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Budapest - Driving Directions

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The airport is located on the E60 route and is clearly marked from Budapest.

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Budapest - Public Transport

By taxi

A new taxi operator started operationg from Ferihegy. Zóna taxi offers low prices and high quality level of services. At the same time, pre-ordered taxis can be ordered as usual at the airport. Further details on Zóna taxi here.

By minibus

Similarly to all airports, Budapest Airport also operates a ‘shuttle service’ called as ‘Airport Minibus’. Passengers are taken to the previously requested address by microbuses with eight to eleven seats. Our multi-language speaking drivers know Budapest and its traffic, including the simplest and fastest routes, very well. Our guests who use the Minibus can get into direct contact with the Airport and might obtain information about the required flights already during of the journey.

By Minibus from the Airport

In the arrival-level passenger hall our passengers are received at our customer service where they may, in addition to purchasing tickets, reserve a hotel room. The ‘Budapest Card’ allowing use of preferences when you purchase your ticket is available here. Our buses depart depending on the number of passengers. Each bus carries those passengers who travel to the same direction. If the duration of waiting is expected to exceed 20 minutes, our staff will inform you accordingly. If the duration of waiting exceeds 30 minutes, the full-fare and return tickets purchased at the site may be returned.

Tickets are available at the Airport Minibus counter in the arrival-level passenger hall of Ferihegy Airport. The Airport Minibus counters are open between 05.00 a.m. and 01.00 a.m. at the Terminals.

By Minibus to the Airport

The Minibus ordered arrives at the requested address at the time agreed when ordered and takes our guest to Ferihegy within the shortest possible time. The Minibus may be ordered in advance by phone not later than 24 hours before the departure time of your flight.

Phone No.: (+361) 296-8555

Fax: (+361) 296-8993

The phone booking service is available each day between 06.00 a.m. and 10.00 p.m..

By metro and bus

Budapest Airport is relatively well accessible also by Public Transportation Means. Passengers are taken by a direct bus service from Terminals 1 and 2, called the Bus 200 to Köbánya-Kispest metro terminal. The new service from BKV adjusts much better to the passenger traffic at the airport: it is larger so bigger luggages can be transported; it operates more frequently; and it operates for longer hours provideing a link between the city and the airport even after mindnight and at early dawn.

Bus 93 operates from Terminal 1 to Kőbánya-Kispest Metro Station. By the 'blue’ (3) Metro you can reach Deák Ferenc Square in the City in 20 minutes. Public Transportation Means can be used for a fare: the one-way through-ticket costs HUF 185 (50 cents) [210 HUF when buying on the bus from the driver]. For more information about the public transportation of Budapest see www.bkv.hu.

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Budapest - Car Parking


Dear Passengers!

Let us inform you about the parking facilities and parking prices at Ferihegy Airport. Those who arrive by car can choose from several parking facilities, suiting everyone’s demand.

Car parks are available 24 hours a day. Fees can be paid in HUF or by credit card (the latter can only be used at the car park customer service). No credit cards are accepted at the pay&display (quick) parking. Please pay at the parking meters before collecting your car. Exit with paid ticket only. Coins are available from the parking cashier (24 hours a day), in pay&display (quick) car park from the parking supervisors (between 6.00 a.m. – 11.00 p.m.). TAX invoice may be requested at the parking cashier on exit, or from the parking supervisors (between 6.00 a.m. – 11.00 p.m.), no claims are accepted after leaving. All time periods indicated in this brochure apply to commenced minutes, hours or days. We offer our disabled / handicapped customers 4 designated parking spaces in the short-stay car park at Terminal 1 and altogether 8 spaces at Terminal 2 in the quick and the short-stay car park.

Budapest Ferihegy 1 / Terminal 1

Short-stay car park:

A 200 space short term car park is available in front of the terminal, with convenient approach.

Think about it!!! If you park for more than 1 day continuously, you are better off using our short stay car park near Terminal 2. A minibus transports passengers between terminals free of charge. If you would like a transfer, please contact the minibus service counters on the arrivals level of Terminal 2 and in the hall at Terminal 1.

Budapest Ferihegy 2 / Terminal 2

Pay & display (quick) car park:

Directly in front of Terminal 2A and 2B, a 180 space car park is available with a 60 minutes time limit. The fee is payable at the parking meters. If you need to park for a longer period, please use our short-stay or guarded parking.

Short-stay car park:

900 short-stay parking spaces are available in front of the terminals, with fast and convenient approach. Special offer! Park for 1 000 HUF / day. (Valid after 6 day permanent parking.)

Guarded car park:

By making use of this service you can leave your car at our airport with enhanced security. The minimum parking time is 1 day. Customers are transported between the guarded parking and the terminals by air-conditioned minibus, free of charge.

Bus park:

Our 10-space bus parking is located in the entrance of the short-stay parking.


Car park operation dispatcher service

Phone / fax: (+36-1) 296-6297

Car park customer service

Phone / fax: (+36-1) 296-5232

Mobile: (+36) 30 445-2827

E-mail: puo@ bud.hu

Short-stay car park

Phone: (+36-1) 296-5553,

Phone: (+36-1) 296-5554

Guarded car park

Phone: (+36-1) 296-8553

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Budapest - Intra Terminal Transfer

Shuttle busses connect car parks with terminals. There is a covered walkway between the terminals.

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Budapest - Car Hire

Following rent a car companies are located at the airport.

AVIS Rent-a-car: 06-19-2006

Europcar Rent a Car: 04-20-2006

Hertz Rent a Car: 04-20-2006

SIXT RENT-A-CAR +36 1 451 4227, www.sixt.hu

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Budapest - Info And Helpdesks

Help desks are to be found on all levels in Terminals 2A and 2B. Tourist information is to be found after customs in both Terminals.

Lost baggage

If a baggage does not arrive, do not think that it has lost finally. Often it might have only missed the flight but, as the destination is known from the baggage ticket, it arrives usually with one of the next flights. The work of baggage trackers are assisted by a network computer system. For lost baggage or that arriving damaged or short a compensation will be paid. Lost baggage should be reported in the arrival transit, after passport validation in the baggage hall, at Lost and Found customer service. The baggage lost will be recorded in a report. Baggage arrived with a delay or found will be delivered, if requested, to the given address. Losing of a baggage must be reported also the customer service of the airlines concerned.

Further information:

Phone: (36-1) 296 7000

info@ bud.hu

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Budapest - Airport Facilities

Children travelling alone

Children of age 6 to 12 years may travel as ‘Unaccompanied Minors’ (UM). This intention should be reported at booking and the airlines will provide detailed information on the costs of this service. The lower and upper age limit might vary by airlines.Children are guided and assisted by ground and air stewardesses during journey. Parents (relatives) may accompany the child to ticketing where an UM form should be completed for the journey. The form should indicate the following information: the particulars and contact data (phone number) of the person(s) assisting the child at departure (normally the parent(s)), the particulars of the child(ren), the route, the particulars of the person who receives the child(ren) at destination. After ticketing, the child(ren) will be escorted by a ground stewardess to the boarding gate, guided to the board, and handed over to the air stewardess. The parent (relative) assisting at departure should wait until the craft takes off. Upon arrival, the child is awaited at the aircraft’s door, escorted through passport control, assisted in handing over baggage, and handed over to the person indicated on the UM form, who should certify his/her identity. Attention! It is a strict rule that the child should not be handed over to any other person. Both ground and air stewardesses pay distinguished care of children travelling as UMs.

Travelling with a baby

Children under the age of 2 years may travel only with their parent(s) (escort(s)). They do not need a separate seat so their ticket is discounted. Parents may use the baby-carriage until boarding if it is carried with them. You may apply for a cradle (on certain craft types) and special food for the baby.

Special menus

You may ask for special food (e.g. vegetarian, milk-sensitive, kosher etc.) simultaneously with booking provided that it is 24 hours before departure. However, there are such special menus which should be ordered earlier. It is advisable to inquire when booking whether the airline concerned provides catering free of charge because it occurs more and more frequently that it may be used at one’s own cost.



Visit our Travel Value/Duty Free Shops in Terminal 1 or Terminal 2A and 2B.


Budapest Ferihegy International Airport Terminal 1

Phone: 00-36-1-297-3531

HUGO BOSS - Terminal 2B Gate 13

Please visit our Hugo Boss shop at Ferihegy Airport in Budapest! Come and see our fashionable, high-quality menswear collection, at terminal 2B opposite gate 13, or at terminal 2A in the accessories shop!

FREY WILLE - 2B Terminal Gate 13-14

The artistically renowned enamel jewelry company FREY WILLE introduces a new line of ‘Gavroche‘ scarves in trendy colors and exclusive designs to complement its wide selection of silk scarves and jewelry products.




Visit us in Caffe Brio (Ferihegy 1), and try our tasty products!

You can find us between gates 5 and 6 in the transit area.

We offer:

- strawberry and banana milkshake,

- creamy Italian Manuel coffees, teas and hot chocolate, in many flavours,

- cottage cheese yoghurt, salads, cakes,

- Szamos marzipan products, muffins, baby food,

- drinks in many choices,

- daily offers of ciabattas, paninis, and baguettes.

We are looking forward to welcoming you!


Here you can find all you like. (soups, salads, meats, vegetables)

CAFE RITAZZA - 2B Terminal

CAFETERIA FRANZ - 2B Terminal Arrival

ALFREDO'S CAFE - 2A Terminal Departure

FOOD COURT - 2B Terminal, Transit area

CASINO AVIATOR: Budapest Airport Ferihegy, Terminal 2B - Departures Gate 11

PLAYERSROOM FASHION & SPORT: located in Terminal 1.

FILA SPORT SHOP: located in Terminal 2B at Gate 18

BUDAPEST CARD: Budapest Card on sale at tourist information offices at Terminal 1, 2A, 2B.

Banking facilities and a exchange office are available.

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Budapest - Conference Facilities

Business Center and VIP Service

Our business center is equipped with the most modern office technology. We offer a wide range of office services and provide ideal circumstances for conferences, negotiations and other programs.

With our VIP service we would like to make your arrival and departure a more comfortand personal experience.

Many foreign and Hungarian celebrities have already visited our Business Center.

The following people enjoyed their stay at Budapest Airport to full extent:

Jean-Claude van Damme, Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford, Natalia Oreiro, Gerard Depardieu, Tony Curtis, Michael Schumacher and Marilyn Manson.

Orders are accepted every day from 8am to 6pm.

Further information:

Contact: Business Center

Phone: + 36 1 296 7357

Fax: + 36 1 296 6854

E-mail: businesscenter@ bud.hu

Two meeting rooms in Terminal 2B, one can accomadate 6 people and the other 30-40.

Cirrus Lounge

Whether you wish to rest or work, you may find ideal circumstances for both in our exclusive waiting hall.

You are welcome in our CIRRUS Lounge operated by the Passenger Traffic Department of Budapest Ferihegy Nemzetközi Repülőtér Üzemeltető Rt. where our guests may wait for the departure of their flight in a cosy environment.

In our self-service bar you may choose from beverages, soft drinks, salty and sweet snacks.

For businessmen who intend to work, business boxes, photocopiers, computers, free Internet access, Hungarian and international press publications, and fax-receiving facility are available for assisting their work.

In addition, our lounge serves our passengers’ comfort with wardrobe, television and video. You may inquire about departure of flights via monitors but, upon demand, our staff is also at your service with information on computerized schedule.

Opening hours: each day between 05.00 and 20.00

Location: 2B Terminal transit area, storey level, behind the information counter

Additional contact data:

Phone: (+36 1) 296 5934 or 5933

Fax: (+36 1) 296 5929

cirrus.lounge @ bud.hu


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Budapest - Handicapped Facilities

Handicapped passengers

Handicapped passengers or those moving with difficulty may apply for a wheel-chair to be provided by the airport help service. If you need such service, it is practicable to report it as early as when purchasing your ticket, enabling the ground passenger service staff to await you at ticketing well-prepared. However, you may also use your own wheel-chair till boarding if you wish to dispatch it as a baggage. Nevertheless, you can board the craft only with the help of a special wheel-chair. Handicapped passengers have priority upon boarding.

Of course, a wheel-chair may be requested also at arrival. In this case the staff at destination will be aware of your such need and will assist you. A wheel-chair is not included in the free baggage limit, i.e. it is transported free of charge, and the airport’s help service may also be used free. The acid accumulators of electric wheel-chairs should be removed from it and placed in a special (acid-resistant) box to be provided by the airlines. If it is not able to provide such a box, the accumulator should be left on the wheel-chair to be fixed in the aircraft’s load space in a standing position.

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Budapest - Wireless Lan

Boingo provide WiFi internet access through airport. ($21.95 per month)

BT Openzone provide WiFi internet access through airport.

divine_management WiFi internet access through airport.

iPass provide WiFi internet access through airport.

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Budapest - Hotels

Hotel Stacio

H-2220 Vecsés, Széchényi u. 20.

Tel: 36 29 353 053

Fax: 36 29 556 540

www.hotelstacio.hu info@ hotelstacio.hu

Only 5 minutes from Ferihegy Airport, but still further from the noisy traffic, in a quiet neighbourhood Hotel Stáció, the first 31-room, three-star-hotel of the Ferihegy Airport has been built. The management of the hotel has aimed to provide a high quality, confortable rest station, in a pleasant atmosphere.

For our guests we facilitate travelling between the hotel and the airport with a free transfer.

Ibis Budapest Aero

Ferde u. 1-3



Tel: (+36)1/3479700

Fax: (+36)1/2806403

Hotel Manager: Jászberényi László

Located 13km from Airport and 10km from city centre.

Guests can catch the shuttle bus from the Passenger Service, or buy ticket on the bus or choose a taxi. Underground metro connect airport to the city centre.

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Current weather in
Isolated tstorms. Mostly cloudy. Extremely hot.

Isolated tstorms. Mostly cloudy. Extremely hot.
Chance of Precip.: 57 %
Wind: NNW 10 km/h

Isolated tstorms late. Broken clouds. Extremely hot.

Isolated tstorms late. Broken clouds. Extremely hot.
Chance of Precip.: 57 %
Wind: NNW 8 km/h

Isolated tstorms. Broken clouds. Extremely hot.

Isolated tstorms. Broken clouds. Extremely hot.
Chance of Precip.: 47 %
Wind: NNW 8 km/h

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