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Beijing - Introduction

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Beijing Capital International Airport, (PEK) is the main international airport of Beijing, China.

It is located 20 mi (32 km) northeast of Beijing's city center in an enclave of Chaoyang District that is surrounded by rural Shunyi District.

The Beijing Capital International Airport is the largest and busiest airport in China. It is the main hub for China's national flagship carrier Air China, which flies to around 120 destinations (excluding cargo) from Beijing. Hainan and China Southern Airlines also use the airport as their regional hub.

To accommodate the growing traffic volume, Beijing Capital added the enormous Terminal 3 in 2008, the second largest airport terminal in the world after Dubai International Airport's Terminal 3.

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Beijing - Driving Directions

There are three main routes that lead from Beijing to the Beijing Capital International Airport. The route to Xidan in central Beijing is the most popular route and is a short walk away from the Forbidden City. Gongzhufen in western Beijing and Zhongguancun in the city's north-west district are the other routes that lead from Beijing to the Beijing Capital International Airport.

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Beijing - Public Transport

Land Transportation:

Beijing Capital International Airport is located in northeast of Beijing city. It lies in the boundary of Chaoyang District and Shunyi District and is the terminal of Airport Express Way, with convenient transportation via surrounding Jingshun Road and the 5th Ring Road. Metered taxis and Airport-City Shuttle Buses are available into the city (journey time: 60 minutes).


Capital Airport - Fangzhuang


1. Liangmaqiao; 2. Hujialou; 3. Dabeiyao (World Trade Centre);

4. Panjiayuan; 5. Shilihe (KingWing Hot Spring International Hotel); 6. Fangzhuang (Guiyou Shopping Mall)

First bus:7:30

Final bus:22:30

Fangzhuang - Capital Airport


1. Fangzhuang (Guiyou Shopping Mall);

2. Dabeiyao (South China Aviation Hotel); 3. CapitalAirport

First bus: 6:00

Final bus :19:30


Capital Airport - Xidan


1. Sanyuanqiao; 2. Dongzhimen; 3. DongsishitiaoBridge;

4. Xidan (Civil AviationBuilding)

First bus: 7:00

Final bus: Till the last flight

Xidan - Capital Airport


1. Xidan (Civil AviationBuilding); 2. Dongzhimen (50m from the east of the bridge); 3. JingxinBuilding (West Entry) 4.CapitalAirport Building

First bus: 5:40

Finalbus: 21:00


Capital Airport - Beijing Railway Station


1. Yuyang Hotel; 2. Dongdaqiao (bypassed after 22:30); 3. Chaoyangmen; 4. Yabaolu; 5. Beijing Railway Station

First bus: 7:30

Final bus: Till the last flight

Beijing Railway Station - Capital Airport


1.Beijing Railway Station; 2. International Hotel (West Entry); 3.Dongzhimen (50m from the east of the bridge); 4.JingxinBuilding (West Entry); 5.CapitalAirport

First bus: 6:00

Final bus: 19:30


Capital Airport - Gongzhufen


1. China International Exhibition Centre; 2. Xibahe; 3. AnzhenBridge; 4. MadianBridge; 5. Beitaipingzhuang; 6. JimenBridge; 7. Friendship Hotel; 8. Beijing TV Station; 9. ZizhuBridge; 10. HangtianBridge; 11. Gongzhufen (Xinxing Hotel)

First bus: 7:00

Final bus: 23:00

Gongzhufen - Capital Airport


1.Gongzhufen (Xinxing Hotel); 2.Friendship Hotel (North Entry Air Ticket Office) 3.Beitaipingzhuang (50m from the east of the crossroad); 4. AnzhenBuilding; 5. CapitalAirport

First bus: 5:40

Final bus: 21:00


Capital Airport - Zhongguancun


1. Wangjing (Huajiadi); 2. Xiaoying; 3. AisanGamesVillage (AnhuiBridge); 4.XueyuanBridge; 5. ZhongguancunBridge (No. 4) First bus: 8:30

Final bus: 21:30

Zhongguancun - Capital Airport


1.ZhongguancunBridge (No. 4); 2. BeihangUniversity (North Entry); 3. Huixinxijie (AnhuiBuilding); 4. Huixindongjie (SINOPEC); 5.CapitalAirport

First bus: 7:00

Final bus: 19:30




1. NanyuanAirport 2. Xidan

Operation hours:

12:40 17:00 20:50

Shuttle departure time and interval depend on the flights status

Xidan - NanyuanAirport


1. Xidan 2. NanyuanAirport

Operation hours:

6:00 (First bus)10:4015:10

Shuttle departure time and interval depend on the flights status.


If the above routes, stations and schedule change, the messages will be issued by the Dispatch Centre of Capital Airport. The two-way shuttle interval of Route 2 and 4 is 10 minutes. The two-way shuttle interval of Route 3 is 15 minutes. That won!—t exceed 30 minutes for other routes. The shuttle bus will start when it is fully occupied anytime and the tickets are available at all the stops.

Ticket price: RMB 16 yuan

24-Hour Hotline: 010-6459437564594376

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Beijing - Car Parking

Parking Lot:The Parking Lot has a total area of 170,000 m2 with 2 floors above ground and 4 below, equipped with excellent facilities. Voice presentation is provided by the automated card dispatcher at the entrance. 24-hour consulting service is offered at the Parking Lot. Electronic display screen guiding system for parking and 24-hour video recording security system is available at the Parking Lot.

Charging Standard:The Charging Standard (trial) for Parking Lot was established as per the stipulations of relevant authorities.(If there is any diffence,please follow the standard at the spot.)

Parking Duration, Car Type / 0-0.5hrs / 0.5-1hrs / 1-1.5hrs / Every additional 30 minutes / 7-7.5hrs / 7.5-8hrs / 8-24hrs

Small car / RMB 0 / RMB 6 / RMB 11 / Plus RMB 5 / RMB 71 / RMB 76 / RMB 80

Large car / RMB 10 / RMB 10 / RMB 20 / Plus RMB 10 / RMB 140 / RMB 150 / RMB 160

Other auxiliary services are also offered at the Parking Lot:

1) Car washing and decoration. Contacts: 010 - 6459 5780.

2) Announcement for searching your fellow.

3) Lost and found. Contacts: 010 - 6459 5535.

4) Fixed parking space for VIP. Favorable and convenient fixed parking space services are provided for passengers who frequently visit Beijing Capital International Airport or have long-term parking demand. Contacts: 010 - 6459 6320.

5) Commercial rental of the rooms in the Parking Lot. Contacts: 010 - 6459 6320.

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Beijing - Intra Terminal Transfer

There are shuttle buses that run between the two terminals.

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Beijing - Car Hire

Car hire is available through Beijing Airport Car Deals (website: ), which provides cars from companies such as Advantage, Alamo, Budget, Discount, Dollar, Hertz and National.

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Beijing - Info And Helpdesks

Advice for hotels and tourism:

If you need to reserve the guesthouses ( hotels), or have a short tour in Beijing, please reserve at the " information center of hotels for passengers", this center will introduce and reserve for you all the guesthouses ( hotels) at each levels and supply advice to tourism.

Particular position: East of the receiving hall at the first floor of airport building (entering the airport), there are seven counters in totals.

Service number: (010)64598145


If you lost your articles in the airport building of Beijing, please contact the enquiry office of lost property of passengers-Room 12026 nearby the No.15 door at the first floor of the airport building-- the safety inspection workstation of airport lounge station of Beijing Airport Substation of Police.

Luggage searching counters of the CA

International luggage searching counters

Location:opposite to the NO.8 transport of the international delivery hall on the first floor

Telephone: 010-64599523/24

Domestic luggage searching counters

Location:opposite to the exit of the domestic delivery hall on the first floor

Telephone: 010-64599526/27

Service hours

Normally from the entry of the first flight to the arrival of the last flight each day

Luggage searching counters of the BGS

International luggage searching counters

Location: Room 12079 in the international arrival hall

Office hours: 0600-2200

Domestic luggage searching counters

Location: Room12253 in the domestic arrival hall

Office hours: 0800-0200(next day)

Addition:Luggage searching counters of the BGS also take charge of the delivery of transit luggage.

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Beijing - Airport Facilities

The ambassador of service at the airport:

(the first and the second floors)

The below photographs are changed into the photos of ambassador shot by your project group on the T-shaped crossing in the domestic isolation region when you visited the flow last time.

The ambassador of service at the airport undertake initial help and instruction service within the airport building, if you have any question or problems, please explain to them and ask them for help. Our ambulant enquiry team members will help you solve the problems with tremendous ardor, patients, and skillful expertise.

working time: 07:00-24:00;

Working site: the ante halls at the first and the second floors and within isolation region.

Baggage Carts

There is free-of-charge baggage carts specially provided for domestic and foreign passengers in the exit and entry halls.

Left-Luggage Counters

The left-luggage counters are near gate 9 in the arrival hall on the first floor and gate 10 and gate 8 on the departure hall on the second floor. Passengers can leave their luggage there for hours, or for days. Electric ciphony cases are provided for baggage left for hours, facilitating deposit of small-size articles. And cargo shelves are also provided for big-size luggage left for days.

Telephone: 010-64598151

Charge standard:

20 Yuan per day for the luggage with its length, width and height less than 65 cm

30 Yuan per day for luggage with its length, width and height less than 200cm and more than 65cm

50 Yuan per day for luggage with its length, width and height more than 200 cm

Luggage Packing

There are luggage packing counters at the head of the checking island with counter B, C, F, G, and the left-luggage counters in the departure hall on the second floor. The charging standards are: ten Yuan for each package. And the free-of-charge paper boxes are provided for packing liquid.

Passengers' Changeroom

To facilitate your changing clothing, the passenger's changeroom is set up in the picking-up hall of luggage, located to the east of No.14 turnplate of domestic picking-up hall of luggage and near the No.4 turnplate of international picking-up hall of luggage.

Public phone


kinds of public phones are supplied for your use in the airport building; they are common IC phone and web phone of"mianmaintong".

Water fountain

Three kinds of watering services supplied in the airport building are: the first is forty sets of common pure water (allocate one-off envelope like paper cups); the second is twelve sets of automatic watering machine (with two curving tubes for receiving water) that supply cold, hot and icy water for direct drink; the last kinds are eight sets of automatic electronic heater. We believe that the normal operation of them will insure the your healthy drinking


Providing such services as deposits of RMB, main kinds of foreign currencies and credit card service, domestic draft, check, remittance and international remittance, exchange foe foreign currencies commissioned selling and exchanges the travelers' checks. ATM and automatic exchanging machine are installed in many places in the airport building so as to meet your demand of service to the largest extent.

Bank of China

Phone: 64590391, 64590393

Location: on the opposite of No.8 gate of the domestic leaving hall at the second floor, on the opposite of No.12 boarding gate for domestic leaving airport.

Industrial and Commercial bank of China

Telephone: 64590464

Location: On the opposite of No.7 gate of the receiving hall at the first floor.

Construction bank of China

Phone: 64590402, 64590404

On the opposite of No.8 gate of the leaving hall at the second floor.

Agricultural bank of China

Phone number: 64590169

On the opposite of No.7 gate of the receiving hall at the first floor.

China Minsheng Bank

Phone number: 64592200

The northern side of No.8 gate at the second floor.

Post office

On the opposite of No.6 gate of the international leaving hall, the post office provides you the service as express delivery, transmitting by post, post of books and magazines and newspapers, parcels or mails, and selling the magcard of phone from 7:00 to 20:00.

Service number: (010)64592056


On the opposite of No.12 gate of the domestic leaving hall at the second floor, the clinic will provide service as visiting patients in airport building, first aid and receiving and sending by ambulance, transmitting patients, and prepare all kinds of first-aid medicines and medicines in common use.

Service number: (010)64591919

Smoking room

To meet your demand of smoking, six smoking rooms are set up in the air building, which are at the two lounge regions for the later flights at the first floor and No.7, No.14 international boarding gates and No.28, No.36 international boarding gates respectively.

Rest Room

Rest room for honorable guests (the public region of the hall-red carpet),

Rest room for honorable guest(010-64599533),

BGS Rest room for the first business class(010-64590410,64590433),

Rest room for mother and infant (northern side of No.25 boarding gate of the domestic isolation region)(010-64597776,64591771),

Gotone club of China Mobile(010-64597776,64591771),

Honorable guest room of China Unicom of airport(010-64590895),

Time rest room(National:010-64598932,International:010-64598943),

Phoenix rest room(010-64599595)

Providing many kinds of comfortable services, please inquire the particular position to the information desks or directly call to the receiving desk of that rest rooms.


The market at the Beijing Capital Airport gathers Chinese traditional selection as well as branded commodities of Europe and America prevalent in the world. As an important part of the service of the airport, the market holds the idea---Here is China, and even the world. There has branded cosmetics such as Chanel, Lancome, C-Dior, branded spirit including Hennessy, VSOP, Vodka, Martini as well as famous leather ware and watches such asHermes, Ferragamo, Balley, Dunhill, Lancel, Lanvin and Omega. There are also Chinese traditional selection well-known in the world, including Chinese spirit such asMaotai, Wuliangye, Shuijingfang and Xiaohutuxian, famous Chinese tea including longjin of West Lake of Hangzhou, Xinyang Maojian as well as a variety of exquisite craftwork and delicious food with special local features. What are you waiting in such a world of fine commodities.

Food and Drink:

In the modernized food corridor, you can enjoy the delicious food including Chinese food, Western food, Japanese food, Korean food as well local refreshments of varied area of China. And you can also sit down here and enjoy the relaxed time by drinking a cup of coffee with rich flavor.

Recreation and leisure:

Are you tired of traveling here and there? Are you sick of the boring waiting? Don't be worried and depressed. The capital airport provides entertainment center on the third floor of the station building. There includes featured Chinese tea ceremony, beauty saloon, hairdressers, foot care house and so on. In the featured decorated tea rooms of Chinese style, you can find yourself circled by high palm trees and green bamboo and under the light of red lantern, enjoying the pleasing rural scenery and featured Chinese culture. There is time-meter hotel in the first underground floor, providing quiet and comfortable bedrooms. Here, you can take a rest or play chess with your friends. You can also go to the cinema hall to enjoy the latest films or go to enjoy Chinese massage. All these will make you relaxed and entertained.

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Beijing - Conference Facilities

Commercial Center

All kinds of commercial service will be provide for you on the opposite of No.14 gate of the leaving hall at the second floor, at the side of No.34 boarding gate in the domestic lounge region for leaving airport and the commercial center between the No.10 and the No.11 boarding gates of the international lounge region for leaving airport: including receiving and transmitting facsimile, zerox, printing, charge to mobile phone, online for PC and personal workstation for those with PC.

Note: Only parts of commercial centers provide document binding, selling IC phone card, please inquire the clerks of the commercial centers in advance.

Hotels Airport Garden Hotel (tel: (0)10 6456 3388) and Capitol Airport Hotel (tel: (0)10 6456 4466) can provide meeting rooms for business meetings.

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Beijing - Handicapped Facilities

The airport is very accessible to disabled travellers, and the Beijing Airport Ground Service Corporation provides assistance for travellers with physical disabilities.

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Beijing - Wireless Lan

Airport provide FREE WiFi internet access in Airport business center and The Air China Club in the domestic terminal.

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Beijing - Hotels

Beijing Konggang Garden Hotel

Address: Capital Airport, Beijing

Post Code: 100621

Telephone: 010-64563388

Fax: 010-64562991

2km from Airport.

The Beijing Konggang Garden Hotel is located south of the station building of the Capital Airport. It is a three-star hotel authorized for serving foreigners. The hotel has 23 thousand square meters of floor space, with 130 guest rooms, 10 luxury suites and 10 three-bedded rooms. It has Chinese and Western restaurants and grand banquet halls with different sizes that can simultaneously serve 300 people. It also has an Internet bar, bowling alleys, a swimming pool, sauna bathrooms, a Karaoke room and a business center. In addition, every guest room has connection to Internet.

Capital Airport Hotel

Address: Capital International Airport

Telephone: 010-64564526, 64577788

1km from Airport, free shuttle bus.

The Capital Airport Hotel is located one km south of the Capital International Airport, next to the expressway. It is a three-star hotel authorized to serve foreigners, the one nearest to the station building. It has altogether 208 guest rooms, Western and Chinese restaurants, banquet halls and KTV rooms. The Chinese restaurants mainly provide Sichuan, Shandong, Guangdong and Huaiyang styles of cuisines. The banquets halls can simultaneously serve 500 persons. The hotel also offers all-time delivery of food, real time information of flights, free-of-charge bus transportation to the station building. Passengers can find also find airport service such as checking in the hotel.

Jinglin Mansion

Address: Yi No.1, Nanpindongli, Capital Airport, Beijing

Post Code: 100621

Telephone: 010-64572626

Fax: 010-64583722

The Jinglin Mansion is located south of the Capital Airport, with 20000 square meter of floor space. It has eight conference halls with different sizes and styles, double-bedded rooms, business suites and luxury suites. It also has beauty saloons and hairdresser's, Cafes, bowling alleys, billiard hall, bathrooms, nightclubs and etc.


Address: No. 1, Road Nanxiaotianzhu, Capital Airport, Beijing

Post Code: 100621

Telephone: 010-64565588

Fax: 010-64561588

3 km to the Airport, Airport Shuttle Bus.

The SINO-SWISS Hotel is located near the Capital Hotel, only 25-minute's drive to the downtown, Central Business District and major scenic spots. It is the only four-star international hotel in the airport district, with 408 ordinary guest rooms and 35 luxury suites. It can offer transportation service, tourism service, parking area free of charge, currency exchanging service and interpreters of several foreign languages. It has bars, business centers, conference halls, hairdresser's and beauty saloons.

Tianyi Hotel

Address: No. 1 Nanping Street, Capital Airport, Beijing

Post Code: 100621

Telephone: 010-64577711

Fax: 010-64560433

2.5km from Airport, Shuttle Bus.

The Tianyi Hotel is a three-star hotel authorized for serving foreigners. It is located 800 meters east of the Capital Airport's expressway tollbooth, 20-miniutes drive to the downtown. The hotel offers food, drink, accommodation and recreation. It can also hold official conferences.

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Beijing - News Update

Olympic Products Move into Terminal One


The franchise products for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games once as hot selling stuff move in Beijing Capital International Airport (BCIA) again into terminal two. The retail shops in terminal one will be open to public on Sep. 20th.

The theme for the sales this time will be !°passion goes with dreams, happiness comes from hard-working!±. Manufacture and design of these products follow the idea of a green, scientific and humanity Olympic in Beijing, Chinese elements and Beijing features are successfully added in. Those products include traditional Olympic merchandises and the products with Chinese features exhibiting Olympic spirit. The products include casual dresses, culture merchandises, art crafts, souvenir, badges and other metal articles, some are good for collections, while others have practical use. Every series has products in different qualities to serve different consumer groups. Shopping requirements from all the passengers in the airport station will be satisfied.

Some merchandises this time will be sold in limited quantity. Each article has the fake-proof tag making it more precious for collection. All the sales clerk are professionally trained by the Olympic Committee, playing as the messenger for transmitting Olympic spirit and culture of 2008 Beijing Games.

Franchised retail shops will have the same decoration and style, and they will have the same retail price regulated by Olympic Committee.

Olympic franchised shops have become a commercial highlight in BCIA. Their openings show the care of Beijing Olympic Committee to the airport as an important showcase window. Capital airport as the showcase organization will work actively to propagandize 2008 Beijing Games by boasting Olympic spirits through these showcase shops.

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