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Helsinki - Driving Directions

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Drive north from the centre of Helsinki on Tuusula road(Highway 45)and simply follow the signs. Coming the east or west head for Keha III (Highway 50) and just follow the airport signs.

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Helsinki - Public Transport


Bus connections

From Helsinki City buses 415, 451, 615 and bus 519 from Itäkeskus You can also take the Finnair City Bus from downtown Helsinki to the airport. For timetables visit Finnairs web site.

Buses from Helsinki metropolitan area

From Vantaa 51 from Pähkinärinne, 61 from Tikkurila, 67 from Leppäkorpi

From Espoo 514 from Westend, 535, 540 from Espoo City Centre

From Tuusula 841 from Hyrylä

Information on the routes, fares and timetables of public transport in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and surrounding towns is available on YTV

For bus and train connections to other parts of Finland, please consult the website or Matkahuolto.

Bus transport to nearby hotels is free of charge.

Bus stops are situated in in front of the International terminal and the Domestic Terminal.


By taxi

The taxi journey from the airport to the centre of Helsinki takes nearly half an hour and costs about 30 €.

There are taxi stations right outside the Arrivals Halls of the Domestic and International terminals. Service desks for the taxi operators can be found at Arrivals halls 1 and 2.

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Helsinki - Car Parking

Three ways of parking

There are plenty of parking areas around the terminals at Helsinki-Vantaa. Choose the parking area most suitable to your needs and save on either steps or money.

Lomaparkki parking areas are an economical choice for one- or two-week parking. The price in areas P3 and P5 is EUR 42/week. Just a 15-minute walk from the terminals, the outdoor P4 car park is ideal for long-term parking. The most convenient way to start a holiday is to drop the family off at the departure terminal before taking your car to P4. One-week parking in area P4 costs EUR 32.

Bisnesparkki parking areas are located in front of the International Terminal. 24 hours in area P1 costs EUR 20, while the charge for parking in P2 is EUR 15. The most convenient parking area for business travellers in Finland is P3 where the charge is EUR 10 for 24 hours.

Pikaparkki parking is intended for short-term parking, at most one hour. P30 is located in front of the International Terminal and P31 in front of the Domestic Terminal.


Invalid car parks

Invalid parking places are available near the elevators and exits on every floor at car parks P2, P3 and P5.

The invalid parking permit entitles the holder to free parking in the P1–P5 car parks at the airport. The permit must be shown at the parking services desk either in Domestic or International Flights terminal where a receipt will be given to allow you to take your car out of the car park.

Short-term invalid parking (max 2 hours) at the International Flights Terminal is located in the P30 area on the arrivals level. Some parking places for invalid are available at the end of the Domestic Terminal and on the ground floor in front of the International Flights Terminal.


Parking service

The service points for Airport parking are located on the Service Floor of the International Terminal and in the Arrivals Hall 1 at the Domestic Terminal.

We give free start-up service 24 h.


pysakointi.efhk @

International Terminal, Service Floor, 24 hours

Domestic Terminal, Arrivals Hall 1, Mon–Sun 7–23.45

tel. +358 9 8277 3200

fax. +358 9 8277 3294

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Helsinki - Intra Terminal Transfer

The 2 Terminals are only 250 metres apart and are joined by an internal walkway.

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Helsinki - Car Hire

Car rental

Service desks of car rental companies are located at Arrivals Hall 2 at the corridor towards the Domestic Flights Terminal.

Rental car parking is located in front of the International Terminal on the Service Floor.


International Terminal, Arrivals Hall 2

Mon–Fri 7–23, Sat 9–20, Sun 9–23

tel. +358 9 822 833


International Terminal, Arrivals Hall 2

Mon–Fri 7–23, Sat 9–20, Sun 9–23

tel. +358 9 8700 780


International Terminal, Arrivals Hall 2

Mon–Thu 7–24, Sat 8–20, Sun 9–24

tel. +358 40 306 2800


International Terminal, Arrivals Hall 2

Mon–Thu 6–24, Fri 6–23, Sat 8.30–20, Sun 8.30–24

tel. +358 20 555 2100


International Terminal, Arrivals Hall 2

Mon–Fri 7–24, Sat 8–20, Sun 9–24

tel. +358 9 872 4433

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Helsinki - Info And Helpdesks

Airport Information

Telephone inquiries 24 h, tel. +358 200 14636 (0,57 €/min + lnc)

information.efhk @

International Terminal, Arrivals Hall 2, 24 hours

Domestic Terminal, Arrivals Hall 1, open Mon–Sun 7– 23.45

Lost and found

For items forgotten at the airport or aboard aircraft, passengers can contact Finland’s Found Property Service.

The best time to enquire about lost property is the following day either by telephone or by completing an online enquiry form. A fee is charged for lost items stored.

Finland´s Found Property Service

Mäkelänkatu 56, 00510 Helsinki

Open Mon–Fri 9–18

tel. +358 3039 006 (1,67€/min+local network charge)

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Helsinki - Airport Facilities

Travelling with children

It is recommended that children be told in advance of what will happen at the airport. Toys, for example, need to be handed over at security control for screening and will be returned immediately after passing the checkpoint. The playrooms feature toys, pens and paper and videos as well as microwave ovens and baby changing facilities. Playrooms are located near gates 16, 20 and 30. Baby changing facilities can also be found in most washrooms. Games consoles are available in the gate area near gates 16 and 33. Strollers are available in the gate area after security control. You may also be able to bring your own stroller to the gate area but need to confirm this at check-in.



Salon Fly Hair is in the Domestic Terminal.


You can exchange currency at any of several bureaux de change

Travelex bureaux de change are located in Departure Halls 2 and 3 before security control.

There is a Travelex desk in Arrivals Hall 3 and a branch of Sampo Bank in Arrivals Hall 2.

After security control, passengers can exchange currency at the Travelex (Avenue) and Nordea Bank (Boulevard) bureaux de change.

Cash dispensers and self-service payment machines

There several cash dispensers and self-service payment machines in the gate area in the departure and arrivals halls.


Pharmacy (International Terminal, arrivals hall 3)

The Eureca Pharmacy stocks an extensive range of medicines and other care products associated with travelling.

You can also collect prescriptions from the pharmacy. It’s a good idea to order prescriptive medicines in advance.



Helsinki-Vantaa is a non-smoking airport. We have reserved eight air-conditioned smoking areas for smokers.

There are five smoking areas in the gate area for departing and arriving passengers. These smoking areas are located near gates 13, 19, 27 and 30 and on the lounge floor above gate 23. Additionally, from July, passengers arriving on flights from Europe will be able to smoke in two new smoking areas in the baggage claim hall.

All passengers, people meeting and accompanying them can use the smoking areas in Departure Hall 2 and Arrival Hall 2 in the International Terminal.


Storage of luggage and clothing

Storage facilities

If travelling to warmer climes, you can leave extra baggage or winter coats at the Airpro Travel Services desk in Arrivals Hall 3. The desk is open 24 hours a day.

Key and envelope storage

The Information Desk in Arrivals Hall 1 stores keys and envelopes. The service is subject to charge. Also Airpro Travel Services in Arrivals Hall 3 stores keys, envelopes and other small items.

Luggage lockers

Luggage lockers are available in Arrivals Hall 2 in the International Terminal and in Arrivals Hall 1 in the Domestic Flights terminal at the each end of the passageway connecting the terminals. The lockers can be operated using coins, notes and most credit cards.


Tax Free refunds

Passengers resident outside the EU and in Norway and returning to those countries can claim a VAT refund on purchases in Finland totalling over €40 made in one store.

Global Refund’s Tax Free refund offices

Avenue: Travelex bureau de change

Boulevard: Stockmann, Helsinki Airport Duty Free, Tax Free Plus


Travel agencies and tour operators

There are four travel agencies for business and leisure travellers at the Service Floor in the International Terminal.

Tour operators' desk is situated at Departure Hall 4. The desk opens about 2 hours prior to the departing flight.


Get a travel insurance at the airport

You can get a travel insurance still at the airport right before the departure. Travel insurances for various Finnish insurance companies are sold at several service desks.

Eurooppalainen travel insurances are sold by Nordea Bank, Travelex and Finnair Ticket Office.

You can purchase Tapiola travel insurance from Airpro Travels Airport Services desk.

Note that travel insurances are also sold at the service desks of tour operators.

Self service travel insurance

The self-service travel insurance kiosks of Eurooppalainen are available at departure halls 2, 3 and 4.


VIP Services

Contact our VIP Service to book an unforgettable departure or arrival. We personally take care of check-in, security screening, passport control and customs inspections for yourself and your guests. We can also provide assistance in shopping and exchanging currency. All this takes place in our stylish and private VIP facilities.

Our personal VIP service includes arrival and departure formalities and exclusive use of a VIP lounge at the VIP Centre in the International Terminal or at the separate VIP President Terminal catering to larger groups.

Our VIP hostesses can help you with your shopping, currency exchange or VAT refunds. Coffee, snacks and other refreshments are served while you wait for your flight. Food and beverages in keeping with a specific theme or season can also be provided by prior arrangement.

Make your arrival or return an occasion

VIP services make your arrival and return a festive occasion whether travelling on business, enjoying a prize trip or going on honeymoon. Or why not offer a heartfelt welcome to guests arriving in Finland or treat your guests to a relaxing moment before departure? Please also enquire about our services to collect and escort guests.

Bookings and quotes @

Tel. +358 (09) 8277 3117

Fax +358 (09) 8277 3290


Internet kiosks

We have several Internet kiosks. Passengers can access our own web site free of charge.

Working in Go!Café

Go!Café features five worktops with Internet accesss. You can enjoy of various café products while working. Go!Café is near gate 19.



Helsinki Airport Duty Free shops

Helsinki Airport Duty Free shops feature a wide selection of international brands in perfumes, cosmetics, alcohol and tobacco products and sweets. The shops serve passengers in the Boulevard and Avenue shopping areas in the International Terminal and in the Domestic Terminal’s Galleria.

Studies prove our shops offer the best value for money in Europe. Don’t miss our monthly special offers! Enjoy your shopping!

Helsinki Airport Duty Free on Boulevard

The Helsinki Airport Duty Free shop on Boulevard is the place to buy international cosmetics and perfume brands at truly inexpensive prices. Quality wines and sparkling wines are also available at Duty Free prices. The shop further features an excellent selection of sweets and alcohol and tobacco products. The shop serves all passengers departing on international flights. Purchases of alcohol and cigarettes are duty-free for passengers departing for destinations outside the EU.

Location: near gate 27

Hours: depending on departing flights, ca. 4–23.30

Suklaa ja Puuteri in Galleria

The shop in the Domestic Terminal’s Galleria shopping area features quality cosmetics and perfumes at prices well below those in town as well as sweets and children’s gift items. Our Suklaa ja Puuteri shop serves domestic passengers and all arriving passengers.

Location: near gate 13

Hours: Mon-Sun 7–20

Arrival Shop in baggage claim area 2

We have opened Arrival Shop, a place for passengers arriving from Schengen countries. Passengers can now buy last-minute souvenirs before heading home or while waiting for their baggage, for example. The shop features international brand name cosmetics, perfumes and other items at Duty Free prices, along with delicious sweets and gift items for children.

Location: Baggage claim area 2

Hours: Mon–Sun 12–24



Passengers departing on international flights can shop in all our stores. Some of the stores also serve incoming passengers and passengers on domestic flights.

Passengers travelling abroad can buy any items in our stores. When traveling outside the EU, alcoholic beverages and tobacco products are duty-free. The Boulevard and Avenue shopping areas serve especially passengers departing on international flights.

The Galleria shopping area caters to domestic flights passengers.

All cosmetics, perfumes and alcoholic products bought in the Boulevard, Avenue and Galleria areas are allowed aboard and are exempt from the EU regulation regarding liquids on board.

There are also separate shops for arriving passengers.

All services before security control can be used by passengers, as well as people waiting for and accompanying them.

Opening hours

The stores are open between 6.15am and 8pm (between 6.15am and 7pm on Saturdays). Some shops are open even longer. There may be changes to opening hours during public holiday.

Avenue: Avenue is the shopping area on long-haul flights. Passengers departing on long-haul flights to non-Schengen countries can shop also after passport control in the Avenue shopping area. Avenue features fashion for men and women, jewellery, watches, electronics and reading materials. Affordable cosmetics and perfumes as well as a wide selection of alcoholic beverages, cigarettes and sweets are available at our large Duty Free shop. Purchase of alcohol and tobacco are duty-free to passengers travelling outside the EU. Avenue stores, cafés and other services are located after passport control near gates 30 – 33.

Bulevard: Boulevard is the shopping area on flights to Europe. Passengers travelling abroad may shop at the two separate Duty Free and Tax Free shops and several speciality shops on Boulevard. On Boulevard passengers may shop affordable cosmetics and electronics. Finnish delicacies, gift items, jewellery and watches make wonderful souvenirs. Top fashions in international and Finnish accessories, shoes and bags are also available. Passengers travelling outside the EU can purchase alcohol and tobacco duty-free also on Boulevard. Various cafés, restaurants, wine bar and Irish pub as well as comfortable lounge and work areas and children’s playroom offer their services for passengers.


CAFES AND RESTAURANTS: Sit down for a relaxing cup of coffee, enjoy a good meal or celebrate your trip in other ways in our cosy cafés and restaurants. You can also get take-away breakfast and lunch. The cafés and restaurants on both Arrival and Departure Halls as well as on Service Floor are located on the public side and open to everyone at the airport. After security control, the cafés and restaurants in the shopping area are open to arriving and departing passengers. The cafés and restaurants are open according to flights. Some cafés are open around the clock. The restaurants are open from lunch time until the evening.

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Helsinki - Conference Facilities

Conference facilities

Helsinki International Airport offers excellent facilities for meetings small and large, on weekdays and weekends. You are certain to find a venue to meet your requirements from among the rooms at the conference center, separate meeting and conference rooms, our VIP premises, or private room in the hotel.

Conference and Congress Center

Helsinki Airport Congress Center is a full-service facility for meetings and congresses located in the International Terminal and featuring five well-appointed rooms with capacities of up to 140 persons. The rooms are equipped with modern audiovisual equipment and internet access.

Helsinki Airport Congress Center


International Terminal, 3. floor

tel. +358 207 629 732

fax. +358 207 629 772


Meeting and conference rooms

Taiga, Ruska and Louhi

There are three meeting rooms with seating for eight on the service floor of the International Terminal, below the Congress Center.

Lapponia and Polaria

The Domestic Terminal houses two conference rooms with capacities of 20–30 persons and up to 50 persons. Both rooms are equipped with modern audiovisual equipment and internet access.

VIP Services @

Vip Centre, International Terminal

Vip President, Liikelentotie 8

tel. +358 9 8277 3117

fax. +358 9 8277 3290


VIP premises

The VIP President terminal can be booked for buffets, cocktail parties or wedding receptions, for example. VIP President has a peaceful location near the Business Flights Terminal and is eminently suitable for affairs with 10–100 guests.

VIP Services @

Vip Centre, International Terminal

Vip President, Liikelentotie 8

tel. +358 9 8277 3117

fax. +358 9 8277 3290


Private rooms

The Go!Cafe meeting room is located in the departure gate area and thus accessible only with valid airline ticket. The meeting room accommodates 2–6 persons and is equipped with e.g. computer projector and secure broadband access.

For booking of private room in restaurant, please contact sales services at Helsinki Airport Congress Center.

Helsinki Airport Congress Center


International Terminal, 3. floor

tel. +358 207 629 732

fax. +358 207 629 772

The Scandic Hotel on the services floor of the International Terminal features a private room with adjacent sauna for 2–6 persons.

For bookings of the private room and sauna, please contact sales services at Scandic Hotel Gateway.

Scandic Hotel Gateway


International Terminal, Service floor

tel. +358 9 818 3600

fax. +358 9 818 3609

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Helsinki - Handicapped Facilities

Special needs

The terminals have been designed to facilitate the independent mobility of the disabled. Disabled toilets and spacious lifts can be found on every floor. Information desks are equipped with induction loops. Our staff have been specially trained to cater for passengers needing assistance.

The airline should be notified of any special needs, such as use of wheelchair or oxygen tank, when booking travel. The airline can also look after unaccompanied minors, i.e. children travelling alone.

Disabled parking spaces are available in front of the Domestic and International Terminals and in the parking facilities.

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Helsinki - Wireless Lan

Telia Sonera Homerun provide WiFi internet access through throughout the international and domestic terminals and in the business flight terminal. (120 SEK per day)

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Helsinki - Hotels


You can book a room for a comfortable overnight stay, for a rest break or for getting some work done at the Scandic Hotel Gateway.

Scandic Gateway-Helsinki

Helsinki-Vantaa Airport

International Terminal, VANTAA

01530 Helsinki


Telephone: +358 (0)9 818 3600

Fax: +358 (0)9 818 3609

E-mail: gateway@


Set in the international terminal of Helsinki Airport, the Scandic Gateway-Helsinki Airport hotel is just 30 minutes from the city centre by direct bus. Take a revitalising sauna after your flight, relax in our Lobby Bar, or take advantage of wireless internet access at no extra charge.




Bonus Inn Airport Hotel

Elannontie 9, FI-01510 Vantaa, Finland

tel. +358 9 825 511

fax. +358 9 8255 1818

- Airport 4 km

Independent, friendly Airport Hotel Bonus Inn offers you quiet and relaxing accommodation between flights or after a long business day. Our friendly multi-lingual staff is always available to assist you. Come alone, with your family or friends - you are always welcome!

SHUTTLE: A complimentary mini-bus shuttle service operates between the hotel and the airport. Departures are every 20 minutes according to the timetable between 05.10 p.m. and 01.10 a.m. For transfer at other times, please phone the hotel, or ask the airport information after customs to phone, and we'll pick you up in 5-10 minutes. Departures are from the Hotel Shuttle stop, in front of the Terminal Building.

Comfort Hotel Pilotti

Veromäentie 1, 01510 Vantaa Finland

tel. +358 9 329 4800

fax. +358 9 3294 8100

Cumulus Airport Hotel

Robert Huberin tie 4, FI-01510 Vantaa, Finland

tel. +358 9 4157 7100

fax. +358 9 4157 7101

-Airport 3 km

-Airport shuttle provided.

An airport hotel with European attention to detail with excellent meeting facilities, comfortable individually designed rooms and excellent cuisine.

Holiday Inn Garden Court

Rälssitie 2, FI-01510 Vantaa, Finland

tel. +358 9 870 900

fax. (09) 8709 0101

Ramada Hotel Airport

Robert Huberin tie 6, FI-01510 Vantaa, Finland

tel. +358 9 4157 5100

fax. +358 9 4157 5800

Sokos Hotel Vantaa

Local bus

Hertaksentie 2, FI-01300 Vantaa

Local bus

tel. +358 9 857 851

fax. +358 9 8578 5555

- 7 km to the airport

A versatile centre for restaurants and conferences at Tikkurila railway station, next to the Heureka Science Hall. In the Tulisuudelma restaurant there is dancing and music Tue - Sat; four restaurants in total - different ambience in three floors.Good connections - by train from the front of the hotel to Helsinki city centre in about 15 minutes, to the airport only 5 km by ring road III.


FOR ALL HOTELS: There is a free bus service from the airport to the nearby hotels and back. The hotel buses depart from platform 11 in front of the International Terminal and from platform 9 in front of the Domestic Terminal.

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Helsinki - News Update

29.11.06 Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport has implemented new check-in kiosks

Finavia has acquired new check-in kiosks at Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport. The self-service solution, developed by IBM, provides passengers with an easier check-in and enhances customer service. The first passengers able to check-in at the kiosks, located at all Departure Halls, are those travelling on Finnair’s scheduled flights.

Finavia has acquired a total of 24 new easy-to-use kiosks, located at both International and Domestic Terminals’ Departure Halls. Passengers are able to check-in at any free kiosk that offers them an easy access to their individual airline’s check-in system.

Finavia has offered all airlines operating at Helsinki-Vantaa the possibility to adopt the CUSS (Common Use Self Service) system. As of 29 November, all scheduled flights, both domestic and international operated by Finnair are added to the system which replaces all formerly used airline-specific kiosks.

”Helsinki-Vantaa is one of the trailblazers in implementing passenger-friendly check-in technology and in facilitating travel formalities”, Finavia CEO Samuli Haapasalo says. According to Haapasalo, the purpose of Finavia is to come up with a solution that enhances passenger convenience and offers all airlines operating at Helsinki-Vantaa an opportunity to develop their operations. The project supports Finavia’s strategy to increase the circulation and internationalisation of Finns.

The use of the technology developed by IBM is based on selecting an individual airline’s emblem on a 17-inch touch screen and then following options that will guide passengers through the check-in process.

”IBM’s task in a project like this is to bring together know-how of both the industry and technology. IBM has joined forces with a number of aviation organisations worldwide in finding solutions to tackle challenges posed by the industry. Our goal is to support Finavia in its aim to develop operations and services to increase both passenger and airline convenience”, IBM Global Business Services Country Manager Juha Hulkkonen tells.

IBM has a broad and extensive experience in providing travel-logistic- and passenger transportation companies with information systems. IBM-developed self-service kiosks and application solutions comply with International Air Transport Association (IATA) regulations on accessibility and technology standards. Shared kiosks will enhance airport space planning and lower individual check-in costs.

As of May 2005, all airlines have been able to join in the CUTE (Common Use of Technical Equipment) system jointly implemented by IBM and Finavia. The system allows the check-in, inwards clearance and check-in for both departing and transferring flights at any check-in point or gate. The new common check-in kiosks broaden the range of services offered to airline carriers.

Today, more than 80% of all Helsinki-Vantaa passenger traffic is managed with the help of CUTE. Even smaller airlines are provided with the option of using their own check-in system regardless of their location. CUTE has also increased the use of e-tickets, which allow airlines to offer even those passengers travelling without paper tickets a range of passenger service features, including seat selection and reservation.

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