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Osaka - Driving Directions

Road access to the artificial island on which the airport is built is via a dedicated access bridge (with a toll gate on entry), connecting to an expressway, which serves all directions, off the Hanshin Expressway (Wangan Route) and the Hanwa Expressway, further inland.

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Osaka - Public Transport

Kansai Int'l Airport (KIX) is an offshore airport, approx. 50km south away from the downtown, Osaka. To get to the downtown and other area in Kansai, we have a wide variety of access by road, rail and sea.


To/From Kansai Int'l Airport by train, take JRWest (From/To Osaka & Kyoto) or Nankai Railway (From/To Namba) Lines.


To our Airport

Buses arrive on the 4th floor (Int'l Dep.) It's very convenient for Int'l passengers.

From our airport

Buses leave from the 1st floor (Int'l Arr.) Tickets machines are outside the building.

For more information, go to the Kansai Airport Transportation Enterprise(KATE) ( http://www.kate.co.jp/pc/english/english.html ) or call 072-461-1374.


We have sea routes from Awaji Island and Kobe Airport. It takes approximately 48 minutes from Awaji Island (Sumoto) and 29 minutes from Kobe Airport to Kansai Airport(KIX).

Between Passenger Terminal Building and Ferry Terminal, take a shuttle bus(*fares are included into the ferry fare). Please get tickets at the ticket counter on the 1st floor of Passenger Terminal Building before taking the shuttle bus.

To/From Awaji Island (Sumoto)

Sumoto Pearl Line [TEL:0799-23-1444]

To/From Kobe Airport

Bay Shuttle [078-304-0033]

Location of Ferry Terminal at Kansai Int'l Airport.

Shuttle bus service is available between Ferry Terminal and Passenger Terminal Building.

It takes 6-8 minutes between terminals.

The Bus leaves at BusStop #12 on the 1st floor of Passenger Terminal Building to Ferry Terminal.

Please get tickets at the ticket counter on the 1st floor of Passenger Terminal Building before taking the shuttle bus.

Taxi Stands at Kansai Int'l Airport

Taxi Stands are outside the 1st floor of the Passenger Terminal Building.

Notice: Traveling time and fares are expected to change depending on the weather and traffic etc.

Destination Traveling Time

Approx Fare

(JPN Yen)

Osaka Osaka(Itami)Airport 70min. 20,000

Namba 50min. 16,000

Osaka(Umeda) 50min. 17,000

Shin-Osaka 60min. 18,000

Tennouji 50min. 16,000

Izumisano 20min. 4,500

Kishiwada 25min. 7,000

Sakai 40min. 12,000

Suita 60min. 20,000

Ibaraki 60min. 23,000

Senri 70min. 20,000

Destination Traveling Time

Approx Fare

(JPN Yen)

Hyogo Nishinomiya 50min. 20,000

Sannomiya 70min. 22,000

Nara JR Nara Sta. 90min. 25,000

Kyoto JR Kyoto Sta. 120min. 32,000

Shiga Hikone 180min. 52,000

Wakayama JR Wakakyama Sta. 40min. 13,000

Fares are total amount included Highway and Airport Access Bridge tolls. Extra charge is needed at late night.

Shuttle Service

For further information & reservation, see the following websites.

MK TAXI, Skygateshuttle, Kansai Airport - Kyoto, Kobe ( www.mk-group.co.jp/english/shuttle/index.html" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">www.mk-group.co.jp/english/shuttle/index.html" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">www.mk-group.co.jp/english/shuttle/index.html" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">www.mk-group.co.jp/english/shuttle/index.html )

YASAKA TAXI, Kansai Airport - Kyoto ( http://yasaka.jp/taxi/shuttle-e/index.html )

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Osaka - Car Parking


Tall cars (over 2.1 meter high) can't park in P1, P2 (Multi-story Parking).Please park in P3, P4 (Outside Parking). An exclusive parking space is available in P3 for microbuses and motorcycles. The 3rd floors of P1, P2 are connected with the 2nd floor of the passenger terminal.

AIRPORT ACCESS BRIDGE TOLL (per car for a round trip) [Information] TEL:072-455-2278

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Osaka - Car Hire

Rent-A-Car: Location - 1st Floor; AEROPLAZA

Car hire desks are located on the first floor in the north area companies represented are: Japaren, Matsuda, Nippon, Nissan, Toyota and Orix.

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Osaka - Info And Helpdesks

Name of Facility // Place (map) // Telephone Number

Information Center // Each Floor // 072-455-2500

Information center for ?sour plans of KIX // ObsservationHall SkyView // 072-455-2082

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Osaka - Airport Facilities

Name of Facility // Location // Telephone Number // Note

Reception Counter for VIP room // 2nd Floor // 072-455-2328

Travel Counter // 1st Floor, Center // 072-455-2911 // Hotel Reservation, Railway Tickets, etc.

Kansai Tourist Information Center // 1st Floor // 072-456-6025 // KANSAI PASSPORT

Group Reception Counter // 4th Floor

JR West Japan Information Counter // 1st Floor, North // 072-456-6246

KDDI Service Counter // 4th Floor, Center // 0057 with No Area Code

SoftBank Service Counter // 1st Floor,North // 072-456-8700

SoftBank Service Counter // 4th Floor, South // 072-456-6400

SoftBank Service Counter // 4th Floor, North // 072-456-8720

CIQ PR Room // 4th Floor, Center, Back

Yasaka Kanku Shuttle Counter // 1st Floor, South // 075-803-4800

MK Sky Gate Shuttle Counter // 1st Floor, South // 075-702-5489

Limousine Bus Information Counter // 1st Floor, South and North // 072-461-1374 // KANSAI AIRPORT TRANSPORTATION ENTERPRISE

High-speed Ferry Ticekt Counter // 1st Floor ,North // To/From Awaji Island 0799-23-1444, To/From Kobe Airport 078-304-0033

Finance, Insurance, etc

Name of Facility // Location // Telephone Number // Note

Currency Exchange // 1st, 4th Floor, Transit Area

Bank // 2nd Floor // 072-456-7051 // Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi

Post Office // 2nd Floor // 072-455-1980

Cash Service // 1st, 2nd and 4th Floor

Overseas Travel Accident Insurance Reception // 4th Floor // 072-455-2900 (Only on Weekdays)

Domestic Flight Accident Insurance Automatic Applicator // 2nd Floor

Credit Card Companies' Service Counter // 4th Floor

Porter, Baggage Delivery, etc.

Name of Facility // Location // Telephone Number // Note

Porter Service // 1st, 2nd and 4th Floor // 072-455-3450 // PASCO

Baggage Delivery

IAS // 4th Floor; North, 1st Floor; South and North // 072-456-6300

PASCO // 1st Floor, 4th Floor; South // 0120-415002

ANA SKYPORTER // 1st Floor, 4th Floor; North // 072-456-7799

Baggage Storage

IAS // 1stFloor and 4th Floor; North // 072-456-6300

PASCO // 1st, 2nd and 4th Floor; South // 072-455-3454

Coin Lockers

IAS // 2nd Floor,3rd Floor // 072-456-6300

PASCO // 2nd Floor,3rd Floor;2nd Floor Atrium/AEROPLAZA // 072-455-3454

International Passenger Custom Service Center // 1st Floor // 072-456-6510

Luggage Cart // Available Free of Charge

Facilities in the Transit Area

Name of Facility // Location // Telephone Number // Note

Kids Room // 3rd Floor; Center // 072-455-2791

Refresh Room // 3rd Floor; Center // 072-455-2792

Money Exchange // 3rd Floor; Center

Nursery // North/South Wing

Changing Room // 3rd Floor; Center

Conference Room, Nursing Room, etc.

Name of Facility // Location // Telephone Number // Note

Nursery // 2nd, 3rd, 4th Floor ; North/South Wing

VIP Room // 2nd, 3rd, 4th Floor // 072-455-2328 // Kansai Airport Agency

Airline's Lounge // 2nd, 3rd Floor; North/South Wing // Make your inquiries to each airline company

Card Company Members' Lounge // 3rd Floor North/South Wing

Game Center // 3rd Floor // 072-455-2260

Medical & Sanitary Facility, etc.

Name of Facility // Location // Telephone Number // Note

Clinic // 2nd Floor; North // 072-456-7185

AED (Automated External Defibrillator) // 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, International Boarding // There are 35 units of Automated External Defibrillators?iAED?jlocated throughout Kansai International Airport. 27 in the terminal building and 8 units in the Aeroplaza, Hotel, and Observation Hall.

Dentist Office // AEROPLAZA // 072-456-8601

Quick Massage // 3rd Floor; South // 072-456-6606

Shower Room // 2nd Floor; North

Ticket Vending Machine, etc.

Name of Facility // Location

Tokyo Monorail & Keikyu Express Ticket // 2nd Floor; Departure Gate

Limousine Bus Ticket // 1st Floor; Outside

Internet Service

Name of Facility // Location // Note

Internet Services "@ Station" // 4th Floor; Center, 2nd Floor; North/Departure Gate, 1st Floor; South // Easier access to internet at Kansai International Airport. Kansai International Airport Company set up the 25 devices with internet access named "@ Station" on each floor at passengers terminal building, and started to provide the service. Easy operation for internet beginners and abundant contents (news,sports, game etc.) and free E-mails are available. Use it by all means. Also, you can use it with sitting on the wheelchair at each position. Devices applicable to Korean language are also available.

charge 100 JPY / 10 min. (only 100 yen coin is available)

operation hour from 7:00 through 22:00

"eStand" // Noth/South Wing, Transit Area // Kansai International Airport Company has set up information stands around the international departure gate and international transit area, and been providing services to passengers to look for travel information and access the Internet & E-mails since September, 2001. This time, we set up 6 stands additionally and start the service with 10 stands, and these stands are named "E-stands". Besides, "Skynet", also providing the travel information, was abolished at the end of March, 2002. Thank you for your patronage.

Available services:

Information about; *flights to/from Kansai Airport

airports and weather around the world facilities in Kansai AirportServices E-mail travel service Others : Searching Internet

Room for meditation&praying

Name of Facility // Location // Telephone Number // Note

Room for meditation&praying // 4th Floor // 072-455-2500 // (available 7:00 A.M to 9:00 P.M. )For use this?@room, please come and ask at information counter on this floor or dial 0724552500 (Airport Information) to ask about that.


35 restaurants: 21 Japanese food restaurants including those specializing in sushi and Japanese noodles,26 coffee shops and bars (bars offer small food items)


There 110 types of shops in total providing wide variety of articles for travel to name-brand products. In addition, there are the Japanese traditional handicrafts, souvenirs and daily necessities such as medicine, electric appliances, books, flowers and so on

Shops are mainly located in the Passenger Terminal Building (2F/3F) and in Aeroplaza (2F/3F). Duty Free Shops are located in the International Gates' Area.

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Osaka - Conference Facilities

Conference Room // 4th Floor // 072-455-2328

Business Support Facilities:

Name of Facility // Location // Telephone Number

Business Center // 4th Floor;North End // 072-456-7151

Personal Lounge // 2nd Floor; North // 072-455-2092

Quick Photo Machine // 2nd Floor, 4th Floor // 0120-06-0321

There is a business centre located on the fourth floor, which offers a range of services including telephone; fax and Internet facilities; PC rental; secretarial; and catering. The Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport has a fully equipped business centre and provides conference facilities for up to 500 delegates.

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Osaka - Handicapped Facilities

The airport is fully accessible to disabled passengers, with lifts and ramps; as well as adapted toilets and telephones. Passengers that require any special assistance should inform their airline before travelling.

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Osaka - Wireless Lan

FREE Wireless Internet Service

Name of Facility // Location // Note

Mobile"@ Station" // 4th Floor; Center, 2nd Floor; Arrival lobby, 1st Floor; //

Enjoy our Internet service via wireless LAN.

You can use your PC to gain Internet access wirelessly.

Up to 11Mbps high-speed transfer rate.

Without any charge.

Without any registration.

Please provide your own wireless LAN card (IEEE 802.11b).

For computers without wireless LAN equipment, LAN cables are available at our PC desks. Plug it into your computer, and enjoy access to the Internet.

How to set up

Use your wireless LAN card configuration software to set "mode" and "ESS-ID" as follows:

1. Mode: Infrastructure

2. ESS-ID: kixmbl

3. The WEP key setting is not required.

Please refer to the following instructions for using Internet services via KIX wireless LAN.

There is no charge for using KIX wireless LAN, but charges for connecting to the pay service on the Internet are your responsibility. Services other than browsing home pages on the Web and sending & receiving e-mail may not be available. We request your compliance with ?gunauthorized computer access laws?h. Please refer to manufacturer?fs instructions for wireless LAN card settings. We ensure security of KIX wireless users by prohibiting communication among personal computers that are connected via wireless LAN. We collect information about time and location of your log in and log off in order to improve our service. We assume no responsibility whatsoever for any damages resulting from the use of this service.

"eStand" more // Noth/South Wing, Transit Area // Click here for details.

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Osaka - Hotels


Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport

1, Senshu-kuko Kita, Izumisano-shi, Osaka, 549-0001, Japan

Tel.0724-55-1111 Fax.0724-55-1155

Japan's first 24-hour gateway. Kansai International Airport has taken its place among the world s major air hubs.

Located within the airport's Aeroplaza a short walk from both passenger terminal and train station, the Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport combines superb convenience with world-class facilities and the famed hospitality of Nikko Hotels International.

With its seafront setting and harmonious design, this is a hotel with the ambience of a resort-yet with direct access to Osaka and the entire Kansai region.

The Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport represents an entirely new concept in airport hotels, and a fitting welcome to Japan's newest international gateway.



1 Rinkuorai-kita,Izumisano-City, OSAKA 598-8511,Japan

Tel.+81(72)460-1111 Fax.+81(72)460-1177

Our guests receive free bus transit between Kansai International Airport and ANA Gate Tower Hotel Osaka. In order to take the Rinku Shuttle Bus, please go out of the International Arrival Lobby Exit A on the first floor of Kansai International Airport, turn right, and go to bus stop N8. The Rinku Shuttle Bus is a bi-colored bus in blue and white with a yellow "Pacific City" logo. In order to get to ANA Gate Tower Hotel Osaka, get off at the "Gate Tower Building." There may be some changes to the bus schedule due to traffic. You may board the bus in order of passenger arrival. When all seats are occupied or the luggage compartment is full, you may not be able to board the bus.

Ramada Kansai International Airport

3 3 34 Ichibanishi


Osaka, 598 0006 JP

Phone: 81-72-4691112

Fax: 81-72-4695660

E-Mail: info@ ramada-kix.co.jp

Hotel Features

- Airport Shuttle

- Free High Speed Internet

- Meeting/Banquet Facilities

- Restaurant

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Osaka - News Update

Jun 11. 2006

Second runway to be opened for use on August 2, 2007

At the second session of the Kansai International Airport Promotional Ruling Committee, held at

the Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport—located next to the airport—on June 11th, 2006, Kazuo Kitagawa,

Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport announced that the airport’ second runway will be

opened for use as of August 2nd, 2007.

The runway was first scheduled for opening in October 2007, but local business pushed for an earlier

date due to the fact that the IAAF World Championships in Athletics will be held in Osaka in August

2007, followed by the World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention in September in Kobe.

The runway pavement process having been completed, the taxiway is now in the process of being

paved. Once the airport facility construction aspect of the second phase is successfully implemented this

year, we will follow the necessary procedures in order to meet the August date.

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Chance of Precip.: 0 %
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