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Munich - Driving Directions

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The airport is situated just off the A92 between Munich and Deggendorf and is easily accessible from four motorway exits. Join onto the A92 from the A99 Munich ring road from southern and eastern destinations. You can also take the smaller Route 388 from Munich towards Erding, turn off north for the airport just before reaching Erding. Once you've reached the airport, follow the signs to Terminal 1 or 2.

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Munich - Public Transport


The airport S-Bahn S1 travels from Munich Airport via Neufahrn, Moosach, Laim, Munich Hauptbahnhof (main station), Marienplatz to Ostbahnhof.

At the Hauptbahnhof and Ostbahnhof, passengers can transfer to mainline and regional services of the German Railway (Deutsche Bahn). In Laim, passengers can transfer to westbound S-Bahn lines to Pasing, where connections are available to Augsburg, Ulm, Stuttgart, Garmisch, Innsbruck, Kempten, Lindau and Switzerland.

S1 Ostbahnhof - Munich Airport

daily 3:37 a.m., 4:17 a.m., 4:57 a.m. and 4:57 a.m., then every 20 minutes until 23:17 p.m.

Taxi - Taxis are available from outside the terminal buildings of the airport to the city centre.

Bus - There are bus and coach services that run to Munich and the surrounding areas. Autobus Oberbayern runs a Lufthansa Airport Bus service to the Munich Hauptbahnhof. Buses serve both terminals. Information and tickets are available from the Service Centre located on level 3 of the MAC area.

Rail - There are commuter trains that depart to various Munich stations, including Munich Hauptbahnhof; Marienplatz; Laim; and Ostbahnhof, where rail connections are available to major German cities and other European destinations. Information is available from the Munich public transport authority and the German Railway.

Road - There are a several options available to passengers traveling to and from the airport by road, including car; taxi; limousine; and bus services.

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Munich - Car Parking

Parking at the terminals:

Stopping areas T1 / T2

You can park at the last minute in the stopping areas.

The stopping areas at Terminal 1 are located right in front of the arrival zone (at modules A, B, D and E).

The stopping area at Terminal 2 is located next to P20.

Parkdauer Tarif (in Euro)

bis 30 Minuten 2,00

bis 1 Stunde 4,00

bis 1,5 Stunden 7,00

bis 2 Stunden 10,00

bis 2,5 Stunden 13,00

bis 3 Stunden 16,00

bis 3,5 Stunden 19,00

bis 4 Stunden 22,00

bis 4,5 Stunden 25,00

bis 5 Stunden 28,00

bis 1 Tag 30,00

bis 2 Tage 60,00

bis 3 Tage 90,00

bis 4 Tage 120,00

bis 5 Tage 150,00

bis 6 Tage 180,00

bis 7 Tage 210,00

bis 8 Tage 240,00

bis 3 Monate 250,00

Short-term parking (P1 / P2 / P3 / P4 / P9)

Situated opposite Terminal 1 are the P1–P4 underground garages for short-term parking (duration up to 7 days).

Visitors to the central area (Z) use the underground garage P9 for short-term parking.

Parkdauer Tarif (in Euro)

bis 1 Stunde 3,00

bis 2 Stunden 6,00

bis 3 Stunden 9,00

bis 4 Stunden 12,00

bis 5 Stunden 15,00

bis 1 Tag 18,50

bis 2 Tage 37,00

bis 3 Tage 55,50

bis 4 Tage 74,00

bis 5 Tage 92,50

bis 6 Tage 111,00

bis 7 Tage 129,50

bis 8 Tage 149,50

bis 9 Tage 169,50

bis 10 Tage 189,50

bis 11 Tage 209,50

bis 21 Tage 210,00

Long-term parking (P5 / P7 / P8 / P26)

Situated opposite Terminal 1 are the P7 and P8 multistory car parks for long-term parking (from 8 days).

The P26 underground car park for long-term parking is next to the Kempinski Airport Hotel Munich.

Parkdauer Tarif (in Euro)

bis 1 Stunde 3,00

bis 2 Stunden 6,00

bis 3 Stunden 9,00

bis 4 Stunden 12,00

bis 5 Stunden 15,00

bis 1 Tag 18,50

bis 2 Tage 37,00

bis 3 Tage 55,50

bis 4 Tage 74,00

bis 5 Tage 92,50

bis 6 Tage 111,00

bis 13 Tage 129,50

bis 3 Monate 148,00

Car park Terminal 2 (P20)

The P20 multistory car park (with higher fees as of the 5th day) is immediately adjacent to Terminal 2 an the Munic Airport Center (MAC).

The garage is accessed via the signs Parking Terminal 1 and 2. P20 has got approximately 6400 indoor parking spaces.

Parkdauer Tarif (in Euro)

bis 1 Stunde 3,00

bis 2 Stunden 6,00

bis 3 Stunden 9,00

bis 4 Stunden 12,00

bis 5 Stunden 15,00

bis 1 Tag 18,50

bis 2 Tage 37,00

bis 3 Tage 55,50

bis 4 Tage 74,00

bis 5 Tage 94,00

bis 6 Tage 114,00

bis 7 Tage 134,00

bis 8 Tage 154,00

bis 9 Tage 174,00

bis 10 Tage 194,00

bis 3 Monate 210,00

Holiday and remote parking (P51)

The P51 parking lot along the Nordallee is directly adjacent to the visitors' park. It has space for 948 cars.

Parkdauer/Duration Tarif/Rate (in EUR)

bis/up to 6 Stunden/hours 1,50

bis/up to 1 Tag/day 12,00

bis/up to 2 Tage/days 24,00

bis/up to 3 Tage/days 36,00

bis/up to 8 Tage/days 45,00

bis/up to 15 Tage/days 55,00

bis/up to 20 Tage/days 65,00

bis/up to 3 Monate/months 75,00

If you're going on holiday, low-price parking is available at P41 on Nordallee. The car park has space for roughly 4 500 cars.

If you wish, you can unload your baggage at the terminal, drive your car to P41, and return to the terminal on the S8 rapid transit train (S-Bahn) (from the "Besucherpark"/visitors' park station) or by bus no. 635 (the bus stops directly at P41).

Your car park ticket entitles you (and all occupants of the car) to travel to the terminal on the S-Bahn or bus for free:

by rapid transit trains S1/S8: departure of rapid transit trains S1 and S8 every 10 minutes from station "Besucherpark" (10 minutes walk from P41 to station). Return from station in the central area every 10 minutes. by bus no. 635: departure from P41 to Terminal 1 (A/B), central area and Terminal 2 (level 03) daily from 02:57 a.m. to 00:37 a.m. every 20 minutes. Return to P41 from Terminal 2 (level 03), Terminal 1(A/B), central area and Terminal 1 (D/E) daily from 03:00 a.m. to 00:41 a.m. every 20 minutes.

Parkdauer Tarif (in Euro)

bis 1 Stunde 1,00

bis 2 Stunden 1,50

bis 3 Stunden 2,00

bis 4 Stunden 2,50

bis 5 Stunden 3,00

bis 6 Stunden 3,50

bis 1 Tag 12,00

bis 2 Tage 24,00

bis 3 Tage 36,00

bis 8 Tage 45,00

bis 15 Tage 55,00

bis 20 Tage 65,00

bis 3 Monate 75,00

General Aviation parking (P35)

neues Strukturbild The 150-space P35 parking area is immediately adjacent to the General Aviation Terminal (GAT). Payment machines are inside the GAT terminal area.

Follow the "GENERAL AVIATION" signs.

Parkdauer Tarif (in Euro)

bis 1 Stunde 3,00

bis 2 Stunden 6,00

bis 3 Stunden 9,00

bis 4 Stunden 12,00

bis 5 Stunden 15,00

bis 1 Tag 18,50

bis 2 Tage 37,00

bis 3 Tage 55,50

bis 4 Tage 74,00

bis 5 Tage 92,50

bis 6 Tage 111,00

bis 13 Tage 129,50

bis 3 Monate 148,0

Valet Parking

An airport employee can park your car for you in the parking area of your choice.

Simply leave your car in one of the gated parking areas in front of the arrival area at Terminal 1 (section A, B, C or D) or at Terminal 2 (P29, level 03).

Hand in your car park ticket and car keys at the information stand in Terminal 1 (departure area A, B, C or D) or at the airport information desk in Terminal 2.

Here, you fill in a form with the car’s number plate, the owner’s name, and your preferred parking area.

When you return, you contact the car park control center. You then pay the service and parking fee, and your car keys and car park ticket will be handed over to you.

Service hours: Monday - Friday: 6.00 a.m.–10.00 p.m.

Service charges: Parking areas at terminals: EUR 19.50

Women's parking

Women's parking areas are signposted on the walls and floors in all parking garages and underground parking facilities.

Parking for guests with special needs

Directly opposite the terminal are underground garages and multistorey parking facilities. Parking for the disabled is conveniently situated on Level 03 right next to the elevators. In the car park P20 the parking for the disabled is located on Level 03 and Level 05 right next to the elevators.

Passengers with official disabled identification bearing the code "aG", "H" or "BI" receive a 50 percent discount on applicable parking charges at Munich Airport at the Parking Office.

If desired, customers can use the intercom at any parking pay point to page the parking office to arrange for collection of the discounted parking charges in person.

The Parking office is open 24 hours a day and can be reached at the following phone number:

+49 (0)89 975-21921

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Munich - Intra Terminal Transfer

Airport shuttle connects remote car parks with terminals. The Munich Airport Centre connects Terminal 1 with the new Terminal 2.

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Munich - Car Hire

Car rental center

General information

You are handed your car keys and papers in the check-in area. When returning the car, you leave it with the service crew just inside the entrance to the car rental zone. The keys and papers stay in the car. You can take care of the rest of the formalities on the same level in the adjacent check-in hall.

Please note:

Since 29 April 2006 you can find the counters of the car rental center in the central area of the airport between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Please return your car in car park P6 ("Car Rental Return").


Opening hours:

daily from 6:30 a.m. till 11:30 p.m.

Telephone number: +49 89 975-9 76 00

Fax number: +49 89 975-9 76 20


Opening hours:

daily from 6:30 a.m. till 11:30 p.m.

Telephone number: +49 89 975-9 67 05

Fax number: +49 89 975-9 67 06


Opening hours:

daily from 7:00 a.m. till midnight

Telephone number: +49 89 973-50 20

Fax number: +49 89 973-5 02 66


Opening hours:

daily from 7:00 a.m. till midnight

Telephone number: +49 89 978-8 60

Fax number: +49 89 978-86 11

National Car Rental / Alamo

Opening hours:

daily from 6:30 a.m. till 11 p.m.

Telephone number: +49 89 975-9 76 80

Fax number: +49 89 975-9 76 86


Opening hours:

Mon. - Fri.: from 6:30 a.m. till midnight

Sat. - Sun.: from 7:00 a.m. till midnight

Telephone number: (0 18 05) 26 25 25

Fax number: (0 18 05) 222 93 000 11


www.sixt.deExterner Link / External link

(choose the rotating globe on to select your language)

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Munich - Info And Helpdesks


e-mail address: info@

Telephone number: +49 89 9 75-00

Telephone number: +49 89 9 75-2 13 13 (Flugplanauskunft)

You can obtain information at the main information desk at all times. It is located in the Main Concourse on Level 03. In addition, our information desks in the arrival and departure areas on Level 04 are staffed as needed.

The Service Center is situated in the Central Area on Level 03 and in the Terminal 2 arrivals area on Level 03. It is staffed 24 hours a day and offers a wide range of services. neues Strukturbild

Vacation/foreign medical benefits certificates for members of the AOK healthcare system

Sale of tickets for Munich public transport and airport city bus

Lost and found office

Left luggage office

Cloakroom service: coat check service

Deposit of items for pick-up

Copying service

Sale of telephone cards, etc.

The Service Center also has the Internet Point, where you can surf the web or check your e-mail before departure.

For a complete list of services with prices, please check the Internet Point web page under Service Center.

Tel: +49 (0)89 / 975-2 13 75

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Munich - Airport Facilities

Medical Service

Munich Airport is a medical airport as defined in Article 19, Par. 1 of the International Health Regulations, and is therefore obliged under Article 19, Par. 2 of these regulations to maintain and operate medical emergency facilities. For this purpose, the airport provides the personnel as well as the necessary facilities and equipment. In addition, the airport carries out workplace medical services for monitoring the state of health of its employees as required under the accident prevention regulations in the German ordinances on preventive medicine in the workplace. Alexandra Grimm is in charge of physiotherapy at the Airport Medical Service.

If you require medical assistance, please contact the Medical Center at the airport. Doctors and paramedics are available to help you 24 hours a day.

The Medical Center is on Level 03 in Arrival Area E.

The Medical Center´s telephone number is +49 (0)89 975-6 33 44


The pharmacy in the terminal is located in the Central Area on Level 03 (public area).

There is also a pharmacy near each of Gates G and H in Terminal 2 (non-public area)


Persons with heart pacemakers can request security checks without electronic probes. Please consult the personnel on location.

Baggage trolleys

Approximately 3000 luggage trolleys are available to you at numerous storage areas (drop-off zones, parking garages, terminal entrances, arrival areas).

Departure: 1 euro

Arrival: free of charge

Telephone number (089) 975-9 28 20

Mobile number 0171/ 37 27 179

Porter service

For a fee, a porter service is available in the entire passenger handling area. The porters will help you with your luggage and will accompany you and your luggage to your airline's check-in desk.

You can request a porter by telephone in advance or order the service directly at the airport.

Telephone: ++49 (0)89 / 975-9 97 95

Baggage service (Sand Ltd.)

Sand Limited offers a baggage transport service to and from Munich Airport within a radius of 60 km of the airport.

There is a weight restriction of 25 kg per baggage item. For more information, please call +49 (0)89 975-9 28 20.

There is a left luggage office and lost property office located in the Service Centre of the MAC area. A porter service is available and porters are easily identified by their green uniforms. Baggage trolleys are also available.

Money: The airport has a few banks; a bureaux de change; and several ATMs throughout.

More Services: The airport has a post office; 24 hour Internet access; wireless LAN is available throughout; a 24 hour medical emergency centre; a dentist; a pharmacy; baby changing rooms; a dry cleaning and laundry service; children?s play areas; and over 40 travel agencies and tour operators.

Eating & Drinking: The airport has many shops, including a wide variety of clothing; electronics; accessories; news agents; gift shops; and duty-free shops.

Shopping: The airport has several bars; restaurants; snack bars; and coffee bars, such as Airbrau; Aran; Burger King; Cafe Treffpunkt; Coca Cola Bar; il mondo; and Nordsee. The Terminal 2 gallery is a popular spot for drinking and dining.

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Munich - Conference Facilities

Conferences at the airport

municon in the MAC

Top-level meetings

It's just a few minutes' walk to the municon conference center. It is located on the upper levels of the north wing of the Munich Airport Center (MAC), the central link between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

This unique location features 35 well-lit, comfortably appointed conference rooms equipped with the latest technology and decorated with confident reserve. Room capacities range bewteen 4 and 120 persons, providing ideal settings for all types of discussions, seminars and meetings.

The municon conference center offers:

- light-flooded rooms with a unique view

- modern louvre system for sun and shade

- Internet access

- leading edge audio-visual facilities

- microphone system

- back projection

- overhead projectors

- magnetic/multimedia boards

- computer projectors

- whiteboards

- flipcharts

- VIP service

- security personnel

- adjacent relaxation rooms with bed/bath available

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Munich - Handicapped Facilities

Classifying your special needs:

To help the airline prepare to assist you, it is advisable to provide information on the degree of your mobility restrictions in advance (when you book your flight).

The following four international standard terms will help you to categorize your disability:

- WCHC -Wheel Chair Cabin Seat

This passenger needs a wheelchair at all times, and also requires assistance inside the aircraft. He/she has a wheelchair.

- WCHS -Wheel Chair Steps

Passenger cannot negotiate stairs, but can walk short distances unassisted.

- WCHR -Wheel Chair Ramp

Passenger does not usually require a wheelchair, or requires a wheelchair for longer distances. Passenger can negotiate short stairways.

- STCR -Stretcher

Passenger must be transported in a lying position.

The following factors are intended to help you assess your own situation:

In principle you do not need to go up or down any stairs at Munich Airport to board your plane. However, the passenger gangways leading to the aircraft have a slope of up to 10%, since not all aircraft are exactly the same height as the arrival and departure areas.

If your aircraft is parked at an external boarding position, and not directly adjacent to the terminal building, then the passengers will be transported to the aircraft by low-floor bus. This means that you will have to leave your wheelchair and take a few steps to the bus.

If it is not possible for you to negotiate the obstacles described above, then your category for this purpose is WCHS or WCHC. This will ensure that you have assistance where you need it.

Wheelchairs and wheelchair service:

The airport has wheelchairs available for use free of charge at all information desks in the departure areas, at the main information desks and in the special service lounges in Terminal 2.

If necessary, you can arrange with your airline to have wheelchair service ready for you. This service escorts you from the departure area to the aircraft, from the aircraft to the arrival area or, if you are changing planes in Munich, from aircraft to aircraft.

In some cases it may be necessary to be moved from your own wheelchair (or the airport wheelchair) when boarding or disembarking from the aircraft. In this case you will be placed in a special transport wheelchair that fits through the narrow aisles in the aircraft cabin.

You own wheelchair will be turned over to the service staff and transported free of charge in the aircraft’s cargo hold.

The airlines make every effort to permit disabled passengers to board first and disembark last. They set aside special seats for passengers with mobility restrictions if these passengers inform them of their restrictions when booking.

In the terminal building:

Passenger handling:

In Terminal 1 and 2, elevators and paths taken by passengers to reach their departures areas are barrier-free, permitting them to change levels independently.

All special facilities in the terminal display the international wheelchair symbol.

You will also find information desks in all departure areas where the staff will be happy to help you.

At the check-in desk

When you arrive at the airport, please go to your airline's check-in desk.

At the check-in desk, the airline personnel will welcome you and provide you with any assistance you need until you have boarded the aircraft.

Lufthansa has set up a special check-in desk for travelers with disabilities. Desk 445 in the central check-in hall of Terminal 2 (Level 04) guarantees individual service. It is designed to let wheelchair users approach from the side. From here, all additional service requirements are arranged up to departure. A special waiting room is available opposite check-in desk 445.

Not every disability is obvious. We therefore request that you inform the staff at the check-in desk of your restrictions. This will insure that your personal needs are taken into account during the trip.


he terminal and the parking facilities are equipped with wheelchair-accessible elevators, ensuring that wheelchair users can change levels with ease.

Blind / visually impaired passengers

An airport overview in Braille is displayed at the main information center in the Central Area, Level 03. This provides an initial overview of Munich Airport's topography for blind and visually impaired passengers.

Information: When planning the new Terminal 2, the airport made sure that all important facilities such as elevators were equipped with tactile systems.

Keyboard telephones

Keyboard telephones for the hearing-impaired

Special keyboard telephones for hearing-impaired or deaf travelers are available at the main information desk in the Central Area, Level 03 and at the Medical Center, Arrivals E, Level 03. neues Strukturbild

Sanitary facilities for wheelchair users

Washroom facilities for the disabled are located in the public area on Level 03. In the non-public arrival and departure areas, washrooms for the disabled are located on levels 04 and 05.

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Munich - Wireless Lan

Boingo provide WiFi internet access through Terminal 1, Airport hotel, Airport Center, Central area with train station. ($21.95 per month / $0.12/min premium location charge).

Ganag provide WiFi internet access through Terminal 1. (30 min/€5.00, 2 hours/€10.00)

Monzoon provide WiFi internet access through Terminal 1, Airport hotel, Airport Center, Central area with train station.

Swisscom Eurospot provide WiFi internet access through Terminal 1.

T-Mobile (De)/T-Com provide WiFi internet access through Terminal 1. (€8.00 per hour / €18.00 per day / 15 min/€2.00, 3 hours/€14.00)

Vodafone provide WiFi internet access exclusively in Terminal 2 and Lufthansa lounge. (€24.95 per day / 30 min/€3.95, 2 hours/€9.95)

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Munich - Hotels

Hotel and room bookings

Arriving passengers can make reservations for Munich and the surrounding area 24 hours a day at the main information desk in the Main Concourse.

Unfortunately we cannot accept reservations by telephone.

Kempinski Hotel Airport München

Terminalstrasse / Mitte 20

D-85356 München

Phone +49 (0)89 - 97 82 0

Fax +49 (0)89 - 97 82 26 10

Arrival by plane:

After arrival to the Munich airport by plane you are either in Terminal 1 or Terminal 2.

The Hotel is located directly between the two terminals. Follow the signs to the hotel.

München Marriott Hotel

Berliner Strasse 93

D-80805 München

Phone +49 (0)8 - 3 60 02 -0

Fax +49 (0)8 - 3 60 02 -200

e-mail: mhrs.mucno.dors @


29 km fromMunich - MUC

498997521313 Hotel Direction: 29 km S Driving Directions: From the intern. Airport (MUC): Take HWY A9 direction 'Muenchen' follow the signs 'Muenchen' until the end of the highway. After 200 m, take a right into 'Theodor Dombart Strasse.' Turn right again into 'Berliner Strasse.'

Bus service, fee: 10 EUR (one way) Subway service, fee: 9 EUR (one way) Estimated taxi fare: 45 EUR (one way)


Renaissance München Hotel

Theodor-Dombart-Strasse 4

D-80805 München

Phone +49 (0)89 - 3 60 99 -0

Fax +49 (0)89 - 3 60 99 -65 00

e-mail: rhi.mucbr.dos @


Area Airports

Munich - MUC

498997500 Hotel Direction: 32 km S Driving Directions: From the Airport take Hwy A 92 direction 'München'; at the 'Kreuz Neufahrn' follow the Hwy A 9 southbound, direction of 'München'. Drive to the very end of the highway A 9, following the sign 'Mittlerer Ring Ost' (do not take any exit prior the end of the highway). 200 meters after the A 9 has ended, turn right into 'Theodor-Dombart-Strasse', after 50 meters the Renaissance Munich Hotel is on the left. Bus service, fee: 10 EUR (one way) Subway service, fee: 8 EUR (one way) Estimated taxi fare: 45 EUR (one way)

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Munich - News Update

Press release from 06/01/2006

Munich Airport chosen as "Best Airport in Europe" again in Skytrax World Airport Awards 2006:

CEO Dr. Michael Kerkloh welcomes award as "an especially meaningful reflection of the honest opinion of our passengers."

For the second year in a row, Munich Airport has been named the "Best Airport in Europe" in an international survey of more than seven million pas-sengers from 93 countries. Passengers also rewarded Munich's high level of efficiency by voting it number three worldwide, up from place four last year, in the Skytrax World Airport Awards 2006. In response to receiving the high accolades in this year's survey, Munich Airport CEO, Dr. Michael Kerkloh, says "Munich Airport is greatly honored that passengers have again chosen us as the number one in Europe."

The awards are based on the annual Airport Survey conducted by Skytrax, an independent air transport research body. The survey is the largest customer survey of airport standards internationally, and was conducted this year between September 2005 and May 2006. Passengers were asked to measure more than 40 aspects of customer satisfaction for airport product and service standards at more than 165 airports around the world-ranging from ease of catching connecting flights to the cleanliness of restrooms and security checks.

Munich Airport held on to its number-one spot in Europe for what customers cited as its overall "service efficiency, the ease of the transit process, variety of facilities and ground transportation options." Worldwide, Munich has moved up one notch to place number three behind Singapore Changi Airport and Hong Kong International Airport.

"Receiving such high rankings again in this year's Skytrax survey," concludes Kerkloh, "confirms to us just how vital it is to continue improving service wherever possible - and how important it will be to look to this year's top two airports, Singapore and Hong Kong, for how to make the airport experience even more friendly and efficient in the future!"

For more information, please view the complete results on the Skytrax homepage at

www.worldairportawards.comExterner Link

The World's Top 10 Airports 2006 (based on the World Airport Awards 2006)

1. Singapore Changi Airport

2. Hong Kong International Airport

3. Munich Airport

4. Kansai International Airport

5. Seoul Incheon Airport

6. KLIA Kuala Lumpur Airport

7. Helsinki Vantaa Airport

8. Zurich Airport

9. Dubai International Airport

10. Copenhagen Airport

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Isolated tstorms. Breaks of sun late. Warm.
Chance of Precip.: 99 %
Wind: WNW 8 km/h

Passing showers. Overcast. Warm.

Passing showers. Overcast. Warm.
Chance of Precip.: 42 %
Wind: ENE 6 km/h

Mostly sunny. Warm.

Mostly sunny. Warm.
Chance of Precip.: 0 %
Wind: E 11 km/h

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