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Warsaw - Driving Directions

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All roads lead to Chopin Airport...

from the south of Poland (Katowice, Kraków, Wrocław):

by Aleja Krakowska, then by 17 Stycznia and Żwirki i Wigury streets.

from the west of Poland (Poznań, Słubice):

by Połczyńska, Wolska, Marcina Kasprzaka, Aleja Prymasa Tysiąclecia,

Bitwy Warszawskiej 1920 r., Stefana Banacha and Żwirki i Wigury streets.

from the north of Poland (Gdańsk):

by Wybrzeże Gdyńskie (Wisłostrada), Aleja Armii Ludowej, Wawelska (Trasa Łazienkowska)

and Żwirki i Wigury streets.

from the north-east of Poland (Białystok, Suwałki):

by Radzymińska, Aleja Solidarności, Towarowa, Raszyńska and Żwirki i Wigury streets.

from the east of Poland (Siedlce, Terespol):

by Płowiecka, Ostrobramska, Aleja Stanów Zjednoczonych, Aleja Armii Ludowej,

Wawelska (Trasa Łazienkowska) and Żwirki i Wigury streets.

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Warsaw - Public Transport

MZA city buses:

Three bus lines ensure round-the-clock service...

Municipal bus service (MZA) (175, 188 lines) operate seven days a week from early morning until late evening hours between the airport and Warsaw center and the right river bank part of the city.

175 line operates 4:58am - 10:40pm Mon-Fri, 5:01am - 10:35pm Sat & Sun

188 line operates 4:50am - 11:20pm Mon-Fri, 4:44am - 11:20pm Sat & Sun

Night service (line 611) operates 11:39pm - 04:39am between the airport and Warszawa Centralna railway station.

The bus stop for buses arriving from the city is located on the Departures Hall level, whereas the bus stop for buses departing to the city is located on the Arrivals Hall level.

The bus tickets may be bought at the press stands in Terminal 1 and Etiuda and from bus drivers (at additional charge).

Ticket // Price

one way standard // PLN 2,40

one way reduced (by 50%) // PLN 1,20

one way reduced (by 48%) // PLN 1,25

one way standard night // PLN 4,80

one way night reduced (by 50%) // PLN 2,40

one way night reduced (by 48%) // PLN 2,50

For the city bus timetable visit www.ztm.waw.pl.


"Polski Express" coaches:

Convenient connections with 30 towns in Poland...

"Polski Express" coaches run directly and regularly between Warsaw and the biggest Polish towns. The bus stop is located on the Arrivals Hall level of the passenger terminal of Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport.

For more information about "Polski Express" services, call +48 (22) 844 55 55

or visit: www.polskiexpress.pl.



The quickest means of transport...

Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport recommends the services of three taxi companies, namely:

Merc Taxi, phone: +48 (22) 677 77 77

MPT Radio Taxi, phone: +48 (22) 9191

Sawa Taxi, phone: +48 (22) 644 44 44

Mindful of your safety, we advise you against using unlicensed taxi carriers which offer their services in the Arrivals Hall of Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport.


Hotel shuttle bus service:

From the hotel directly to the airport...

Some Warsaw hotels (such as the Bristol, Jan III Sobieski and Marriott) provide transport for their guests by hotel shuttle buses to and from Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport.

For more information, contact your hotel:

Bristol: phone: +48 (22) 551 18 64

Jan III Sobieski: phone: + 48 (22) 579 10 22/23

Marriott: phone: + 48 (22) 630 63 06

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Warsaw - Car Parking

Car parks:

Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport offers travellers car parking spaces in three car parks located near the passenger terminal. Two of the car parks i.e. the multi-storey short-stay car park and the outdoor short-stay car park are designed for accompanying persons or meeters and greeters, whereas the outdoor long-stay guarded car park is designed for travellers who choose to leave their vehicles while on their travels.

P-1 multi-storey short-stay car park:

P-1 car park is located in front of the passenger terminal under the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel. It has 6 levels and 1200 car parking spaces. A spacious lift for carrying persons and baggage provides easy access to all of the car park levels.

Entrances to the car park are located on 0 level opposite the passenger terminal or on the Departures Hall level (temporarily closed due to renovation).

Exits are located on levels 0 and 5 (Exit on level 5 is temporarily closed due to renovation).

Access to P-1 car park:

from Żwirki i Wigury street: before the fly-over access road leading to the Departures Hall level, turn left and follow the road signs.

from the Departures Hall of Terminal 1: turn left and go down the fly-over exit road; on leaving the fly-over exit road, turn immediately to left to find the car park entrance.

from the fly-over access road leading to the Departures Hall level: drive in the left lane up onto the fly-over access road and turn left to the car park entrance.

P-2 outdoor short-stay car park

450 car parking spaces...

Located between P-1 multi-level short term car park and Etiuda Terminal P-2 with 450 parking spaces.

There are two entries to P-2 (see the map).

Access to P-2 car park:

from Żwirki i Wigury street, on the Departures Hall level: drive on the fly-over access road, past the Departures Hall facility, and down the fly-over exit road. The entrance to the car park is located just after the bend in the road, on the left hand side.

from Żwirki i Wigury, on the Arrivals Hall level: drive down from the Arrivals Hall level, leaving the fly-over road on your right, past the Arrivals Hall facility and turn left at the first junction. The entrance to the car park is located about 30 meters after the bend, on your right.

P-3 outdoor long-stay (guarded) car park

600 car parking spaces...

P-3, located by P-2 short term car park, accommodates 600 cars left for a long time.

There is one entry to P-3 (see the map).

Access to P-3 car park:

from Żwirki i Wigury street: do not take the fly-over access road leading to the Departures Hall level, but turn left, past the junction, and turn left again. The entrance to the car park is located about 30 meters after the bend, on your right.

from the Departures Hall of Terminal 1: turn left and drive down on the fly-over exit road. The entrance to the car park is located about 100 meters down the road, on your right.

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Warsaw - Car Hire

Car rental companies: The offices of car rental companies are located in the public waiting area of the Arrivals Hall.

Car rental companies

Company // Telephone // WWW

AVIS // +48 (22) 650 48 69 // www.avis.pl

BUDGET // +48 (22) 650 40 62 // www.budget.pl

EUROPCAR // +48 (22) 650 25 64 // www.europcar.pl

HERTZ // +48 (22) 650 28 96 // www.hertz.pl

NATIONAL // +48 (22) 606 92 02 // -

PAYLESS // +48 (22) 650 14 84 // -

SIXT // +48 (22) 650 20 31 // www.sixt.pl

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Warsaw - Info And Helpdesks

Airport Information Desk: +48 (22) 650 42 20

The LOT Polish Airlines and Customs Information Point can be located in the Departures hall under the flight information board, as well as at the Polish Airlines Flight Information stand. Tourist information is also available in the arrivals hall, from which passengers can get airport and flight information. Tourist and hotel information can also be obtained by dailling tel: (+48 22) 650 4423 or 650 4426.

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Warsaw - Airport Facilities


A variety of services for the convenience of passengers using Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport are available at Terminal 1. Before departure, you may receive some information, pay bills, take out an insurance policy or have a meal in one of several catering establishments.

Information point: The information point is located in the central part of the Departures Hall. Staff from the airport, Customs Service and ground service companies provide information and help passengers from 06.00 to 22.00 daily. FIDS - the Flight Information Data System and the screens located all over the airport ensure ongoing access to information about currently served flights.

Tourist offices: The services of several tourist offices situated in the passenger terminal include selling air tours, booking hotels and selling train and coach tickets.

Car Wash: Hand car wash is located in multi-storey car park P-1, level 1. Open:

Monday - Friday: 08.00 - 18.00, Saturday: 08.00 - 14.00

phone: +48 (22) 650 28 99

Post office: The post office is located in the Departures Hall. It is open from 08.00 to 20.00 on weekdays and from 08.00 to 14.00. on Saturdays.

Bank: A branch of BPH S.A. is located on the Departures level. The bank is open from 08.00 to 18.00 on weekdays and from 08.00 to 13.00 on Saturdays. In Terminal 1 there are also nine currency exchange bureaus and six cash points.

Catering: Terminal 1 provides the following catering facilities: 2 restaurants operated by LOUIS waiter's service and coffee bars serving coffee, tea, drinks and snacks (Café Voyage - Departures Hall, Nescafe - Transit Zone, Coffeheaven - Transit Zone, Jowisz - Arrivals Hall). In Etiuda Terminal there are vending machines (automats) serving snacks and drinks.

Newspapers: Newspaper kiosks selling Polish and foreign newspapers and magazines are located in the public waiting areas in Terminal 1.

Observation deck: All aviation enthusiasts and visitors to Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport have access to the payable observation deck from which they may observe take-offs and landings of aircrafts, aircraft movements on the apron and aircraft ground servicing. All visitors are subject to a meticulous security check prior to admission to the observation deck.

Ticket price: standard PLN 4,00, reduced PLN 2,00 // Opening hours: 6.30 until 20.30

Childcare room: In Terminal 1 there are childcare rooms with adequate facilities. Childcare rooms are free of charge. To use a childcare room, please contact PPL's Shift Manager whose office is located in the Departures Hall. Phone: +48 (22) 650 35 25

Retail: In the public waiting area of the airport there are retail shops selling food, alcohol, souvenirs, cosmetics, toys and jewellery. Passengers with boarding cards may shop in the duty free zone.

First aid point: Should first aid be necessary, please ask airport personnel to advise the medical services on duty. The telephone number of the airport medical point: +48 (22) 650 24 44.

Baggage trollies: Baggage trollies are available for passengers free of charge from in front of the Departures Hall or in the Baggage Reclaim Hall.

Chapel: The Chapel is situated in the transit area (behind the passport control desks) and is open to travellers during airport opening hours. Holy Massis read on Sundays at 09.30, 10.45 and 11.30. Phone: +48 (22) 650 43 94, Fax: +48 (22) 650 43 95. You can also visit Kapelania (Chaplaincy) web site.

VAT refund office: VAT refund office is situated in the Departure Hall, in the transit area (behind passport control). Foreign tourists - non-EU citizens - may claim VAT refund if they take the products they have bought in Poland abroad. Refund is payable upon submission of Global Refund Cheque, certified by a customs officer, which the passenger receives in a shop offering tax free shopping service. The office is open every day, between 6 am and 10 pm. Find out more at: www.globalrefund.pl.

Tourist information office: The tourist information office is located in the Arrivals Hall. It is open from 08.00 to 20.00 daily. Tourist information is also provided by phone. The number is 9341. Please visit Stołeczne Biuro Informacji i Promocji Turystycznej (Municipal Bureau of Tourist Information and Promotion) web site.

Insurance: At the airport, travellers may take out a comprehensive insurance policy against the risks of air travel including accidents, costs of medical treatment, assistance during travel, loss of baggage, cancellation or interruption of air travel. The insurance desk is located in the Departures Hall.

Left luggage: The left luggage office is located in the Arrivals hall, providing a round-the-clock service.

Executive Lounges:

Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport offers pre-flight facilities to passengers who appreciate comfort, silence and relaxation in Executive Lounges. These exclusive waiting rooms are located in the transit area of Terminal 1 and are open free of charge to business class passengers on international flights and to economy class passengers against payment (80 PLN + VAT) and to personnel of companies which have concluded a relevant contract with 'Polish Airports' State Enterprise (PPL).

The Executive Lounges invite you to an open bar serving a wide range of alcoholic drinks, hot and cold drinks and snacks. Passengers waiting for their flights may use computers with Internet access, watch satellite TV, look at the visual information system with the current flights timetable and read various Polish and foreign newspapers and magazines.

The "Fantasia" Executive Lounge is open 24 hours a day, whereas the "Preludium" Executive Lounge welcomes passengers from early in the morning until late at night.

For detailed information regarding regulations and price schedules applying to Executive Lounges, please contact the Shift Managers at Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport, phone no: +48 (22) 650 35 25, or enquire with the reception staff of a given Lounge:

"Fantasia" - phone: +48 (22) 650 27 65

"Preludium" - phone: + 48 (22) 650 27 68

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Warsaw - Conference Facilities

The airport features three executive lounges in the departures terminal. The airport is also equipped with conference rooms containing audio-visual equipment which is available to rent.

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Warsaw - Handicapped Facilities

Information for Passengers with special needs

Warsaw F. Chopin Airport aims to provide comfort in terms of safety and well-being of all its passengers. The airport designers have worked hard to ensure a range of facilities particularly for those with special needs. They designed the area around the airport and all the access roads in a manner enabling safe and easy access to the airport's infrastructure.

Warsaw F. Chopin Airport Infrastructure:

Passenger Terminals (Terminal 1, Domestic Terminal, Etiuda Terminal, VIP Aviation) have common passenger flows serving all the passengers and thanks to the barrier-free design they ensure easy and convenient mobility for passengers with special needs (passengers in wheelchairs).

Access to the airport. The bus stops No 175, 188, 611 for the arriving and departing passengers are located at the Arrival Hall level of Terminal 1. Passengers can reach the Departure Hall from the Arrival Hall via lift. more »

Parking spaces for disabled are located at P2 multi-level car-park near a cargo-passenger lift and marked with special plates (parking spaces no 2, 4, 6). Parking is charged. more »

For getting in and out of the car and loading and unloading baggage, disabled persons may park free of charge at the specially marked parking bays placed along the access roads to the terminal, both on the departure and arrival levels.

Lift is placed in the central point of Terminal 1. It reaches all the levels within the terminal complex. This spatial slow-running lift suits the needs of all passengers.

Visual information systems are designed for people with impaired hearing and the information acoustic system has been installed within the whole terminal area in order to provide more efficient delivery of information on operational situations i.e. calling.

Medical care - there are special facilities for persons in need of pre-medical care at the Departure level.

Airport clinic - in Terminal 1 provides the assistance for all airport users. Assistance is provided by the experienced medical staff equipped with essential resuscitation kits for life saving and emergency situations. The airport has its own ambulance.

Toilet facilities are located within the whole area of the airport.

Warsaw Airport Head Duty Officers desk is located in the Departure Hall Terminal 1 and Etiuda Terminal. The Airport staff offers help for every Airport user.


Before flight a passenger (WHILE PURCHASING THE TICKET) should advise an air carrier to what extent he needs assistance

Ground Handling Services (LGS,WAS), air carriers and F. Chopin Warsaw Airport staff - represent an experienced, well-trained and helpful staff. They have adequate competence and equipment to guide safely the passengers through the terminals, aprons and on-board.

Special security checks cabins for persons in wheelchairs are placed in the departure waiting rooms.

An airline representative should advise a disabled passenger about the special security check. He should provide this information when selling the ticket or at the check-in at the latest.

Security check of disabled persons is conducted by a specially trained staff ensuring professional and authorized performance.

Passengers traveling in wheelchairs, crunches, stretchers and other equipment of this type shall undergo security check which entails placing a disabled passenger into another wheelchair or stretches provided by an air-carrier.

Passengers traveling with a caregiver may seek help of such an attendant when their hand baggage is security checked, they have to be personally present, however, in order to provide necessary information on the content of their baggage.

Persons who are not departing but only seeing off the passengers with special needs cannot assist them at the security check. The passengers must be prepared for an individual check before the flight. If there is a need of assistance, a passenger may ask for a medical staff representative (doctor).

Every passenger may ask for a security check in a specially designated isolated place. The security check lasts longer so these passengers must arrive at the security checks as early as possible.

Passengers are not permitted to carry the following articles into the security restricted area of the airport and the cabin of an aircraft:

o firearms and guns of all types, replica and imitations of firearms

o objects with pointed blades or cutters

o blunt instruments - any blunt instrument capable of causing an injury, including martial arts equipment

o explosives, highly inflammable substances

o dangerous chemical and toxic substances of all types.


Information on the forbidden articles and substances (lists and pictures) are visibly placed at Warsaw F. Chopin Airport. The list of articles and substances forbidden by air are also specified on the ticket cover. The complete list of articles and substances forbidden is covered by the Statement of the President of the Civil Aviation Office of January 20, 2005 on the list of forbidden articles not to be taken into the security restricted area, the cabin of an aircraft or as registered baggage.

Passengers are welcomed to benefit from the advice of the aviation personnel on the flight requirements.

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Warsaw - Wireless Lan

No WiFi.

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Warsaw - Hotels

"Falcon" Hotel Service

The "Falcon" Hotel Service is located in the transit area of the airport. It is designed to serve passengers in transit through Warsaw. It has 8 rooms.

Phone: +48 (22) 650 48 91

Fax: +48 (22) 650 48 92

Courtyard by Marriott

Warsaw International Airport Hotel

ul. Żwirki i Wigury 1

phone: +48 (22) 650 01 00

www: www.courtyard.com/WAWCY

Warsaw, one of eastern Europe's most vibrant capitals, is now home to Poland's first Courtyard by Marriott hotel, located at its F. Chopin International Airport, a gateway airport for business and leisure travelers to further destinations in Poland and Europe and a mere 15 minute taxi ride to downtown (7 km). Visitors to Warsaw will find a unique blend of Poland's past and future - the delightfully landscaped royal gardens and baroque palace in Lazienki park with its summertime outdoor concerts offer a glimpse of more genteel times while the massive Palace of Culture will remind of Poland's most recent past. The Old Town with its castle, narrow streets and renaissance main square, lovingly recreated on the ashes of the second World War, will charm and inspire all visitors. Welcome to Warsaw!


Warsaw - WAW

48 (22) 650 4100 Hotel Direction: .1 km N Driving Directions: Hotel is located opposite the terminal & walking distance from the departure level (across the street).

Radisson SAS Centrum Hotel

Grzybowska 24 Street

phone: +48 (22) 321 88 88

www: www.radissonsas.com

The Radisson SAS Centrum Hotel is located in the heart of Warsaw just a 20-minute drive from the airport.

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Warsaw - News Update

Arrivals at Terminal 2 run full steam ahead!

12.05.2006, 12:08

On Friday, December 1st , first passengers crossed the threshold of Terminal 2 Arrival Hall. The first flight handled in the new terminal was LO 172 from Larnaca operated by LOT Polish Airlines.

That day passengers arriving on two other flights, from Riga and Vilnius, were also received at the new terminal. On Saturday and Sunday there was a planned technological stoppage allowed for corrections and adjustments to ensure undisrupted operations in the future.

From yesterday, December 4th, Arrival Hall has operated at full steam. Now the passengers arriving on all international flights reclaim baggage and are customs cleared in the new terminal.

We hope that you will like our new terminal.

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