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Ljubljana - Driving Directions

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From Ljubljana

The most convenient access to the airport is by the Motorway E61; follow directions to Brnik,which are clearly signposted. The airport is 26 km North of Ljubljana Centre.

From Kranj

You can take the Motorway E61 if you are coming from the direction of Gorenjska towards Ljubljana. Follow the signs and you will have a right turn in the immediate vicinity of the airport.

Coming from the centre of Kranj, you have an easy access to the airport by the local road 104. The distance from the centre of Kranj to the Airport is 11km.

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Ljubljana - Public Transport

By bus

There are frequent bus connections between Ljubljana Airport and the City of Ljubljana and Kranj.

Departures from Ljubljana City to Ljubljana Airport

From Monday to Friday

5.20 6.10 7.10 8.10 9.10 10.10 11.10 12.10

13.10 14.10 15.10 16.10 17.10 18.10 19.10 20.10

Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays

6.10 9.10 11.10 13.10 15.10 17.10 19.10

Departures from Ljubljana Airport to Ljubljana City

From Monday to Friday

5.00 6.05 7.00 8.00 9.00 10.00 11.00 12.00

13.00 14.00 15.00 16.00 17.00 18.00 19.00 20.00

Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays

7.00 10.00 12.00 14.00 16.00 18.00 20.00

The journey time is approximately 45 minutes. Tickets are purchased on the bus.

For information about ticket prices, please call: 090 4230


Departures from Kranj to Ljubljana Airport

From Monday to Friday

5.30 Š* 5.40 6.40 Š* 8.40 Š* 10.40 Š* 12.10 Š* 12.40 Š* 13.40 Š* 14.25 Š* 14.40 Š*

15.40 16.40 Š* 17.40 18.40 Š* 19.40 20.40 Š*

From Monday to Saturday

5.40 06.40 07.40 15.40 19.40

Departures from Ljubljana Airport to Kranj

From Monday to Friday

5.12 Š* 6.00 6.42 Š* 7.00 8.00 Š* 9.00 Š* 10.00 Š* 11.00 Š* 12.00 Š*

13.00 Š* 13.27 Š* 15.00 16.00 Š* 18.00 Š* 19.00 Š* 20.00 Š*

From Monday to Saturday


Departures marked with S are valid only on school days.

The journey time is approximately 15 minutes. The tickets are purchased on the bus.


Departures from Ljubljana Airport to Kranj via Cerklje na Gor.

From Monday to Friday

6.00 7.00 Š* 9.00 Š* 11.00 Š* 13.00 Š* 14.00 15.00 Š* 16.00 17.00 Š*

18.00 19.00 Š* 20.00 ŠP* 21.00 Š*

From Monday to Saturday

8.00 10.00 12.00

For more information please call: 04/20 13 210,



Ljubljana Airport- Ljubljana City- Ljubljana Airport: the journey time of the one-way trip is 30 minutes.

Departures (including Sunday and Holidays)

Departures from Ljubljana:

5.20 6.15 10.25 12.15 14.00 15.15 16.30 18.00 22.30

Departures from the Airport:

7.30 9.55 11.45 13.25 14.45 16.00 17.30 18.30 20.10 21.45 23.00 24.00

For information regarding private bus transportation, please contact:

Markun Borut & Co. d.n.o.

Lahovče 1/a, 4207 Cerklje

GSM: 041/ 792 865

FAX: 04/ 252 63 69

e-mail: borut.markun @



By taxi

The taxi rank is right in front of the terminal. Taxis are available according to the actual arrivals of flights. A fare from the Airport to Ljubljana City costs approximately 8.000 SIT (depending on the desired destination of the trip). For reservation or more information you can call on telephone number: 00 386 4 2061 678.



By train

There are frequent bus connections to the Slovenian main railway station in Ljubljana.

You can also travel to or from Kranj by train. The airport has good bus connections to Kranj.

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Ljubljana - Car Parking


Visitors and passengers can use two parking areas:

Multi Storey Car Park: over 1.300 parking spaces are located right in front of the passengers terminal Park 2: over 900 parking spaces are located on your right hand side when you enter the Airport.

Traffic lights at the car park entrances show their availability. There are also displays giving information, important to every parking lot user.After paying, users are allowed 15 minutes to leave the parking lot.

For better control of vehicle flow, cameras are placed at the car park entrances; should you experience any difficulties, you can talk to the airports car park operator over the intercom at the car park entry or exit.

Parking fees

Open Air Parking P2:

Parking duration // Price (in EUR)

30 min // Free of charge

Up to 1 hour // 1,25

From 1 to 2 hours // 2,50

From 2 to 4 hours // 3,76

From 4 to 8 hours // 5,01

From 8 to 24 hours // 8,35

From 1st to 3rd day each additional day // 6,26

From 4th day each additional day // 4,17

The price list is valid from 24.08.2006.

VAT is included in the above prices.

Regular Parking

Parking duration // Price (in EUR)

1 month (only advance sale) // 100,15

6 months (only advance sale) // 250,38

12 months (only advance sale) // 400,60

The price list is valid from 24.08.2006.

VAT is included in the above prices.


Multi Storey Car Park:

Parking duration // Price (in EUR)

Up to 1 hour // 1,67

From 1 to 2 hours // 3,34

From 2 to 4 hours // 5,01

From 4 to 8 hours // 6,68

From 8 to 24 hours // 10,02

From 1st to 3th day each additional day // 10,02

From 4th day each additional day // 5,01

The price list is valid from 24.08.2006.

VAT is included in the above prices.


Parking duration // Price (in EUR)

8 days (only advance sale) // 37,56

15 days (only advance sale) // 62,59

The price list is valid from 24.08.2006.

VAT is included in the above prices.

Regular Parking

Parking duration // Price (in EUR)

1 month (only advance sale) // 100,15

6 months (only advance sale) // 321,31

12 months (only advance sale) // 600,90

The price list is valid from 24.08.2006.

VAT is included in the above prices.

Parking to be paid at the cashier counter in the airport terminal in cash or by a credit card (American Express, Eurocard, Visa, Diners, Maestro, NLB, Karanta, BA).

Please, leave the parking within 15 minutes after payment.

The parking pay desk is attended round the clock.

Car parks for passengers with special needs

The car parks for vehicles of passengers with special needs are available at parking lot No.1 and No.2, marked appropriately.

Parking is free of charge. Please show a valid disability card or registration, which clearly states that the vehicle is intended for the transportation of disabled persons only.

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Ljubljana - Intra Terminal Transfer

The terminal and car parks are situated close enough together for passengers to go between them on foot.

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Ljubljana - Car Hire

Car Rentals

Cars can be rented at the specialized car rental agencies:

Atet- Advantage rent-a-car

+386 4 20 19 848

from 08.00 to 21.00



+386 4 20 14 300

from 08.00 to 22.00 @


+386 4 20 61 684

Mon.-Fri. from 07.00 to 21.00


National Car Rental

+386 4 238 10 20

from 08.00 to 22.00


Avis-Alpe No.1

+386 4 23 65 000

from 08.00 to 22.00


Dollar & Thrifty Car Rental

+386 4 236 57 50

from 07.00 to 21.00



+386 4 20 16 999

from 07.00 to 20.00


Sixt Rent-a-Car

+386 4 23 82 414

from 08.00 to 22.00 @

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Ljubljana - Info And Helpdesks

Information and Meeting point

The information counter and meeting point are located in the departure hall next to passengers registration counter.

The meeting point and information desk are marked with signs above the counters window. Friendly staff will answer your questions and offer help at request


Lost and Found

Baggage handling and delivery is the responsibility of the airlines from the point of check-in to the point of collection. If anything of your luggage is lost, your first step should be to the airports Lost and Found counter. It is situated in the reclaim area. Look for the Lost and Found sign or the abbreviation LL. Working hours are adjusted to meet the scheduled flights.

For the information about lost luggage, please call:

Lost and Found- Adria Airways: +386 4 25 94 339

Lost and Found- other carriers: +386 4 20 61 226

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Ljubljana - Airport Facilities

Shops and Duty Free

Shop and exchange office, Kompas

The shop and exchange office Kompas offers a wide range of Slovenian souveniers, made-in Slovenia products, Slovenian and foreign magazines and newspapers, milk products, snacks and delicious chocolate products of an acknowledged Slovenian producer, fancy goods, camera films, cameras, books and brochures about Slovenia, translated into many foreign languages, postcards, and tobacco.

In the shop you can also exchange money or buy telephone cards.

General store Medved

The general store is located in the departure terminal. Among provisions of a wide range of snacks and chocolates, you can also buy various gifts, souveniers or Slovenian wines.

Mobitel Centre

The Mobitel Centre is located at the main entrance of the passengers terminal.

Here you can rent mobile phones or buy Mobi special offers, Mobi and NeoWLAN cards of value. You can also pay the bill for Mobitel services.

It would be a pleasure to the Mobitel personnel to present their services to you, including the Mobitel UMTS and NeoWAN network. Signals of both networks cover the airport premises, also.

Duty Free and Travel Value

After check- in and customs formalities you are kindly invited to visit the Duty Free and Travel Value shop, located in the international zone, and owned by the Regal GH Company.


Restaurants and bars

Snack bar

While waiting to depart, or just visiting the airport you can get refreshments at the main hall Snack bar.

The Snack bar at the departures Terminal will have been reconstructed in the Spring, offering a peaceful corner to read your morning newspapers.

Snack bar- departures terminal

Entering the international zone, you can find a pleasant, small bar at the departures lounge. Unfortunately, smoking is not allowed in this area.

If you decide to have a cup of coffee after shopping in a duty free shop, you can also watch an important sports event, news or your favourite TV show.

Bar Avioncek

The waiting room in arrivals contains a small bar to make the wait for your friends and family more pleasurable. In the summer, you can sit outside in the shade in our comfortable seats. Our personnel will serve you a variety of drinks, beverages and warm snacks.

The bar in the arrivals waiting room is open up to the arrival of the last plane, so waiting for a delayed plane should not present you with too many problems.

Luna- visitors terrace

Visitors, especially children, who like to watch planes, can do so from the visitors terrace. You can enjoy a variety of drinks and ice creams out in the warm sun or in the air-conditioned Luna bar.



You can perform almost any banking operation in the passengers terminal.

Automatic telling machine enables you to cash withdrawals around the clock.

Ljubljanska banka is located in the departure area. Opening hours: Workdays from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., Saturdays closed.

For further information, please call: +386 4 20 61 679.

Exchange office

A counter of Kompas exchange office is located in the departure hall.

Opening hours: every day from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.. Closed on the 1st and 2nd of January.

For further information, please call: +386 4 20 14 288.

We would especially like to draw your attention to the ATM, which enables exchange operations. The ATM is located in the waiting area of the arrivals hall. Tolars can be exchanged for foreign currencies and vice versa.

Post office

The Post office is located in the departures area.

Opening hours: Workdays from7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Saturdays from 7 p.m. to noon.

For further information, please call: +386 4 20 61 671.


Tourist Service Providers

Airport is the first point where passengers seek the information about Slovenia, its tourist attractions and opportunities for active holidays.

There are numerous companies on the airport and in its vicinity offering their services to the passengers. They concentrate on those that need to be especially handy for the passengers: from Rent-a-Car to various other travel and accommodation possibilities.

Several tourist agencies offer travel packages abroad as well as excursions to the main Slovenian tourist attractions.

TIC - Tourist Information Centre

The Tourist Information Centre (TIC) is the first point of contact for travellers upon their arrival in Slovenia and is therefore handily located in the waiting area of the arrivals terminal. The friendly representative will assist you with general information to help your travels in Slovenia go smoothly, as well as more detailed tourist information. Of course there are also maps and brochures available at the TIC window, which is open daily from 11 am to 5:30 pm and Saturdays from 11 am to 4:30 pm.


Medical service

The Medical Services are available for all passengers and visitors at the airport, who urgently need medical treatment. The Medical Services also provide first aid to the employees of Ljubljana Airport- based companies and organisations.

The first aid telephone numer: +386 4 20 61 641.

Nursery rooms

Baby change facilities are located mainly in the ladies toilets. However there is a facility situated in the Airport Terminal which can be used by either parent. These facilities are clearly signposted in the terminal.


Points of interest

Art Gallery

It is business policy to ensure good service and provide an agreeable stop-over to all passengers and users of Ljubljana Airport.

The passenger terminal is decorated with original paintings and sculptures by some of the most prominent Slovene artists (Pilon, Mu0ic, Kregar, Kos, Spacal, Stupica, Bernik, Mihelic, Jemec, Tr0ar, Putrih and others). These works of art express the identity of Slovenia and the message that they convey to the visitor is that they have just entered a country of rich spiritual and cultural tradition.

Visitor's terrace

Visitors, especially children, who like to watch planes, can do so from the visitors terrace. Sorry! Our observation deck is closed due to construction works.

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Ljubljana - Conference Facilities

VIP and Conference halls

Conference hall in the commercial building

Our newly built commercial building contains a large, modern conference hall that can host events of one hundred participants or more. In front of the conference hall, a multi-purpose hall is also available, suitable for various business and social meetings.

The modern, well-equipped conference hall includes:

An audio system; Presentation equipment; A control system; Closed-circuit TV; and A system for simultaneous interpreting.

Conference hall in the passenger terminal

The conference hall is provided with equipment suitable for mini conferences, meetings and various conventions. Number of seats: 22.

For advance reservations or for more information call: +386 4 20 61 206.

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Ljubljana - Handicapped Facilities

Passengers with special needs

"Passengers with special needs" are those who require special services, for various reasons.

Passengers whose medical condition requires attention

These are passengers whose medical condition requires special attention and help when boarding or leaving aircraft, while on a plane, in cases of immediate evacuation, and during ground transportation: disabled persons, patients, injured persons, pregnant women, and elderly people requiring special care.

In special circumstances (flying in extreme or unusually bad weather conditions) the pilot may refuse to take on board any of the above-mentioned categories of passengers whose medical condition requires attention.

Blind passengers are allowed on board without an accompanying person or a medical certificate, on condition that they do not require special help.

Passengers over 80 years of age are allowed on board provided that they do not need any special help. They are offered help with formalities, carrying of hand baggage and reclaiming checked-in baggage.

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Ljubljana - Wireless Lan

NeoWLAN is Slovenian public wireless network, compliant to IEEE 802.11b standard, also known as Wi-Fi (SSID = neo). It enables very fast and simple internet or e-mail access for Laptop and PDA users. When started the internet browser automatically redirects to NeoWLAN entering page. Autentification system assures a simple registration:

- With NeoWLAN prepaid card, wich can be bought at a location itself or in every Mobitel Center across Slovenia;

- Mobitel GSM/UMTS and Pree-paid users can also enter their GSM number to receive SMS with a one-time password.

Hotspot coverage areas are adequately labelled, since the signal range depends on spatial settlement of the location.

For more information please check with or contact our personnel or call Mobitel's Call centre on +386 (0)41/700-700, 24 hours a day.

Price: (€0,21 per 300 sec)

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Ljubljana - Hotels

There are several hotels and pensions in the vicinity of the airport or in the centre of Ljubljana.

We recommend the following:

- // Category // Distance from the airport, place // Phone

Hotel Silvester *** // 3 km, Vopovlje // +386 4 252 77 60

Penzion Jagodic // *** // 3 km, Vopovlje // +386 4 252 13 33

Hotel Creina // *** // 10 km, Kranj // +386 4 202 45 50

Hotel Kokra *** // 12 km, Brdo, Kranj // +386 4 260 10 00

Hotel Lev // ***** // 25 km, Ljubljana // +386 1 43 32 155

Astral // **** // 25 km, Ljubljana // +386 1 432 61 33

Domina Grand Media // **** // 25 km, Ljubljana // +386 1 588 25 00

Grand hotel Union // **** // 25 km, Ljubljana // +386 1 308 12 70

Hotel Mons // **** // 25 km, Ljubljana // +386 1 720 27 00

Hotel Slon // **** // 25 km, Ljubljana // +386 1 470 11 00

Hotel Park // ** // 25 km, Ljubljana // +386 1 433 13 06

There are no FREE hotel shuttles. Hotels can arrange transportation from/to airport, call to hotel to get more info.

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Ljubljana - News Update

Sorry! We have had to close our observation deck due to construction work Decrease fontIncrease fontSend to a friendPrinter friendly

The construction work to build Phase 1 of the new passenger terminal T2 and the renovation of T1 the current passenger terminal is already underway. The construction plans means that as of today, 21 August 2006, we have had to close the terrace offering visitors a view of the airport apron, and the Luna bar on the terrace.

The airport will not have a viewing terrace until June 2007, when a new viewing point will be opened as part of the renovated T1 terminal. We will keep our customers up-to-date about the construction work on our website.

We would like to apologise to all passengers and visitors that the terrace is now closed and thank them for their understanding.

Brnik, 21 August 2006

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