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Oslo - Driving Directions

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Follow the signs marked "Gardermoen" on Highway E6 until the exit to Highway 174. Then follow the signs marked "Terminal" all the way to the terminal building.

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Oslo - Public Transport


Airport Express Train (Flytoget)

For more information and train schedules, phone +47 815 00 777.

The Airport Express Train offer Ticketless Travel using SAS Travel Pass Corporate (TPC), SAS Corporate Card, Braathens e-pass, Eurocard/MasterCard, American Express, Diners and Visa. Remember to swipe your card in the card reader at the station before boarding. This way we can register the station you departed from. At the airport just swipe your card through the card reader again, and your card will be charged with the correct fare. Our card readers are located close to our ticket vending machines at all stations.

Tickets for the Airport Express Train can be purchased together with air tickets at your travel agency. Tickets are also available at all Airport Express Train stations, at ticket counters as well as card and cash ticket vending machines. There is no seat booking on the Airport Express Train.

NSB Regional and Local trains

All Regional trains on the stretch Skien - Oslo - Lillehammer - Trondheim run via Oslo Airport. So does NSB Local trains on the stretch Kongsberg - Eidsvoll also. Train schedules are available at NSB Customer Phone +47 815 00 888, at the above link or your local railway station.

Parking at Airport Express Train Stations

A taxi, private car or bus will take you right to the Airport Express Train terminal at Oslo Central Station. There is a parking garage for 650 cars situated right outside the terminal. Oslo Central Station has a direct link from the Jernbanetorget subway station. Except for the Nationaltheatret subway station, you can park your car at all railway stations where the Airport Express Train stops.



Stor-Oslo Lokaltrafikk (SL)

The "SL" buses have a good network of routes, cross connections and correspondence. Fare prices are the same as for the SAS Airport Bus. For route information, phone no. +47 815 00 176 or follow the link to Trafikanten (unfortunately only in norwegian, but with english short help under "Hjelp").

SAS Airport Bus

The Airport Bus runs between downtown Oslo and Oslo Airport every 20 minutes daily. First bus from Oslo Bus Terminal departures at 04.05 am. The trip takes about 35-40 minutes one way. The bus stops the following places:

Radisson Scandinavia Hotel (Holbergsgt.) Prof. Aschehougs plass (Grensen) Jernbanetorget T (opposite of Hotel Royal Christiania) Oslo Bus Terminal Helsfyr T (subway station) Teisen Ulven Trosterud Furuset Oslo Airport

Last bus from Oslo Bus Terminal departs at 9.50 pm sunday to Friday and 09.40 pm on Saturday. Last scheduled departure runs from Oslo Airport to downtown 1.00 am.


SAS Airport Bus runs to Oslo Bus Terminal co-ordinated with all arrivals during the night. Departures from downtown Oslo to the airport leaves Oslo Bus Terminal 2 hours before each flight. (From 14 May 2004 the Airport Bus will leave downtown Oslo 3 hours before flight departure).

Prices and routeinformation: See SAS Flybussen, or phone +47 815 00 176.


Flybussekspressen has 120 different stops in and around the Oslo area. We have routes from Bekkestua, Fredrikstad, Majorstuen, Gjovik og Ski to Oslo Airport.

Telephone: 177 (when calling from Oslo / Akershus / Ostfold)

Telephone: + 47 820 21 300 (NOK 10, 96 per. min)

Telefax: (+47) 64 81 03 93

E-mail: ruteinformasjon@ flybussekspressen.no

Text message: FBE (from location) (to location) (date) (departure time) send to 2177

Date and departure time is optional. NOK 3 for every received message.

For information about timetables, discounts and prices go to www.flybussekspressen.no


Nettbuss has departures to / from Kongsvinger and Arnes to Oslo Airport. Up-to-date route information is available at Nettbuss' website.



Taxis provide easy and expedient transportation right to the terminal entrance, which is designed for efficient transfer to and from taxis. A common assembly depot for taxis and IT-based conveyance system to the taxi stand ensure efficient co-ordination between depot capacity and passenger demand.

The taxi rank is located right outside the arrivals hall.

Besides regular taxis, there is also maxi-taxis and weelchair taxis available upon request.

Airport Taxi - the most convenient mode of transport between Oslo and Gardermoen airport. Fixed prices. On arrival, please contact the taxi-information desk in the arrival hall, they will call an Airport Taxi for you. On departure, call Oslo Taxi, +47 23 23 23 23, or locate an Airport Taxi at one of the Taxi ranks.

Norgestaxi offer fixed, favourable prices to / from Oslo Airport, Bergen Airport, Trondheim Airport and Stavanger Airport. Call for booking tel +47 08000 or contact the taxi-information desk in the arrival hall.

If you have special wishes or need more information, phone +47 64 81 07 10 or contact the taxi-information desk in the arrival hall at Oslo Airport.

Taxi2 offers fixed, discounted prices to / from Oslo Airport Gardermoen. When contacting the taxi-information desk, the fixed price to any location within Oslo is NOK 395 all day, all week.

Taxi2 accepts Euro, and converted prices are shown in all cars.

Please call +47 02202 for booking or information.

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Oslo - Car Parking


Oslo Airport has 3.500 parking spaces in a multi-storey car park located next to the Terminal. Consequently it is not necessary to make a prior reservation. The car park is recommended for frequent travellers. The ceiling will allow vehicles up to 2.30 metres in height. From the multi-storey car park next to the Terminal, it is only a short walking distance to the Terminal, and you are protected from wind and weather the whole time.

Travellers with motor vehicles up to 2.90 metres in height who wish to park near the terminal can use the outdoor parking grounds next to the multi-storey car park (P0).

In addition to the multi-storey car park there are 7.900 long-term, outdoor parking spaces on ground level, divided into 5 areas: P1, P2, P3, P4 and P5, the last-mentioned situated farthest from the terminal. P4 and P5 are normally only in use when P1-P3 are occupied. There's free shuttle bus service to and from the terminal every 15 minutes.

Electronic signs guide you to vacant parking spaces. You can pay direct with a credit card when entering and exiting, or you can take a ticket upon entering and use the pay terminal before picking up your car. All parking facilities are open 24 hours a day.

Rental cars should be parked at the field Q in the multi-storey car park located next to the terminal. Follow signs «Return rental car». You can access field Q by driving into the short-term parking entrance at departures or arrivals level.

Meeters and greeters may use the short-time parking facilities located both at the departures and the arrivals level. Maximum allowed parking time is four hours.

For information about parking, reservations, prices, etc. contact EuroPark:

Tel: +47 64 81 19 80

Fax: +47 64 81 19 90

E-mail: gardermoen@ europark.no

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Oslo - Intra Terminal Transfer

There is free shutle service operating between car parks (P1, P2, P3, P4 and P5) and airport terminal.

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Oslo - Car Hire

Car rental

The following car rental companies operates at Oslo Airport. The companies are all located in the arrival hall, on the west side towards the railway station.

Opening hours vary from company to company, but most of them are open between 07.00–23.30 monday to friday, 08.30–19.00 saturday and 09.00–23.30 sunday.

Car rental return

Hired cars should be parked at the field Q in the multi-storey car park located next to the terminal. Follow signs «Rental car return». Key drop-off must be made at the car rental counters in the arrival hall.


At Oslo Airport:

Tel: +47 64 81 05 50, Fax: +47 64 81 05 40

Main office:

P.O. Box 111, NO-1332 Osteras

Tel: +47 67 16 80 80, Fax: +47 67 16 80 90

Avis Bilutleie

At Oslo Airport:

Tel: +47 64 81 06 60, Fax: +47 64 81 06 66

Main office:

P.O. Box 154, NO-1376 Billingstad

Tel: +47 66 77 11 00, Fax: +47 66 77 11 30


At Oslo Airport:

Tel: +47 64 81 05 60, Fax: +47 64 81 05 61

Main office:

P.O. Box 111, NO-1332 Osteras

Tel: +47 67 16 80 80, Fax: +47 67 16 80 90

Budget / SIXT

At Oslo Airport:

Tel: +47 64 81 06 80, Fax: +47 64 81 06 90

Main office:

P.O. Box 154, NO-1376 Billingstad

Tel: +47 66 77 11 00, Fax: +47 66 77 11 30

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Oslo - Info And Helpdesks

Information telephone

+47 815 50 250

The airport telephone information service is open 24 hours a day. The service provides information on todays flights and general information about shopping, dining and other facilities at Oslo Airport.

Information counter

There are one manned information counter in the Terminal. The counter is centrally located in the arrival hall. The airport attendants will answer your questions about todays flights and the airport in general. They can also help you make a photocopy, send a fax or make hotel reservations. Airport attendants will also help you with tourist and travel information.

Lost luggage

Tel: +47 64 81 34 77 (08.00 to 22.00)

hittegods@ adecco.no


Luggage and items which are lost or forgotten either on planes arriving Oslo Airport, in the Terminal at Oslo Airport or at the Airport Express Train (Flytoget) will be handed over to the lost luggage office located in the east end of the arrival hall (opposite of the railway station). This also applies to items forgotten in the security control.

Opening hours

The office is open daily from 05.00 to 24.00.

Telephone hours daily from 8.00 to 22.00.

Lost luggage can also be sent to owners resident. Please contact the lost luggage office for further information.

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Oslo - Airport Facilities

Left-luggage office: Tel: +47 64 81 34 77, bagasje@ adecco.no

The left-luggage office is located in the eastend of the arrivals hall (opposite of the railway station).

Opening hours: The left-luggage office is open daily from 05.00 to 24.00. You can leave your luggage here in secure storage for up to three months.


Short-term storage 1 item // 0-5 hours // NOK 44,-

Storage 1 item // 5-24 hours // NOK 56,-

Storage 1 item // Per week // NOK 176,-

Storage 1 item // Per month // NOK 551,-

Luggage not in demand // 0-5 hours // NOK 56,-

Bikes, skies, etc. // Per 24 hours // NOK 66,-

Large skibags etc. // Per 24 hours // NOK 110,-

// Per week // NOK 221,-

Small items // Per 24 hours // NOK 34,-

Papers, keys, knifes etc. // Per week // NOK 132,

Storage // Per 24 hours // NOK 34,-

Clothes, fur // Per week // NOK 132,-

// Per month // NOK 473,-


Self Service check-in machines: The Self Service check-in allows you to check in by yourself by using a machine. The machines are located close to the check-in area for your airline. Self Service check-in is fast, simple and convenient. The departure process is speedier because there is less time spent waiting, and it gives you control over the check-in process. With Self Service check-in your trip will get off to a pleasant start and you will have more time to enjoy the shops, restaurants and bars.


Nordea, bank

Exchange 24 hours a day. Nordea is the only bank at OSL, and you will find us in both the Departure and Arrival Halls. At the counter you can exchange 32 different currencies. In addition, the airport terminal has 17 ATMs offering the 17 most common currencies. 5 ATMs are placed next to gate 38 in International Departures. The ATMs are available 24 hours a day. Via the bank’s website you can order foreign currency that you can collect in the Departure Hall. The branch in the Arrival Hall located right behind the exchange office offers traditional banking services such as loans, investments and insurance and has ordinary opening hours on weekdays.

Location: Departure Hall, Arrival Hall + 17 ATMs

Opening hours Departure Hall:

Mon-Fri 06.00 - 18.30

Sat / Sun 06.00 / 06.00 - 15.00 / 18.30

Opening hours Arrival Hall:

Mon-Fri 08.30 - 20.30

Sat / Sun 10.00 / 11.30 - 18.00 / 20.30


Global Refund

In Norway, VAT is included in the sales price and makes up 25% of the price of a product. Approx. 3,000 GLOBAL REFUND associated shops offer travellers who are not residents of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark a cash refund of between 11-19% on departure. Make sure you get a TAX FREE Shopping cheque when you spend at least NOK 315 or more in one shop. Fill out your name and address on the cheque before arriving at the airport and get it refunded at Global Refund’s refund counter in the International Departure Hall. Goods too large to be taken on board as hand baggage must be shown to Gardermoen Servicesenter before check-in. The staff will check your ticket and goods and stamp your Global Refund cheque. The amount is refunded at Global Refund right in front of gate 34.

Location: International Departures, in front of gate 34

Opening hours international:

Mon-Fri, Sun 06.00 - 20.00

Sat 06.00 - 19.00

Opening hours may differ during holidays. Extended opening hours in summer season.


Duty Free

The Duty Free store sells duty and tax-free perfume, cosmetics, alcohol, tobacco and chocolate. The store carries recognized and leading international brands in perfume, cosmetics, alcoholic beverages and chocolate at attractive duty-free prices.

We always have special offers and do our best to offer you the latest in the market.

Location: International Departures

Opening hours international: 24 hours

Tel. international: +47 64 82 05 50, Tel.: +47 64 82 05 75

Shopping: To make your experience at Oslo airport more pleasant, it offers numerous shops, restaurants and travel-related services. There are many shops selling souvenirs for the people back home and plenty of opportunities to do banking. Located in the Domestic hall you will find stores like Capi's music, Edwis, Tie Rack, Stop Gap, Euroshop fashion & accessories and many more. Located in the International hall you will find Christiania GlasMagasin, Euroshop Kids, Thune and many more. There is also Euroshop duty-free store found in the International hall.

Eating & Drinking: The airport is equipped with numerous restaurants and cafe's, one for every kind of taste is available. These include Bertrand's Cafe, Kaffehuset, Pasta Paradiso, Sportsbaren, Explorer bar, Salmon House Seafood bar and Kon-Tiki Restaurant & ba, to name but a few

More Services: The airport has a Travel Agency which is located in the Departures hall, right infront of security.

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Oslo - Conference Facilities

The airport has a fax and photocopying facility available, which is located at the information desk in the Arrivals hall. Wireless Internet facilities are available in all public areas of the terminal. The Radisson SAS Airport Hotel Oslo, which is located near the airport, features a conference centre which is equipped with telephones, computer facilities, data lines, Internet facilities, meeting rooms, video conferencing and secretarial services and catering. Software for wireless Internet access can be purchased at the hotel. The number to contact should you be interested is tel: 63 933 000.

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Oslo - Handicapped Facilities

The terminals are adapted for disabled passengers, and should you have a disability you are requested to contact the Passenger Services department atleast 24 hours in advance on tel: 81 550 250. Wheelchair accessible taxi's are available and can be arranged at the taxi information desk which is located in the Arrivals hall, or alternatively by contacting Airport Taxis on tel: 23 232 323.

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Oslo - Wireless Lan

Netpower IP Zone provide WiFi internet access in all public areas of the airport including the lounges, terminal building, and the Radisson SAS Conference Center East. (NOK30 per 30 min)

iPass provide WiFi internet access through airport.

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Oslo - Hotels

Hotel reservations can be made at the information desk in Arrivals.


Radisson SAS Airport Hotel, Oslo


P.O. Box 163

Gardermoen N-2061


Telephone: +47 63 93 30 00

Fax: +47 63 93 30 30

Hotel email: sales.airport.oslo @ radissonsas.com

Centrally located next to the Oslo Airport Gardermoen, the Radisson SAS Airport Hotel is just 100 metres away from the air terminals and railway station, and the Oslo city centre is just 47 kilometres away. It takes about half an hour by InterCity train to reach the airport and hotel from the city centre and just 19 minutes by the Airport Express Train and 40 minutes by car or bus.

Quality Airport Hotel Gardermoen


NO-2050 Jessheim

Tel.: (+47) 63 92 61 00

Fax: (+47) 63 92 61 01

Hotel is located 5.9 km from the airport. Hotel offers shuttle service to/from airport.

Clarion Hotel Oslo Airport


NO-2060 Gardermoen

Tel.: (+47) 63 94 94 94

Fax: (+47) 63 94 94 95

Hotel is located 2 km from the airport. Hotel offers shuttle service to/from airport.

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Oslo - News Update

07.07.2006 - New multi-storey parking garage at OSL: Lately, traffic records at Oslo Airport (OSL) have often been the subject of media coverage. These developments have also led to an increased need for parking spaces. The board of OSL has therefore decided to build a new multi-storey parking garage. The building will have a capacity of 2,600 new spaces and is estimated to cost approximately NOK 350 million.

The project will be completed in November 2007. The parking garage will be operated by Europark who also operate the current parking facilities at OSL.

When construction is completed, OSL will be able to provide 15,351 public parking spaces of which 7,100 are covered. In addition there are 2,500 spaces for employees of which 1000 are covered. When OSL opened on 8 October 1998 there were a total of 8,000 spaces with 4,000 covered spaces. Requirements have increased with time and demand for covered parking spaces is considerable. The current covered spaces are often fully occupied and it has been necessary to use P11, a former parking garage for employees.

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