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Dusseldorf - Driving Directions

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To get to the airport take the A44 autobahn, which runs east-west past the airport with a dedicated exit, signed ?Flughafen?. The A44 connects to the A52 north and the A3 north-south.

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Dusseldorf - Public Transport

Regional Buses

The bus station is located in front of central arrivals (see airport map).

The following regional buses are always in service:

# Route 760 from/to Ratingen Ost via Düsseldorf-Unterrath and Lichtenbroich stops at the central arrivals in front of the terminal.

# Route SB51 from/to Kaarst-Rathaus via Düsseldorf-Nordfriedhof, Meerbusch

# Route 721 from/to Tannenhof/Gothaer Weg via main rail station

# Airport-Aixpress from/to Aachen bus station

Another bus station is located at the Düsseldorf Airport rail station (see airport map).

The following regional buses stop at the airport rail station:

# Route 729 from/to Theodor-Heuss-Brücke (Düsseldorf-Golzheim)

# Route 759 from/to Ratingen Ost

# Route 776 from/to Mercedesstraße (Düsseldorf-Derendorf)


There are always taxis ready and waiting for you in front of central arrivals (see airport map).

To order a taxi call:

# Taxi Düsseldorf, Tel. +49-211-33333

# Rhein Taxi; Tel. +49-211-212121

The following rates are standard:

# Düsseldorf Airport - downtown Düsseldorf, approx. 16.00 Euro

# Düsseldorf Airport - Trade Show Center, approx. 11.00 Euro

# Düsseldorf Airport - Düsseldorf Main Railroad Station, approx. 16.00 Euro

# Düsseldorf Airport - downtown Neuss, approx. 24.00 Euro

# Düsseldorf Airport - downtown Ratingen, approx.. 13.00 Euro

# Düsseldorf Airport - downtown Duisburg, approx. 31.00 Euro

# Düsseldorf Airport - downtown Essen, approx. 39.00 Euro

# Düsseldorf Airport - Essen Trade Show Center, approx. 31.00 Euro

Train & S-Bahn

Get there fast-via the Düsseldorf airport rail station you arrive quickly and comfortably for takeoff.


With its own railway station, Düsseldorf Airport offers a comfortable alternative to arriving by car. Over 350 trains, from street cars to the high-speed ICE, stop daily at the Düsseldorf Airport Station. It is located at the eastern end of the airport grounds. SkyTrain, a fully-automated cable railway brings you from the railway building directly into the terminal.

If you would like to know whether you could travel to the airport without having to transfer trains, use the VRR train schedule query.

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Dusseldorf - Car Parking


There are two main tariff zones at the airport. The parking zone close to the terminal is suited for travellers

wishing to park up to 3 days, and the long-term parking zone is designed for more than 3 days'

parking. These categories are colour-coded in our external parking guidance system. The parking zone near

the airport terminal is orange, and the long-term parking zone is yellow. The external parking guidance

system on the airport grounds will guide you to the nearest available parking space in your tariff zone.

Parking zone near airport terminal

In the zone near the airport terminal, the first 15 minutes are free of charge. Parking garage P1 is located

below the terminal building. You can take the lift directly to the departures level. This is also the

reason why parking in P1 is more expensive than the other facilities in this tariff zone. The other parking

garages and parking lots near the airport terminal are maximally 5 minutes' walk from the terminal

building. In the parking garages, green arrows will direct you to a vacant parking space.

Long-term parking zone

We offer sufficient parking space at reasonable rates for passengers wishing to park their car for more

than three days. All parking rates are the same inside the long-term parking zone. Following the longterm

('Langzeit') parking sign at the airport will automatically lead you to the nearest available parking

lot or parking garage. Parking garages P4 and P5, as well as parking lot P6 in the long-term parking

zone are ideally linked with the airport terminal by the Sky Train. All of the parking facilities within

the long-term parking zone are no more than 15 minutes' walk from the airport terminal.

Long-term economy parking zone

This parking lot is 15 minutes' walk from the terminal building. Please follow the long-term ('Langzeit')

parking signs and the long-term economy parking ('Langzeit-Spar') signs. This parking lot is often full

because of its low parking rates. If this is the case, please follow the signs to the long-term ('Langzeit')

parking zone.

Short-term parking

Departures: Short-term parkers dropping departing passengers off can use parking facility P11 near

Departures C.

Arrivals: Short-term parking facility P12 is located in front of Arrivals C.

Please note: The recommended maximum parking time here is 30 minutes.

Short-term and full-day parking at Pier C

We recommend that business travellers flying with LTU, and those wishing to pick up their relatives,

friends and business partners at the airport use underground garage 8 where you are (almost) at the

entrance to the terminal building. Lifts will take you comfortably to the departures or arrivals levels in

the airport terminal so that your destination is only a few steps away.



Parking Services

Parking for disabled persons

When arriving with your own car, we recommend that disabled passengers use underground garage P1

directly under the airport terminal, as well as parking garages P2 and P3. Severely disabled persons in

possession of an official invalidity document can park free of charge in all parking areas. When leaving

the parking facility, please contact the operator over the intercom system. A parking employee will then

come to the exit and let you out as soon as your invalidity document and licence plate numbers have

been registered.

Parking check card

You can "park off" the amount specified on your parking check card which allows you to enter the parking

facility. The parking charges are deducted from your card account at the exit or at the pay machine.

Whenever your parking check card is empty, simply reload it at the pay machine. Parking check cards

can be obtained at the Apcoa Autoparking GmbH service centre on the ground floor of parking garage

P3. You can, however, also apply for a parking check card on the Apcoa homepage.

Subscription parking card

Companies and travellers who frequently park at the airport can set up a parking account with Apcoa

Autoparking GmbH. This account allows them to use their personal subscription parking card to enter and

exit the parking facilities at the airport. The accrued parking charges are added up and the respective

amount is debited once a month from the account specified by you. Parking procedures can, however, only

be performed in sequence - i.e. only one vehicle can be parked at the same time with the same card.

Applications for subscription parking cards can be made at the Apcoa Autoparking GmbH service centre

on the ground floor of parking garage 3 or on the Apcoa homepage.

Valet parking

Reaching your plane without having to find a parking space - valet parking service is the perfect solution

for customers who are in a hurry or those who like to travel comfortably. Simply drive into the

correspondingly designated parking bays in front of the departures level of the terminal and give us

your car key. We will park you car in a secure parking area. When you return, you can pick up your car

key at the Apcoa Autoparking GmbH service centre on the ground floor of parking garage 3 by presenting

the previously issued receipt. The respective service charge is 15 euros plus parking charges.

Security parking

Video-monitored parking stands are located in parking garage 2. A separate entrance lane on the arrivals

level will guide you to the security parking area. The parking charges are 27 euros/day. We recommend

that you book a parking stand by giving Apcoa Autoparking GmbH a call: Phone: +49 (0) 211-

421-6637; Fax: +49 (0) 211-421-6640.


Parking stands can only be booked in the security parking area in parking garage 2 (27 euros/day).

Please contact Apcoa Autoparking GmbH directly in this case.

Phone: +49 (0) 211-421-6637; Fax: +49 (0) 211-421-6640 or on the Apcoa homepage.

Shopping service

We can do your shopping for you. Leave your car with our valet parking service on the arrivals level or

park directly in the security parking area in parking garage 2, and then choose the desired articles from

our shopping list. Our range of products covers the following articles: books, perfume, flowers, bakery

products, jewellery, delicatessen and diverse spirits. The detailed shopping list can be obtained either

while handing your car over to our service staff or on the Apcoa homepage. When you return and pick

up your car, your purchases will also be waiting for you at the Apcoa Autoparking GmbH service centre

on the ground floor of parking garage 3. The shopping service fee is 7 euros plus charges for security

parking (27 euros/day).

Do you have any questions about our shopping service? If you do, please contact Apcoa Autoparking

GmbH directly under phone number +49 (0) 211-421-6637.

Car wash

Could your car do with a thorough wash? We can wash the inside and outside of your car

(manually) for you while you are taking care of your business or enjoying your holiday. Simply

hand your car over to our valet parking service on the departures level the day you are departing,

or drive your car into the security parking area in P2. You can pick up the keys for your

freshly cleaned car at the Apcoa Autoparking GmbH service centre on the ground floor of parking

garage 3 when you return. The service charge is 37 euros plus security parking charges

(27 euros/day). Apcoa Autoparking GmbH is available to answer your questions about this service

(phone: +49 (0) 211-421-6637).

Car repair service

Having to go to a garage is mostly bothersome, time-consuming and simply does not fit into our

daily routine. Why not let us do this for you while you are travelling? If you drive an Audi, a Ford

or a VW, you can call and make an appointment with one of our partner garages and let us take

care of the rest. All you have to do is leave your car at our valet parking station on the departures

level or park it in the security parking area in P2. We will contact the garage to pick up your car

at the airport and repair it. Your car will be repaired and waiting for you at the airport when you

return. Your car key, receipt and invoice can be picked up at the Apcoa Autoparking GmbH service

centre on the ground floor of parking garage 3.

Starting aid and breakdown assistance

In case of minor breakdowns on the airport grounds, starting aid can be obtained by calling

+49 (0) 211-421-6637.

Petrol station

The airport has a non-cash petrol station where you can use your credit card or EC card with PIN

number. Please follow the signs in direction administration ('Verwaltung') to reach the petrol station.

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Dusseldorf - Intra Terminal Transfer

There are free shuttle buses that provide transfer between terminals, and they all run to/from departures area C. There are also buses that run to and from area D, area E and parking structure 4, with an extra stop at area A on alternate buses.

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Dusseldorf - Car Hire

Rental Cars

Car rental agencies are located in central arrivals.

# AVIS , Tel.: +49-211-4216747

# Budget Deutschland, Tel.: +49-211-421-71150

# Europcar, Tel.: +49-211-942380 or +49-211-0180-58000

# Hertz, Tel.: +49-211-411083 or +49-211-0180-5333535

# National Alamo, Tel.: +49-211-421-77755

# Sixt, Tel.: +49-0180-5252525

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Dusseldorf - Info And Helpdesks

Information at the Airport

Do you have any questions? Our info-staff would be pleased to help you. You will find information desks in all departure areas, at arrivals, and at the "Düsseldorf Flughafen" (Düsseldorf Airport) railway station. The main information desk is next to Belt 6 at central arrivals. There you will also find the officially designated airport Meeting Point. If you require information per telephone, we would be delighted to help you at


Lost and Found

The airport lost and found is located at parking structure 3, first floor. If you have lost or misplaced something on the airport grounds, this is the place to ask for it.

4:00 to 24:00 hours

Telephone: +49-211-421-2515

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Dusseldorf - Airport Facilities

Shopping: There are a range of shops at the airport and they are open from early morning until late at night, seven days a week. A shopping service is also available through Apcoa Autoparking.

Eating & Drinking: Ther are many different bars; cafes; and restaurants found at the airport.


Automatic Cash Dispensers

Automatic Cash Dispensers are located throughout all departures areas, in the central arrivals an at the rail station.


Baby Change Tables

Rooms with baby change tables are labeled with this icon of a bottle and can be found in all departures areas, in the central arrivals area and in the rail station.



Two branches of the Reisebank are located in the departures level in the Terminal.

Phone: +49-211-427550 or 4201954


Reisebank Terminal A from 05:45 to 20:30 hours

Reisebank Terminal B from 06:30 to 21:15 hours

The Sparkasse is located in the arrivals level.

Phone: +49-211-8783048


Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 18:00 hours

Saturday from 10:00 to 16.00 hours



Fresh clothing, around the clock, seven days a week. Pick up your clothing at "Quick & Clean" when it suits you and not when normal opening hours dictate to you. As simple as an ATM! As owner of a chargeable VIP customer card, you also get up to 15 percent rebate on top. A clean deal!

Telephone +49 211-405-6565

Open: around the clock


Coat Check

You are flying in the cold of winter to the sunny south. You may need your thick winter coat for the ride to the airport, but on holiday…? Or are you just visiting the airport to go shopping in the Airport Arcades or bargain hunting in our travel market? For whatever reason you would like to leave your heavy coat somewhere, our coat check service would be happy to look after it. Our coat check service is located at parking structure 3, first floor.

Prices: 1.00 Euro per item per calendar day, 1 week or longer: 5.00 Euro per item per week

4:00 to 24:00 hours

Telephone +49-211-421-2515


Dental practice

The dental practice within the Airport Arcades is highly recommended due to its customer-friendly opening hours serving passengers, visitors and employees of the airport alike. The "die + zahnärzte" practice network is open Mondays to Fridays from 7a.m. to 12 p.m., on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Appointments can be made by telephone at 0211 86 20 70 13 63. The entrance to the dental practice is located within the Airport Arcades.

www.diepluszahnaerzte.com, E-Mail: flughafen@ die-zahnaerzte.com


Duty Free/ Travel Value

There is a difference between duty free and travel value purchases. Passengers may purchase duty free items only if they leave the EU or visit the Canary Islands. If your trip is to a destination within the EU, you may purchase travel value items. That means you may purchase any amount of spirits, cosmetics, perfumes, and accessories at low prices. Only toll-free tobacco products may not be purchased by passengers travelling within the EU. Duty free and travel value shops are located in all departures areas. You may use our shopping search to find the shops you would like to visit.


Early Check-In

You do not have to burden yourself unnecessarily with your baggage on your flight date. For your convenience, several of the larger airlines offer a Late Night Check-In service. You can check your baggage and receive your boarding pass the evening before your departure. On the day of your departure, the only thing left to do is board the plane.



The following lounges are located in the secure areas of gates A and B:

Departures A

Lufthansa Business Lounge & Lufthansa Senator Lounge

In the gallery of gate A


Monday to Friday

5:15 to 21:00 hours


5:15 to 20:00 hours

Sundays and Holidays

5:30 to 21:00 hours

Departures B

Air France Lounge

Level 3 in gate B

Open from about 5:45 to 20:30 hours

Departures C

LTU Lounge

Phone: +49-211-421-79350

Open from 6:30 to 20:00 hours

British Airways Terrace Lounge

Level 2 in gate B

Phone: +49-211-421-6684


Sunday to Friday 5:30 to 21:00 hours

Saturday 5:30 to 19:30 hours

Hugo Junkers Lounge

Level 2 in gate B

Phone: +49-211-421-3712

Open from 6:00 to 22:00 hours


Meeting Point

You have to meet someone at the airport, you say, but you do not know where to meet them? In the whole airport there is only one meeting point - in central arrivals.


Memorial Room

A place of quiet contemplation, of peace and calm reflection is what our passengers and guests will discover in the Memorial Room. The non-denominational Memorial Room is open to the public, almost around the clock, on Level 3 in the terminal.


Observation Deck

The Düsseldorf International has two premium box-seats to watch the show of aircraft traffic at the Düsseldorf International Airport. You can experience the airport activity live from the terminal, from the rail station or both!

From the observation deck on the roof of the new concourse B (see airport map) you can watch the air traffic on the apron and the aircraft dispatch procedures. You get to the observation platform from the third floor of the terminal.

A fascinating view of the airport grounds, including the takeoff and landing runways, can be enjoyed from the observation deck at the rail station (see airport map). The platform covers the entire gallery level of the rail station and is divided into open-air and enclosed sections.

Just one ticket gives you admission to both observation decks. Because the rail station and terminal are quite far apart, we recommend using our SkyTrain service to get from one observation terrace to the other. The ticket for the observation deck is also your ticket for the SkyTrain.

Opening Hours: Summer (30.3. bis 25.10.): daily from 06:00 to 21:00 hours

Winter (26.10. bis 29.3.): daily from 09:00 to 20:00 hours

Prices: 2.00 Euro for adults

1.50 Euro for the handicapped, senior citizens, and students

1.00 Euro for children under 16 and groups of 20 or more

Children under six get in free

Interested groups may also book an airport tour.



The Metropolitan Pharmacy is located in the Airport Arcades.

Open daily from 06:30 to 21:00 hours.

Phone: +49-211-421-6622



Nature is calling! Now where did they put those restrooms? That's easy! By following this symbol you'll reach the nearest restroom in no time. Restrooms are located throughout the Düsseldorf International Airport in all Departures and Arrivals areas.


Safe-Keeping Service

Do you have any documents, keys, or messages you need to leave at the airport? We would be happy to keep these safe for you. Just bring your documents and things to the baggage checkroom at parking structure 3, first floor, where you can leave them for the duration of your journey or have them be picked up by someone else.

Charge for objects and documents Up to 30 kg 2.50 Euro per item and day

31 kg up to 60 kg 3.00 Euro per item and day

Over 60 kg 5.00 Euro per item and day

Hours 4:00 to 24:00 hours

Telephone +49-211-421-2515


SMS-Flight Info

Is your posted flight on schedule? With a flight plan query by SMS you can confirm the status of each current flight.



Public coin and card-operated telephones are available in all departures areas, central arrivals, and at the rail station.


Travel Markets

Do you suddenly need a spontaneous holiday? Do particularly low-priced holidays pique your curiosity? Bargain hunters at the Düsseldorf Airport have a two-in-one chance of flying away on a reasonably priced vacation because there are two travel markets in which a large number of travel organizers and agencies offer their services. To know more about our travel market, click here.

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Dusseldorf - Conference Facilities

Conference Centre

The approx. 2,600 square meter conference centre "Wöllhaf" is located on Level 3 in the terminal. The 24 conference rooms, equipped with the latest conference technology, are the appropriate setting for your meeting, from small groups to large congresses of 250 participants. Airport atmosphere goes without question: many rooms offer a revealing view of the air activity on the apron. Information and reservations at phone: +49-211-49623-0, fax: +49-211-49623-100.

The ArabellaSheraton Airport Hotel offers conference rooms for up to 230 people, Telephone +49-211-4173-719 or -720. Arrange to have your conference room equipped with whatever technical equipment your specific needs dictate.

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Dusseldorf - Handicapped Facilities

General information for the handicapped


For our disabled passengers arriving in their own vehicle, we recommend parking in the parking structure P1 directly beneath the terminal or in parking structures P2 or P3 (see airport map). Handicapped people who are 100 percent impaired in walking and who possess an official walking-impaired handicap pass may park free of charge in all parking spaces. In other words, anyone allowed to park in public handicapped parking spaces may park for free at the airport. Please report yourself at the exit over the intercom. A parking attendant will come to the exit and let you go through as soon as the walking-impaired handicap pass and registration plate numbers are taken down.

Parking at the airport, Tel.: +49-211-421-6637, Fax: +49-211-421-6640

Arriving by Train or S-Bahn

Maybe you would prefer taking public transportation to and from the airport. There are approximately 300 connections a day available. With the exception of S-Bahn Line 7, all trains stop at the Düsseldorf Airport Rail Station (see airport map). If you need help getting on or off the train, please give the 3-S-Zentrale of the Deutsche Bahn advance notification, Telephone +49-211-1792460.

The S-Bahn route 7 stops under the terminal at the underground "Düsseldorf Flughafen Terminal" rail station.

Mobility on the Airport Grounds: Bus-Shuttle

During the outage of the skytrain there will be a bus shuttle service between terminal and airport rail station as well as parking area P4, P5 and P6.


The porter will transport your baggage into and out of the airport buildings to the check-in counter, and/or from the baggage pick-up area to your parked car. Porters are neither able to carry passengers nor provide medical assistance.

Porter Service, To Order: +49-211-421-6888 or +49-211-421-6637, 0211-421-63703

Baggage From Your Door to Check-in

The transfer service offers the service of transporting your baggage from your house to the airport check-in counter.If you wish, the transfer service could check in for you the evening before your departure (Late-Night-Check-in), so you would only need to worry about getting to the airport.

NRW-Shuttle, Tel.: +49-211-421-7762, Fax: +49-211-421-6824


If normal boarding via the passenger gangway is not possible, Liftmobiles will be utilised to put the passenger safely and comfortably inside the aircraft. Wheelchairs can be stored free of charge in the aircraft’s cargo hold. Seeing-eye-dogs are allowed inside the terminals and may be brought on board the aircraft.

Airport Buildings

All departures areas, central arrivals and the Düsseldorf Airport rail station facilities are handicapped friendly, except for the duty-free shop in departures C which is accessible only by stairs. Elevators and ramps provide for easy mobility from one level to another. All facilities, including restaurants and labelled restrooms and diaper-changing rooms are wheelchair accessible. Wheelchairs are available free of charge. Our services are available to all ill, handicapped or injured passengers.


The Arabella Sheraton Airport Hotel has more than two handicapped-friendly rooms located right off the main lobby. If you wish, an Aquatec can be placed in the bathroom.

Tel.: +49-211-41730, Fax: +49-211-4173707.

Special instructions for wheel chair users

On behalf of the airlines the staff at Klüh take care of wheelchair guests at the Düsseldorf Airport. Your airline is responsible for passenger mobility to or from the aircraft (see Liftmobile).

If you have any further wishes, e.g. you do not know how to get from the airport rail station or from your parking place to the departures area, before you arrive, please contact the airline.

Parking Tips for Wheelchair Users

Our best recommendation for wheelchair users arriving with their own vehicles is to park in parking structure P1 directly beneath the terminal. Those who choose to park in parking structures 2 and 3, however, can arrange to have someone collect them and their luggage and bring them to their departures area. Because these parking areas are within a short walking distance of the terminal, you may decide to forgo the passenger transport service upon your return. Sometimes all of the passenger transport vehicles are occupied when many planes are landing, and there can be long waiting periods.


Please make note of the preceding information!

Important Telephone Numbers

NRW-Shuttle: +49-0211-421-7762, Fax: +49-211-421-6824

Porter Service: +49-211-421-6637 or +49-211-421-63703

Taxi Düsseldorf: +49-211-33333

Düsseldorf International Switchboard: +49-211-421-0

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Dusseldorf - Wireless Lan


Düsseldorf International offers its guests wireless Internet access with their notebooks and PDAs. The largest WiFi hotspot in North Rhine-Westphalia has been set up on more than 50 000 m2 of public space. Each surfer has the opportunity to also check out the free services available at the airport on its homepage, on which the wireless Internet access has been pre-programmed.

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Dusseldorf - Hotels


Would you like accommodations near the Düsseldorf International? The ArabellaSheraton Airport Hotel is located above Parking Structure 3 (Telephone:

+49-211-41730). Would you like a broader selection? With the automated hotel-information service, you may make reservations with local hotels using a toll-free number (Telephone: +49-211-172020). For you convenience, we have assembled a list of several Park, Sleep & Fly service providers located near the Düsseldorf International.

ArabellaSheraton Airport Hotel // at airport // 40474 Düsseldorf // +49-211-41730 +49-211-4173707

Air-Hotel Wartburg // Niederrheinstr. 59 // 40474 Düsseldorf // +49-211-454910 +49-211-452033

Lindner Hotel Airport // Unterrather Str. 108 // 40468 Düsseldorf // +49-211-95160 +49-211-9516516

Hotel Lohauser Hof // Lohauser Hof 53 // 40474 Düsseldorf // +49-211-432993 +49-211-4370577

Villa im Park // Nagelsweg 6 // 40474 Düsseldorf // +49-211-4362600 +49-211-4362629

Zur Luftbrücke // Niederrheinstr. 21 // 40474 Düsseldorf // +49-211-4350779 +49-211-4380587

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Dusseldorf - News Update

July 27, 2006

3,000 additional airport parking spaces. The new Duesseldorf International multi-story car park will go into operation at the end of September – parking capacity keeps pace with growth in passenger numbers

The crane carefully manouvres the metal supports into position. The steel framework, the backbone of the new building, rises yet higher into the air. The new Duesseldorf Airport multi-story car park is being erected on the former Deutsche Flugsicherung (German air traffic control) site. Following the opening of P5 at the end of September this year, six levels and an outside area will provide parking space for around 3,000 cars. The airport will allow access to over 16,800 parking spaces in total, just in time for the autumn holiday period.

"As an airport operator, we are constantly working on improving the quality of our product. Airport parking opprtunities play a central role in this", explained Christoph Blume, speaker for the Duesseldorf International management board. "The customer is not only looking for sufficient capacity but also services which correspond to particular requirements. The launch of P5 provides passengers with a further increase in the range of parking spaces in the cheaper long-stay parking zone."

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Current weather in
Isolated tstorms. Broken clouds. Mild.

Isolated tstorms. Broken clouds. Mild.
Chance of Precip.: 78 %
Wind: SW 20 km/h

Passing showers. Mostly cloudy. Warm.

Passing showers. Mostly cloudy. Warm.
Chance of Precip.: 44 %
Wind: WSW 10 km/h

Cloudy. Pleasantly warm.

Cloudy. Pleasantly warm.
Chance of Precip.: 3 %
Wind: S 4 km/h

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