in all the terminals as well as SkyCity. The machines accept telephone cards or credit cards. Access to a fax - fax machines are available at bagport in terminal 5, level 1 and all the lounges. Vodafone: Sales of mobile phones and subscription services. Internet terminals are available in Terminal 4 and 5 as well as in all lounges. The Internet café Sidewalk Express is to be found in Terminal 2, 4, 5 and SkyCity.


It has become very popular to get married at Arlanda! Both church and registry weddings can be arranged. The wedding will take place either in the chapell or in the special VIP room at the airport.

Wedding arrangements

Telephone: +46 8-797 67 24/44, For registry weddings contact Arlanda VIP Service Telephone: +46 8-797 62 10

Meeting place

Arlandas meeting places are available to everbody.

Relax in the comfortable armchairs and mix with friends and fellow travellers, read or just relax. These meeting places can also be used as places of work - there are plenty of power points for lap top computers or to re-load your telephone. The meeting places are located in SkyCity, terminal 3, 4 and in Piers A and B in terminal 5.



Terminal 2, Finnair Lounge

Fax, phones, newspapers, photocopier, Internet, coffee, fruit, buffet, misc. beverages.

Telephone: +46 8-797 62 86

Terminal 5, Lounge Novia

Fax, telephone, TV, newspapers, photocopier, Internet, coffee, sandwiches, buns & cakes, misc. beverages.

Telephone: +46 8-797 80 81

Terminal 5, SAS Business Lounge/Scandinavian Lounge

Fax, telephone, newspapers, TV, photocopier, lounge-PC including internet, cold buffet, coffee, misc. beverages.

Telephone: +46 8-797 38 80

Contact the respective airline to see which airline ticket gives access to a particular lounge


Express deliveries by road and air:


You'll find Jetpak in the heart of Sky City. Customer service on the ground floor handles goods acceptance and pickup. Entrance Sky City. Parking for Jetpak customers is available outside the entrance. Drivers of courier vehicles and trucks should follow the signs leading them to the underground level. Access ramp is right below the main entrance to Sky City and signposted "Jethall".

Open hours

Weekdays: 07.00-22.00 hrs

Saturday: 07.00-18.00 hrs

Sunday: 08.30-22.00 hrs

Bookings Sweden: 020-580 580

Jethall & Support: Tel: 08-555 853 54, fax: 08-555 85 393

Travel Cargo

Travel Cargo specialises in air freight of personal items and is situated in the departure hall of Terminal 5, check-in counters no. 7-8. In Terminal 2 they are represented by the LFV (CAA) information counter.

Tel 08-597 854 80.


DHL Service Points are found at the information counters at terminals 2, 4 and 5 and at bagport in Terminal 5, ground floor 1, tel: 08-797 62 28.


Lookout point

Stockholm-Arlanda Airport has a lookout point with a good view of its new Runway 3. When landings take place from the north, the aircraft pass at eye level.

Many people visit Arlanda without plans to travel anywhere. They simply come there to watch the aircraft. In partnership with the Swedish Aviation Historical Society, the Swedish Civil Aviation Administration has built a lookout point for aircraft enthusiasts and for anyone else who wants to visit an offbeat tourist destination.

Rain shelter and beach

The hill is located by a lake called Halmsjön en route towards Almunge/Norrtälje, exactly at the north end of the new Runway 3. Adjacent to the hill is taxiway W, which aircraft use on the way to and from Terminal 5 and the other eastern portions of the airport.

On the hill is a large rain shelter with a railing to rest your arms against. A simple car park is located next to it. For those arriving by bus, Stockholm Transport (SL) bus number 583 stops right below (Skogsvägen/Östra Hangarvägen stop). On the other side of the lake, there is now also a simple bathing beach for those who wish to cool down a little with a refreshing swim.

Driving directions

Take highway 273 towards Almunge/Norrtälje (look for signs from the main airport entrance and from Märsta).

Turn left immediately after the second taxiway bridge where the sign says "Skogsvägen" and "Utsiktsplats".

The hill is on the right side, the car park is on the hill.

Public transport directions

Take SL bus number 583, Märsta-Arlanda, and continue past the terminals. If you board the bus at the terminals, travel in the direction towards "Arlanda".Get off at the Skogsvägen/Östra Hangarvägen stop, which is the end of the bus line and is located right below the hill.

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Stockholm - Conference Facilities

Arlanda Conference & Business Center:

When place, time and outcome are most important

Choose Arlanda Conference & Business Center - at Stockholm Arlanda Airport, in SkyCity, between terminals 4 and 5 Conferences and events are organised for different reasons. Our clients give priority to efficiency and results without wasting time travelling. They require the best possible service, technology and other services and know that a creative environment increases participation and results.

Contact: + 46 (8) 797 62 00

During summer: 10/7-11/8, 08:00-17:00

60 minutes from Oslo, Copenhagen or Helsinki, 90 from Berlin!

Arlanda Conference & Business Centeris at the hub of the Nordic and the Baltic Region. No matter where your conference delegates are coming from (or going to) in Northern Europe, they'll get here equally as quickly and comfortably. Flights land almost on our doorstep! The train station is downstairs and the bus stop right outside. Travel time is minimised, conference time maximised.

Quick Guide to Prime Point:

49 conference rooms for 2 to 700 delegates, central airport location Banquet and exhibition halls for up to 1,000 persons Hotel located adjacent Indoor mall with shops, restaurants, banks, pharmacy and wine & spirits store Indoor parking with car wash and workshop Walking distance to flights, trains and buses

From White board to Wide screen

The wonderful world of technology offers great possibilities to vitalise conferences and make them more effective. Choose whatever kind of presentation technique you want - from down-to-earth paper and pen to advanced single or multi screen video shows and we'll provide the technology.

You can rent all the equipment you need via us or combine with and supplement your own equipment with our computer beamers. And, since we know, that equipment can sometimes decide not to cooperate, you can also hire a technician who is available to ensure that things run as they should for the duration of your conference.

Service is central

If rooms, equipment and food are the hardware of effective conferencing, services are the software - the lubrication that makes conferences smooth running and stimulating for delegates. Running an effective conference includes dealing with practical things. You can delegate these to us. Things like preparing name signs, copying, booking hotels and tickets etc. Our unique location also gives delegates the chance to shop and take care of their own needs. But service is also concerned with enjoyment, entertainment or intellectual stimulus which adds spice to, or enhances a conference. Team building activities or a stand-up comedian to add the power of laughter to a theme can be yours - just contact us for entertaining or stimulating ideas, decide what you need - and leave the rest to us. Below are a few examples of the services available through Arlanda Conference & Business Center or locally.


name signs copying conference documents participant administration re-booking flights group check-in on departure hotel reservations connected with a conference VIP reception for prominent guests via Arlanda VIP service, tel +46 8 797 62 10 car wash and auto service via KWB Car, tel +46 8 797 98 70 pharmacy, tel +46 8 797 74 10 dry cleaning, tel + 46 8 797 96 62 wines and spirits store - open weekdays 11.00 to 19.30. banking

Entertainment and Development

team building activities dance bands, artistes and stand-up comedians behind the scenes tour of airport by Visitor Service, tel +46 8 797 60 15

Advertising Space

flagpoles, suspension points and other advertising space in SkyCity and elsewhere in airport via JCDecaux Sverige, tel +46 8 761 92 00

For discussion and advice on larger and more unusual conference arrangements, contact our event coordinators during office hours. Tel +46 8 797 72 90

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Stockholm - Handicapped Facilities

Before the trip

Inform the travel agent at the time of booking if you have any special needs on the flight or at the airports you will be visiting.

It is important that you specify at the booking stage if you require any of the following:

- you require special assistance with baggage

- you require special assistance in order to get to and from the aircraft and help to get on board.

- you use a battery-powered wheelchair.

- you have a hearing problem and require personal information

- you have a guide dog

- you use mobile oxygen equipment

At the airport

When you arrive at the airport go immediately to the checking-in counter of the airline you are to fly with. Give them the same information that you have previously given at the time of the booking. In this way you can confirm that the airline has registered all your requirements and special needs.

At the airport you will be informed of the estimated time of boarding. Remember that the distances at airports can be long, therefore allow plenty of time.

It can sometimes be difficult to understand the information given on the monitors, notice boards and over the public address system. Don't be afraid to ask for help from the airport personnel or on the aircraft.

On board

In order to receive the help you require to board the aircraft, you only need to give the cabin crew clear instructions regarding your requirements.

All airlines have their own regulations, but generally certain seats on an aircraft are reserved for people with a mobility problem. You are not allowed to sit by the emergency exit. On international flights you can ask to be placed in a non-smoking area. On domestic flights all smoking is prohibited.

On arrival

The help you received at the time of your departure will also be available on your arrival or during any intermediate landings or if you need to change aircraft.

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Stockholm - Wireless Lan

Telia Sonera Homerun provide WiFi internet access through Terminals 2, 3, 4, and 5, Pir F and Sky City. Finair Lounge in Terminal 2. Lounge Novia in Terminal 5. SAS Business Lounge and Scandinavian Lounge.

iPass provide WiFi internet access through airport.

Boingo provide WiFi internet access through airport. ($21.95 per month / premium location $0.12/min)

BTOpenzone provide WiFi internet access through airport.

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Stockholm - Hotels

Radisson SAS SkyCity Hotel, Arlanda Airport:

Stockholm-Arlanda Airport Sweden

Telephone: +46 - 8 - 50 67 40 00

Fax: +46 - 8 - 50 67 40 01

Reservations: 020 238 238 (toll free Sweden), (1) 800 333 3333 (toll free USA)

Reservations.Skycity.Stockholm @

Email: Sales.Skycity.Stockholm @

The perfect place for a good night's sleep before an early flight or a late arrival, the Radisson SAS SkyCity Hotel is in the heart of Arlanda Airport.

Our full service hotel is only steps from all domestic and international terminals. The hotel is only 20 minutes from Stockholm City by express train. The hotel is close to the currency exchange office, a pharmacy, travel agencies and shopping. The Stockholm Fisk Arlanda restaurant is famous for its delicious fish and seafood dishes. Guests have free access to our fully-equipped gym. Our meeting facilities can accommodate small meetings for 4 or large events for 244.

Get directions:

Integrated between terminal 4 and 5 of the Stockholm Arlanda Airport, the Radisson SAS SkyCity Hotel is very conveniently located for travellers. To reach the hotel by car, please follow the signposts to the Arlanda Airport on E4 and then follow the signs to SkyCity. The hotel has parking facilities. Our hotel is only 20 minutes by the Arlanda Express Train to Stockholm Central. Guests can also take the train to Märsta, a smaller town outside of Stockholm, and then catch bus number 583 to the Arlanda Airport. In addition airport buses depart regularly from the Stockholm City terminal and take 40 minutes to reach the hotel. A unique city built on 14 islands, Stockholm is located right where Lake Mälaren meets the Baltic Sea. With water, brides and boats everywhere, the city if often referred to as the Venice of the North and is undoubtedly one of the world?s most beautiful capital cities. In addition to Stockholm, you can choose to go to the nearby town of Sigtuna, which is one of the oldest Swedish towns. Its main street, Stora gatan, has been in use since 980 AD and the Cultural Centre of Steninge and the Royal Palace of Rosersberg date back from the 17th century. If you like shopping, the outlet malls at Arlandastad offer unbeatable choices.


Hotel with transfer buses to/from Arlanda

Arlanda Hotellby, tel: +46 8-597 897 00

Connect Hotel, tel: +46 8-591 200 50

Ibis Hotel tel: +46 8-655 01 00

Nova Park Hotel, Knivsta tel: +46 18-34 90 00

Park Inn, tel: +46 8-591 111 00

Quality Hotel, Eurostop tel: +46 8-595 111 00

Radisson SAS Arlandia Hotel tel: +46 8-506 840 00


Sleeping rooms

Rest and Fly, tel: +46 8-5505 5505

In Sky City, where Systembolaget used to be, Rest and Fly is to be found. The concept of Rest and Fly makes it possible to rent a simple room mainly for rest and sleep. Rest and Fly also offers day room renting and showers.

Hotel rooms by the hour

Rest and/or shower. Available at Radisson SAS SkyCity Hotel in SkyCity.

Telephone: +46 8-590 773 00

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  • One-way
  • Multi-City


(any city in the world)


Return from

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Number of passengers

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Infants in lap (0 - 2)

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Current weather in
Showers late. Cloudy. Warm.

Showers late. Cloudy. Warm.
Chance of Precip.: 66 %
Wind: S 12 km/h

Isolated tstorms. Breaks of sun late. Mild.

Isolated tstorms. Breaks of sun late. Mild.
Chance of Precip.: 71 %
Wind: SW 14 km/h

Passing showers. Cloudy. Mild.

Passing showers. Cloudy. Mild.
Chance of Precip.: 57 %
Wind: WSW 15 km/h

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