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Moscow - Driving Directions

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The main road leading to the airport from Moscow is Kashirskoe Highway, which flows into the airport junction road (Domodedovo Airport road).

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Moscow - Public Transport

Public Transportation

You can get to Domodedovo Airport from Moscow by public transport: from Domodedovskaya underground station (by bus or mini-bus) and from Paveletsky railway station (by train, the nearest underground station is Paveletskaya).

You can choose the most convenient for you mode of transport among the following key options:

Aeroexpress train

Aeroexpress train is a comfortable high-speed train that goes non-stop from Moscow, Paveletsky station, to Domodedovo airport and from the airport to Moscow, Paveletsky station. Time of journey is 40-50 minutes.

Paveletsky railway station has a city passenger terminal connected to Domodedovo airport by high-speed railway. The comfortable high-speed Aeroexpress train travels to and from Paveletsky-Moscow and Domodedovo Airport.

Journey time: 40-50 minutes

Fare: 120 RUB

Tickets for the Aeroexpress train cost - 120 RUB.

You can buy the Aeroexpress train tickets at two locations:

1) The passenger terminal at Paveletsky railway station: Enter through the 3rd entrance of Paveletsky railway station and go downstairs to the basement following the signs. Tickets for the Aeroexpress train can be bought at the cash desks, which are to the left of the entrance to the passenger terminal.

2) The International Domodedovo Airport: The ticket desks are in the right wing of the airport complex from the central entrance just before an exit to the railway platform.


Commuter electric train

This train goes from Moscow, Paveletsky station to Domodedovo airport and from the airport to Moscow, Paveletsky station, with all stops en route. Time of journey – 1 hour 10 minutes.


Express Buses

Modern Scania busses go non-stop to Domodedovo airport from Domodedovskaya underground station (time of journey is 25-30 minutes) and from Domodedovo airport to Sheremetyevo airport (time of journey is 1.5-2 hours).

Modern Scania express buses travel from the airport to

# Domodedovskaya metro station

(a shuttle service).

Domodedovo International Airport - Domodedovskaya metro station:

Travel time: 35 minutes.

Service fee: 30 roubles. Children under 7 go free of charge. Luggage carriage is free of charge.

Ticketing: one may aquire a bus ticket in the passenger terminal, near the 0 (zero) counter at the domestic arrivals area.

Bus stop: at the right wing of the Domodedovo passenger terminal.

Bus service: from 6.00 to 24.00

Departure: every 15 minutes



Mini busses go from Domodedovskaya underground station to the airport round the clock. Time of journey is 25-30 minutes.

There is a 24-hour shuttles service between the Domodedovskaya underground station and the airport.

Official carriers: "AutoRoad" & "Elex Polus"

Journey time: 25-30 minutes.

Fare: 50 RUB

Ticket: payment for a journey should be made to the driver when boarding a taxi. There is no additional luggage payment.

Timetable: a 24-hour service.

Taxi stops:

- at the right wing of the Domodedovo airport, in front of the arrivals exit of the Russian airlines;

- at Domodedovskaya underground station, from the first or last carriage of an underground train approaching from the center, turn right in the subway and take the right from stairs up to the exit. The taxi stand is just near these exits.


+7(495) 363-2777, +7(495) 363-3089



To get to the International Domodedovo Airport by taxi you need to use the Kashirskoye road - 22 km to the south from Moscow.

Official taxi carriers for Domodedovo airport:

MV-Motors (m. Citroen, Doninvest-Condor, Hyundai Accent, Hyundai Sonata 5) Schet Spets Trans (m. Audi, SAAB, Opel, Ford, Mercedes Vito) Gorodskoe taxi (City Taxi)(m. Peugeot 406, Peugeot 607, Peugeot 807, Peugeot Partner, Ford.)

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Moscow - Car Parking


Short-stay parking facilities are located in front of Domodedovo terminal building. Also, there is VIP parking for VIP clients. Long-stay paid parking facilities are located 150 meters from the Domodedovo building. Also, there is a parking facility for the clients of the Domodedovo cargo terminal. Free parking lots are located near Aircraft Maintenance Base and near the second airport's entry control point.

The parking coupon that is collected at the entrance of parking area can be paid for at the automatic parking payment machines.

Short-term parking:

It’s allowed to stop a car in front of the terminal for passenger loading/unloading.

Short-term parking. The parking includes 1,800 parking places and is located to the left if you drive from Moscow (150 meters from the entrance to the square in front of the terminal.

Price of parking – RUR 100 per hour.

The parking can be used for free for 15 minutes after receipt of a ticket at the entrance.

A car may stay at the parking for free 15 minutes after payment for parking at the parking payment machine.

Short-term parking near Domodedovo Cargo Terminal. The parking lot is located to the left and to the right along the internal road. It is also possible to get to Cargo Terminal by the federal highway. Drivers should turn right near the traffic police station, drive 150 meters and turn left, and then follow the airport internal road. Or you can drive to the square in front of the terminal, turn left, pass under the railway bridge and follow the internal road to get to the Cargo Terminal.

Price of parking – RUR 50 per hour.

The parking can be used for free for 15 minutes after receipt of a ticket at the entrance.

A car may stay at the parking for free 15 minutes after payment for parking at the parking payment machine.

Long-term parking:

Long-term parking. This parking is located to the left if you drive from Moscow, 150 meters from the entrance to the airport territory and also behind the overhead road. Drivers can get there by the federal highway leading to the airport.

The parking includes 726 parking places.

The price of long-term parking – RUR 400 per day.

Parking behind Airhotel building. This parking is located to the left from the entrance to Airhotel territory. Airhotel is located 150 meters from Domodedovo airport.

The parking includes 120 parking places.

Long-term parking price – RUR 300 per day.

VIP parking:

VIP parking is located 50 meters from the terminal building. To get to the VIP parking drivers should turn left before entrance to the square in front of the terminal. After driving down the road for 150 meters you’ll see information board and entrance to the parking.

Price of parking – RUR 300 per hour.

No free time after receipt of the parking ticket is provided.

After payment at the parking payment machine the car can stay at the parking free of charge for 30 minutes.

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Moscow - Intra Terminal Transfer

The two terminals (International and Domestic) are connected with each other to form one building and are within easy walking distance of each other.

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Moscow - Car Hire

To rent a car

At Domodedovo International Airport there are car rental services provided by EUROPCAR, HERTZ & SIXT.

The client has to make an advanced booking and on an arrival provide the necessary documents at the desks of the corresponding companies.


tel: +7(495) 363-6418

on-line car renta

the minimal booking period: 1.5-2 hours in advance

The car rental desk of EUROPCAR is located in the International arrival hall - in the left wing of the airport.


location code: MOWT52

tel: +7(495) 797-4672

Mon-Sun 11:00-22:00

minimal booking period: 2 hours in advance

A car can be guaranteed only by booking one week in advance (premium cars) and 3 days in advance (for standard cars).

The car rental desk of HERTZ is located in the International arrival hall – in the left wing of the airport.


tel.: (495) 589-1111

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Moscow - Info And Helpdesks

Information desk:

If you have questions regarding your flight, please turn to the Information desk, which is located to your left from the entrance to the airport terminal.

Information: (495) 933-6666

Information kiosks:

Free information kiosks are located at various parts of the airport and can be easily found.

At our information kiosks you can get various information, including:

departure and arrival information, schedule information, check-in procedures baggage handling information, customs clearing procedures, passport checking, getting to the airport and other necessary information interactive map of the airport, featuring location of various airport services, shops and restaurants.

Automated telephone inquiry system:

Automated telephone inquiry system is an automatic information office of the airport. Dialing the system from your home or mobile phone and following operator instructions, you will be able to get information on airport services, transportation, parking, VIP-services at the airport, as well as to get reference information and find out where to turn in case of emergency. In the near future, the automated system will reflect online information about incoming and outcoming flights.

The phone number of the system - 720-6666 - is easy to memorize. Callers from other Russian regions should dial the code of Moscow - (495). The system provides information in English and Russian languages.


Lost luggage

The lost luggage room is located in the right wing of the airport terminal in the domestic luggage claim area.

If you registered luggage fails to arrive to your destination, you need to do the following:

make a statement about the luggage non-arrival be able to present your ticket, luggage tags and other travel documents receive a confirmation of the luggage non-arrival from the Group of luggage handling.

Your luggage will be searched for during 21 day in case of Russian flights, and during 90 days in case of international flights.

If the luggage is not found during this period, it is considered lost. Passengers will be reimbursed for the loss of their luggage.

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Moscow - Airport Facilities

Luggage packing:

Counters, where you can wrap up your luggage, are located at the central part of the airport terminal, at the VIP lounge, and at the Paveletskiy railway station terminal.

Packing Charge:

automatic machine packing - 150 roubles/1 bag weighing up to 20 kg; hand packing (table) - 150 roubles/ one 1140mm x 1700mm packing sheet; outsized baggage is only hand-packed.

The service is provided round the clock. For additional information call 8-501-484-8034

Luggage office:

Luggage office is located at the underground level in the right and left wings of the airport terminal. Please, read about storage rules and service costs.

Passengers, who are traveling to warmer countries or on business trip, may use an additional service. They may leave warm clothes at the luggage office at the airport, which is located at the left win of the airport terminal.

Luggage office is open round the clock.


Passengers with children

At Domodedovo airport, passengers with children can use a special room for mothers with children. The room is for children up to eight years old who should be accompanied by one parent. There is a children center at the second floor of the airport terminal. Our staff will entertain your children, allowing you to focus on handling various traveling formalities. The room and the center are open round the clock and are free.

Mothers traveling with children under 3 years old with no attendants and having heavy luggage will be assisted by an agent of the Airport's service to deliver their luggage to the luggage office and from the luggage office to the check-in counters. They can also check-in out of turn on two conditions: if they are attended by an assitant agent from the Airpot's Service and have been registered at the Room for mothers with children.


There is a special room for mothers with children at the Domodedovo airport.

The room is for children up to eight years old (disabled children – up to 14 years). Spacious waiting hall with comfortable furniture, children center, kitchen, feeding sites, a sanitary facility – all this, as well as professional personnel ready to assist you, is at your service.

While completing the preflight formality passenger traveling with children may leave them here. Сhildren are registered and given bright-colour identification vests. Younger children wear yellow vests, elder children are provided with red ones.

The room is located at the second floor of the airport terminal in the right wing.

The room is open round the clock.

Visiting the room is free.

Children center

Visiting the Children center helps parents and children better cope with stress associated with traveling. By leaving children with experienced personnel, parents will have more free time. Professional animators entertain all children 3-8 year old using specially developed entertainment programs, which include various games, competitions, etc.

Animators work daily from 8.00 till 20.00

Visiting the room for mothers with children is free.



Chapel of Archangel Mikhail

The chapel is open daily from 10.00 till 19.00. Services are at noon on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Candles, church literature and other items are available for passengers and visitors of the Domodedovo airport. The chapel is located at the second floor of the airport terminal, in the left part of the Trading center.

Entrance is free.


The mosque is located at the intermediate floor, to the left from escalators in the center of the waiting hall in the first floor.

Entrance is free.


Waiting areas

Comfortable waiting areas of the Domodedovo airport terminal are always at the disposal of our passengers. All waiting areas are equipped with TVs, so that you could watch movies, music clips, and various TV programs.

Waiting areas are located at the first floor in the arrival area for domestic and international flights, as well as in the main hall; on the second floor – on the territory of the Shopping center; in the departure area for domestic and international flights.



On the territory of the Domodedovo airport terminal, there is a post office, where you can send a fax to any city worldwide, letter, telegram or parcel round the clock. Tourists can buy there postcards with various Moscow sights.

The post office is located at the Shopping center at the second floor.



There are more than 40 phones in the airport terminal available to passengers, who can place calls to Moscow, other Russian or foreign cities. To use a phone, you need to have a phone card or metal coins. Various phone cards can be bought at the terminal at any Good News newspaper desk.

Phones are located at all areas of the terminal, including international and domestic departure areas.


Banking services

At the airport terminal, there is a branch of Master Bank, which began its operations at Domodedovo in February 2002. The bank offers various banking services to companies and individuals, including:

opening and managing ruble accounts ruble, dollar and Euro deposits on-the-spot issuing Prepaid Card Cirrus/Maestro and Visa Electron issuing and servicing Visa, MasterCard Europe, Diners Club International and American Express cards operations with American Express travel checks, selling Visa TravelMoney wire transfers, including Western Union transfers currency exchange payments for cellular communications repository acquiring

The branch is located at the second floor of the airport terminal and operates round the clock. Additionally, there are 10 Master Bank ATMs, allowing you to get cash in various currencies, pay your mobile phone bills.



A repository is opened on the second level of the right wing of the passenger terminal. Passengers have an opportunity to leave their bulky luggage in 520*260*600 lockers or take on lease a bank locker to store valuables in it.

Special offer: on showing his/her return ticket a passenger is entitled to lease a locker for 1 Euro per day for the period of "journey time + 1 day".

Working hours for opening a new account or prolonging it - 10:00 till 18:00 Monday through Friday. Services on existing accounts are provided 24 hours.


Period (months) Locker dimensions (mm)

75*260*610 126*260*600 260*260*600 520*260*600

up to 1 month 25 40 80 150

from 1 to 3 months 22 30 60 130

from 3 to 6 months 20 25 50 90

from 6 to 12 months 17 21 40 80

from 12 months 15 17 30 70

(The rates are in Euro per month of lease)


Currency exchange

Cashier windows and currency exchange points are located at the arrival area for international and domestic flights at the first floor of the airport terminal, as well as on the territory of the Shopping center at the second floor and in the VIP lounge.

At cashier windows you can:

purchase and sell foreign currency for rubles * purchase and sell payment documents in foreign currency for rubles; purchase and sell payment documents in foreign currency for foreign currency ** receipt and encashment of foreign cash and payment documents in foreign currency cashing in your credit and debit cards; receipt of foreign cash for transfer to individual bank accounts for credit and debit card transactions *** exchange of foreign bills for smaller denomination bills in the same currency - main currencies – U.S. dollars, Euro, others per client request - banks operate with all types of checks, including travel checks of international systems - banks work with VISA, Eurocard/MasterCard, UnionCard, JCB, Diners Club.

Individuals can make wire transfers without opening an account.



On the territory of the Domodedovo airport terminal, there are ATMs of the following banks:

Masterbank – 10 ATMs Vozrozhdeniye – 1 ATM SberBank – 1 ATM Moskomprivatbank – 1 ATM Promsvyazbank – 1 ATM

ATMs are located at the first and the second floors, and at the Gallery 1.

New multi-functional cash machines of the Master Bank enable clients:

to get roubles, US dollars or euro in cash using international payment systems MasterCard International and Visa International, as well as Russian payment systems STB Card and Union Card; to exchange currency - exchange operations with roubles, US dollars and euro; to pay for a mobile using a credit card; to deposit roubles, US dollars or euros to an account in the Master Bank.

In future, it is planned to open new services for cash-machine users, including payment for a mobile and community charges in cash (withous having an account in the bank).


Express wire transfers

Masterbank branch offers a service of express wire transfer with the Western Union. The branch is at the second floor and is open round the clock.


Tourist center

The Travel Service offers various services to passengers arriving to Moscow via the Domodedovo airport. We can help you continue your travel or spend some time in Moscow. Come to the Travel Service and get comprehensive information on hotels, transportation, entertainment and doing business in Moscow.

The Travel Service provides the following services:

booking and selling air and railway tickets visa / passport advice and support arranging car transportation to Moscow and other Moscow airports car rent making on-line hotel reservations and helping to place you at various Moscow hotels, as well as at the Domodedovo AirHotel tickets for cultural and entertaining events (this service is provided jointly with, a ticket booking and sales systems) conference hall rent making restaurant reservations booking a tour abroad or throughout Russia (Egypt, UAE, China, Thailand, Canary Islands, European ski resorts, the Moscow region, etc.). arranging tours around Moscow and along the Golden Ring route.

Clients of the VIP-lounge can get help in using the Travel Service services from a service manager of the VIP-lounge.

The Travel Service is at the international flight arrival area, counters #61, 62.


Toilets and showers

Shower cabins are located in the arrival area of international flights in the left wing of the airport terminal. They are open round the clock. Cost is 170 rubles. The cost covers also a towel, soap and shampoo set. Blow-dry service charge is 30 roubles. For passenger convenience, there are free toilets in all areas of the terminal. Follow signs to get to a nearest toilet.


Smoking areas

Smoking at the airport terminal is allowed only at dedicated smoking areas. Currently, a special smoking-room is open in the post-control area of international departures. The arrival area for international flights and the departure zone for domestic flights are fitted out with ozone umbrella awnings, which enable to regulate air circulation and minimize smoke exhale effects on non-smokers.



DVD Movie Theatre

A DVD movie theatre "MOVIE POINT" is located on the second level of the passenger terminal. The cinema features everything neccessary for a comfortable and entertaining stay of passengers while waiting for a flight. One-, two- and four-seat boxes are equiped with TV-sets, DVD-players, headphones and cosy arm-chairs. A visitor can choose any of more than 200 films to watch.

The DVD movie theatre is open round the clock.

# Charges:

To hire out a film - 50 roubles

To watch a film - 170 roubles

Slot machines

There are two halls with slot machines switched to the popular Jack Pot game system. One hall has slot machines for children. You can visit a bar; taste various drinks, hot and cold dishes. Friendly staff, security, comfortable and clean halls guarantee that you will have good time.

# Slot machine halls, open round the clock, are located at the Shopping center at the second floor.



Free Internet kiosks are located at the departure area for international flights. Sensor kiosks enable you to receive access to main information, sports and business sites. You can also visit any site of your choice.

Internet center

Internet center «Techmarket» is located at the Shopping center at the second floor.

Passengers and guests of Domodedovo airport can use 7 computers, both desktop and Internet-enabled laptop computers, which combine latest technological developments. Services of professional staff are available upon request. Internet centre also offers copying services and recording data from/into a floppy-disk (recording data from digital photo cameras is also available).

# Internet access charge: 120 roubles/hour, 60 roubles/30 minutes.

# Copying services: up to 10 sheets - 15 roubles/sheet, more than 10 sheets - 10 roubles/sheet.

The Internet center is open round the clock.

Internet connection at "Foster's Bar"

Passengers flying abroad can use an Internet connection in a cosy atmosphere of the FOSTER'S Bar located in the International Airside area. Three Internet-connected computers are at passengers' disposal.

# Charge: 60 roubles per 15 minutes

The service is available round-the clock


Photo services

Kodak digital centre, “Aerophotoexpress” company, located on the 2-nd floor of the Passenger Terminal, Sector D, offers a range of services as follows:

Quality digital printing of photos in the presence of a client using any carriers including films, digital carriers, slides; reprinting. Sale of digital photo equipment and accessories (cameras, memory cards, bags, accumulators, MP3 players and other equipment). Photo souvenirs (photo calendars, photo watches, posters and others). Photos for all types of documents. Photo design services, CD and DVD recording. Express printing of business cards.

The company only employs Kodak materials for work.


Mobile phones charging

A new service is available for passengers at Domodedovo International Airport - mobile phones charging. Charging devices are being installed in the airport's restaurants, cafes and bars. The charging devices enables to charge almost any kind of mobile phones. From now on, one can both have a snack and charge a mobile phone in the following eating places:

Stary Gorod restaurant (2nd level, Trading centre central area) Sbarro restaurant (2nd level, Trading centre, left wing) Japanese quisine "Asian Cafe" (1st level, International arrival area) Coffemania (2nd level, International departure clean area) Foster's Bar (1st level, International area) Aerobar (1st level, Internal Air-lines arrival area) "Elki-Palki Express" Tavern (2-nd level, Trading center of the Passenger Terminal) "Benvenuti" Restaurant and Musical Bar (underground level, Airside) "Sport-Bar" (underground level, Airside)

Besides, this service is available at Techmarket shop and at Internet-centre (2nd level, Trading sentre).


Information systems

Access to Reuters Agency Information systems is available at the business-lounges, VIP lounge and lounge for official delegations of the Domodedovo Passenger terminal. Reuters provides to the market players complete and operative review of the international and domestic financial markets in the real time mode. With this system it is possible to read information of different exchanges, newswires, analythical materials, and to process data with help of technical analysis programmes.

The access is provided to following information:

Basic platform - data on securities quotations; Reuters RXPress - Reuters newswire in Russian (news from Russia, the CIS, world); Reuters World News - Reuters newswire in English (world news); Energy section - information on prices on cash oil, gas and energy markets; Grains News&Reports Section - provides access to on-line news and reviews of Reuters and other organizations that cover grain, vegetable oil and fat, cattle breading markets as well as to the latest USDA reports, climate conditions forecasts of Weather Services Corporation, freight rates, information on cargo dispatches, price dynamics, trends and tender announcements.


Automatic medical check-up

At the first floor, there are three automatic medical check-up counters. It will take you two minutes to measure your height, weight, blood pressure, heart rate, etc. again their standard level. Results can be viewed on display or printed out. The cost is 10 or 20 rubles depending on the number of measurements.


Shoe polish machines: For passengers' convenience, shoe polish machines are installed in the passenger terminal. One can clean their shoes in the central area of the passenger terminal, in the international arrivals area, near the exit to Aeroexpress train and in the luggage reclaim area. Both dark and light shoes can be brushed. The polish machines are a modern design devices featuring high quality brushes and a special shoe cream to brush all kinds of leather.

The service charge is 10 roubles.


FOOD&DRINKS: There are many restaurants, bars and cofes at the airport, including the 'Old City' Russian restaurant and the 'Asian Café', which offers Japanese food.

SHOPPING: The main shopping area is located on the second floor. There are many different shops selling perfumes, souvenirs, toys and many other things are available. There is also Duty-free which is avalible for international passangers.


Medical help: The central medical assistance station is located on the first level in the right wing of the passenger terminal (Domestic flights area). At Domodedovo medical assistance station one can be treated in case of acute condition of chronical desease or any illness. Passengers can also be consulted on some negative flight factors, which may have influence on one's health. A new medical assistance station with the latest equipment was launched at the international transfer area of Domodedovo International Airport. Highly professional personnel of the station will be available round the clock to provide medical assistance to passengers who completed check-in, customs and passport control procedures. Medical aid can also be provided at stations located at the waiting area and in the pre-flight crew medical check-up office. Our staff will help sick people, disabled and passengers with limited mobility to get on board of aircraft or leave it. The office is open round the clock. Phone: (495) 504-0248, 504-0249


Lost personsI: If you got lost at the airport, turn to the administration counter and ask to make a radio announcement that will be heard throughout the airport terminal.


Late check-in: If you are late for check-in, proceed to special counters which are located:

for international flights – at the left wing of the airport terminal at the area of the first check-in island for Russian flights – at the right wing of the airport terminal at the area of pre-flight passenger checking.

The service is paid. Cost is 600 rubles.



Militia officers are on duty round the clock. In case you have problems, turn to a militia office, which is located at the right wing of the airport terminal at the ground floor.

Contact phone: (495) 967-8278

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Moscow - Conference Facilities

Business center services

When on business trip, you have to make decisions on the go. Speed and quality of such decisions to a great extent depend on availability of modern means of telecommunications.

Use services available at the Business center in our VIP lounge and your business trip will be extremely useful!

Business center at our Domodedovo airport VIP lounge offers the following:

Information services

You can get information on airport services, order taxi, make a hotel reservation at the Domodedovo AirHotel, rent a room for business talks. Simply turn to reception office in front of the entrance to the VIP lounge.

Telecommunications services

In our VIP lounge you can make free phone calls and use Internet services.

Rent of conference hall

If you plan a business meeting with your partners, you can rent a special negotiations room (conference hall). Such rooms are equipped with LCD TVs and video tape recorders. You may make phone calls to Moscow or call the VIP lounge restaurant, reception or service managers. For such rooms, two of which can accommodate up to 10 people, while the remaining two – up to 20 people, are available at any given time.

Cost of rent of one negotiations room for clients of the VIP lounge is 1500 rubles per hour.



There are six business halls at the Domodedovo airport: two Domodedovo airport terminal business halls for international and domestic flights, as well as business halls of airlines and their alliances: business hall of Transaero airline, business hall of Siberia Airlines, business halls of British Airways and Swiss.

Each business hall offers comfortable waiting areas, phones, TVs, newspapers and magazines. Also, food and beverages – snacks, sandwiches, tea, cookies, coffee, liquor as well as Telecommunication services and Internet access - are free for passengers at business halls.

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Moscow - Handicapped Facilities

For disabled

A special service for disabled provides a whole range of free services for disabled passengers. Service personnel will accompany such passengers during their stay at the airport.

Such services include: transportation from a parking lot or a public transport stop to the airport terminal and aircraft, as well as accompanying from aircraft to on-land transport. If necessary, disabled passengers can stay at a special comfortable hall during three hours prior to departure. Our personnel will take care of your check-in, passport control and customs clearance procedures, help handle your baggage. International arrival area is fitted out with two elevators connecting the passenger terminal with a parking lot, two special lavatories for disabled are available at international and domestic sterile areas.

The medical help office is equiped with an elevator to transport disabled to the ground level for further car transfer to board an aircraft. In June 2005 an ambu-elevator was set in operation. It allows transporting disabled passengers to an aircraft directly.

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Moscow - Wireless Lan

Wireless Internet access

Domodedovo is the first Russian airport offering wireless Internet access. You can enjoy the service at the waiting hall at he second floor, at the VIP lounge at the first floor and at the waiting hall in the departure area for international flights. To use the service, you have to buy a Taskom card at a Good News newspaper stand, and, enter a special code following instructions.

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Moscow - Hotels

Domodedovo Airhotel

Domodedovo Airport

Domodedovsky district

Moscow region

Russia, 142015

Tel: +7(495)-795-3572

Fax: +7(495)-795-3569

E-mail: dat@

1km from the airport.

Domodedovo Airhotel is a cozy and relaxing hotel for people travelling for leisure and on business. Airhotel offers 294 comfortable rooms corresponding highest world standards including Airhotel Club rooms - 5 de luxe suits, 5 Junior suits and single and double rooms featuring individual air-conditioning and climate control systems.

Any time you can order a bus from the international Domodedovo airport for free which will take you to the Hotel (and the way back) within 10 minutes.

You can make an order:

# By dialing 04 using any phone in the terminal

# By turning to counter ?38 of the registration hall/reception on the ground floor of the terminal

Transport services are rendered to save your time:

Free transfer from/to the Airport Taxi-service Secured car parking Free call for a bus from the information desk or any call box at the airport A train from the Airport Railway station to Moscow gets you in 40 min

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Moscow - News Update

14.12.2006 Domodedovo International Airport Announces Operating Results for First Eleven Months of 2006

According to the results of Domodedovo International Airport activities in January-November 2006, Domodedovo is maintaining its leading position among Moscow area airports in terms of passenger traffic.

Overall passenger throughput at Domodedovo in the first eleven months of 2006 reached 14,215,000 passengers, a 9.6% increase over the same period of 2005.

The highest growth was recorded to destinations such as Bangkok, Sochi, London, Rostov-on-Don, Volgograd, St.Petersburg, Istanbul, Samara, Larnaka, Krasnodar. Domodedovo handled over 1,825,000 passengers on these routes, a 40% growth over the first eleven months of 2005. Passenger traffic in November 2006 amounted to 1,146,000 passengers, a 11.8% increase against the November 2005 results.

In 2006, Domodedovo gained a number of new airline partners, including international airlines such as Singapore Airlines, Eurofly, Wind Jet, dba, Royal Jordanian Airlines, bmi, Austrian Airlines and others.

Additional information:

Passenger throughput on international routes in January-November 2006 reached 7,906,000 passengers, an 8.0% increase over the same period of 2005.

Passenger traffic on domestic routes for the first eleven months of 2006 reached 6,309,000, a 11.8% rise against the results for the comparable period of 2005.

Passenger throughput on international routes (including to the CIS countries) in November 2006 was about 622,000, a 16.0% increase over November 2005.

Passenger traffic on domestic routes in November 2006 totalled 524,000, a 7.2% rise year-on-year.
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Chance of Precip.: 0 %
Wind: NNW 6 km/h

Showers late. Breaks of sun late. Hot.

Showers late. Breaks of sun late. Hot.
Chance of Precip.: 58 %
Wind: ESE 7 km/h

Passing showers. Overcast. Warm.

Passing showers. Overcast. Warm.
Chance of Precip.: 68 %
Wind: NNW 23 km/h

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