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Gothenburg - Driving Directions

Göteborg-Landvetter Airport is situated close to the 40 trunk road between Gothenburg (25 km) and Boras (40 km). The nearest village is Härryda.

When driving from Oslo, Malmö, Karlstad or Stockholm follow the airport signs when approaching Gothenburg. A motorway connects Gothenburg with the airport

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Gothenburg - Public Transport

Airport Bus

During peak hours, buses depart every 15 minutes.

More information available at Flygbussarnas homepage ( /).

Local buses

Local bus network to and from Gothenburg-Landvetter's airport is available. This service is run by Västtrafik (" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"> /).

615 Landvetter Flygplats - Härryda kyrka - Landvetter C

615 Landvetter C - Härryda kyrka - Landvetter Flygplats

616 Landvetter flygplats - Hällingsjö - Rävlanda

616 Landvetter flygplats - Landvetter C

For more information contact Tidpunkten Västtrafik (" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"> /).

Tel 0771 - 41 43 00


Taxi and Limousine

Among the taxi companies that traffic the airport, the following five have an agreement with Göteborg-Landvetter airport:

Lerums taxi, +46 302-146 00

Taxi 020, 020-93 93 00 (number only available within Sweden)

Taxi Göteborg, +46 31-650 000

Taxi Kurir, +46 31-27 27 27

Taxigruppen, +46 31-441 441

Other companies are:

Flygtaxi, +46 31- 710 30 00

VIP taxi, +46 31- 27 16 11

Limousine service:

Scandinavian Limousine, +46 31-7942424

The taxi companies often have a fixed rate to Göteborg city and other destinations from the airport. Always ask for the price before the journey.

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Gothenburg - Car Parking

Parking at Göteborg-Landvetter Airport

Area // Per hour // Per 24 hours

P-house (P3) // 30:- // 200:-

Domestic (P1) // 20:- // 100:-

Domestic (P2) // 20:- // 140:-

International (P4) // 20:- // 140:-

Low price (P5, P6, P7) // 10:- // 80:-/24 h the first 4 days, after that 20:-/24 h.

Visitors (S) // 30:- // -

Purple areas, just outside the Terminal, 30 min, 10:-/10 min

Rented parkings (E/F/G)

Staff parking (A/J/L)

There are three ways to pay:

:: With credit card at the entrance and on your way out.

:: Take a parking ticket at the entrance, and pay with credit card on your way out.

:: Take a parking ticket at the entrance, and pay with cash (bills or coins) in the terminal hall.

Good to know about parking at the airport:

:: If you want to pay with cash, you do this in the terminal building before you go to your car.

:: A manual cash desk is located at the Information counter, and it is open every hour, every day.

:: The creditcards we accept are: Preem, Shell, Statoil, Hydro, Q8, Volvo, Visa, Mastercard, Eurocard, OK, American Express and Diners Club.

Other Information

:: There are a total of 7 315 parking spaces at Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport. All the parking areas are monitored with cameras and guards. For directions please follow the signs on look on the airport map.

:: Those in possession of a handicap parking permit pay long stay parking charges at the paring areas P1, P2, P3 and P4.Please present the permit to the manned cash desks when paying.

:: Phone numbers: Parkingservice switchboard: +46 31-94 10 33 (open 06.00-00.00), for information other times of the day, call +46 708-794 49 90.

Do not forget to empty your vehicle of valuables before leaving on your trip

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Gothenburg - Intra Terminal Transfer

Car parks are in walking distance to terminal.

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Gothenburg - Car Hire

Car rental companies

The following car rental companies operates at the airport.

Avis +46 31-94 60 30

Europcar +46 31-94 71 00

Hertz +46 31-94 60 20

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Gothenburg - Info And Helpdesks

Luftfartsverkert Information Desk (tel: (0)31 941 100) is located in the International Terminal. Information on scheduled and charter flights, parking, tourist information, lost property, left luggage, assistance for the disabled and fax facilities is available here.

Lost and found at the airport

Information desk in the International hall

Telephone +46 31-94 11 00. Open between 9.00 am to 8.00 pm

Tourist information

Luftfartsverkets Information can help you with Tourist information. Telephone +46 31 94 11 00

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Gothenburg - Airport Facilities


Svenska Handelsbanken - Full banking service.

Located in the international departure hall.

Telephone +46 31-93 43 30

Fax +46 31-93 43 42

Opening hours: Monday-Wednesday and Friday 09.00-16.00, Thursday 09.00-17.00

Forex Telephone +46 31-94 65 41

Global Refund +46 31-94 18 68

Cash dispenser

There are two cash dispensers at the airport. These are located in the international arrivals hall beside Svenska Handelsbanken and in the middle of the domestic departure hall. The "Bankomat" cash dispenser accepts Sparbankskort blue card. If you require a "Minuten" cash dispenser, the nearest machine is in Landvetter Centre located approx 9 km from the airport.

VAT repayments

Artcles where repayment of VAT is sought must be shown at the Information counter before checking in. VAT repayments are only paid for goods which are taken outside the EU countries and for residents outside the EU.


Eating & Drinking: There are restaurants, cafes and bars in the transit hall and the International and Domestic halls.

Shopping: There are many shops selling a wide variety of goods in the airport terminal. Duty Free shopping is available in the International hall.


Baggage and Left Luggage

Baggage trolleys are available free of charge and are located outside the terminal building.

Safety deposit boxes are situated in check-in hall. You can store items there for as long as 30 days.

Safe-deposit boxes

Comes in thrre different sizes.


Small: H 60 W 25 D 75

Medium: H 60 W 45 D 90

Large: H:1,25 W 45 D 90


Small 20 SEK/24 h

Medium 30 SEK/24 h

Large 50 SEK/24 h

Maximum days of storage is 30 days.

Children's playgrounds

There are playgrounds on the outside as well as on the inside of the terminal at Göteborg-Landvetter Airport. In the domestic hall there are playgrounds at gate 12 and outside the entrance. In the transit hall there are playgrounds at gate 17 and19.

Service for disabled

Ask your airline for more information.


Support and crisis group Telephone +46 31-94 14 35


You can for a fee keep envelopes in the Information that you or someone else can pick up later. For example, you can keep parking tickets, messagesn, keys etc. Contact the Information for more information, Tel. +46 31-94 11 00.


The Police headquarters at Göteborg-Landvetter Airport.

Telephone +46 31-94 13 54


At Göteborg-Landvetter Airport we have a priest, helping with weddings an other services. If you have questions concerning weddings, call Floorwalker +46 31-94 14 48 06.00-21.00 daily.

Quiet room

A quiet room for those seeking a few minutes meditation, prayer or tranquillity is located beside the information counter.

Nursing room

Can be found in the international hall, the domestic hall and the transit hall.

Teleservices Inform@fon

You can call, send faxes, send and receive e-mail and send GSM-messages. There is also a Text telephone.

Pay telephones are located in the international hall, the domestic hall and the transit hall. Swedish telephone cards or credit cards are accepted. There is access to a fax machine in Luftfartsverkets Information desk in the international hall.

Customs at Göteborg-Landvetter Airport. Telephone +46 771-520 520

At their website you'll find more information about the customs regulations in Sweden (for example, spirits and tobacco).


VIP service, guided tours and weddings.

Call Floorwalker phone +46 31 - 94 14 48, 06.00-21.00 daily.

Guided tours

Please contact Luftfartsverkets Information for more information about guided tours of the airport.

Telephone +46 31-94 11 48 (Floorwalker answers 0600-2100 daily)

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Gothenburg - Conference Facilities

The Landvetter Hotel (tel:(0)31 977 550) near the airport provides ample business facilities and equipment to suit your needs. Conference and meeting rooms, video, fax, photocopy, etc is available. Fax and email facilities are also available at the Information Desk.

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Gothenburg - Handicapped Facilities

Information for passengers with special needs

Nearly 10% of all those who travel from Luftfartsverkets airports are in need of some sort of extra assistance. This is nearly 2.7 million travellers. Extra assistance can cover everything from accessing the aircraft to baggage collection. Some passengers require privacy to take their medicines whilst others need to sit quietly and undisturbed before their journey.

Good to know

:: It is important to think about your special needs and inform the airline when booking the ticket. This is extremely important when a number of people requiring help travel in the same party, for example, a sports team. In this way the staff at the airport can offer the best possible assistance.

:: Parking: For those in possession of a disabled parking permit, parking is permitted in all parking areas including the P-house and the holder will pay the cheapest parking rate charged at the airport regardless of where they park. More information on parking at the airport.

:: Toilets: There are a number of toilets for passengers with special needs located at the airport. There is one in the arrival terminal, two toilets in the departure lounge and three in the security control area.

:: Lifts: There are two lifts in the departure lounge giving access to the security control area and one in the arrivals terminal.

:: Information desk: Luftfartsverket has an information desk which is open 24 hours a day. The personnel will be able to give information on finding your way around the airport and to assist in making enquiries regarding pre-booked transport services.

:: Sick room: The airport is equipped with a number of rooms which are available if required.

:: Cash dispenser: Located in both arrivals and departure terminals.

:: Telephone booths: Available in both the arrivals and departure terminals as well as the security control area.

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Gothenburg - Wireless Lan

iPass provide WiFi internet access through airport.

Telia HomeRun provide WiFi internet access in SAS Lounges.

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Gothenburg - Hotels

Landvetter Airport Hotel

Telephone +46 31-97 75 50, Fax +46 31- 94 64 70." rel="nofollow" target="_blank">" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"> /

- Shuttle buss to airport terminals

Located just 200 metres from the terminal building at Gothenburg Landvetter Airport. Landvetter Airport Hotel is a comfortable full-service hotel, with classic Scandinavian-style interiors featuring Swedish furnishings and fabrics.

We offer a pleasant setting for conferences, and our a la carte restaurant welcomes residents and non-residents alike.

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Gothenburg - News Update

More passengers fewer aircraft

The number of travellers to and from Göteborg-Landvetter Airport is increasing. With direct services to 40 different destinations, many of which are provided by low cost carriers, so far this year almost 4 million have travelled to and from west Sweden’s international airport.

Low cost air travel allows those living in west Sweden the opportunity to travel to overseas destinations in a totally different way than was available only a few years ago. And this also means that Gothenburg and west Sweden is a more attractive destination for visitors. The number of international flights increased in November by 5% compared with the same month last year.

- Good flight connections are a prerequisite if tourism is to increase in this region. We have a very wide selection of good value international direct route services and development at the Airport has been stable throughout the year. The latest airline to join us at Göteborg-Landvetter Airport is Air Baltic, providing services to Riga, says Lena Stävmo, Business Developer, Airport Marketing, at Göteborg-Landvetter Airport.

The trend in the aviation industry is for a reduction in the number of movements, that is to say, landings and take-offs. So far this year, movements have neither increased nor decreased when compared with the same period for 2005, however in November the number dropped 2% compared with November 2005.

- This is due to the size of the aircraft operating at the Airport, they are now larger and the cabin factor is up. This is a positive environmental development, says Lena Stävmo.

For more information please contact Annika Coltén, Head of Public Relations, Göteborg-Landvetter Airport, +46 708-94 10 07.

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